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**DEAL (THE) by M. Ryan - [Alt]
Set in the cut-throat world of the TV news industry, this is a fascinating uber tale from a very promising new bard. The best news director in the business, Laura Kasdan goes hand-in-hand with winning ratings in whatever market she's employed so when she's involved in a little...altercation, her employers decided to move her rather than lose her. After cutting a deal she can live with, Laura takes the reins of the news room at WBFC in Burkett Falls where the transition is made a lot less painful than she expected by a lively staff and one friendly little journalist in particular... Grateful for the opportunity to work with the infamous Laura Kasdan, Chris Hanson is a hardworking reporter and anchor possessed of a natural charm and an almost unreal knack for attracting trouble. Drawn into an unlikely and even puzzling friendship, Laura and Chris soon find themselves working together at every opportunity - discovering an attraction neither can quite deny despite the almost certain heartache it promises to bring. M. Ryan opens for us here a window into the world of TV journalism, painting a rich portrayal that will beckon you in and keep you hitting that page down key. Two very intriguing protagonists, a strong supporting cast, and a well-paced storyline with equal parts action and drama all combined to make this one a MUST READ! VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! [See the follow-up story SEVENTEEN MINUTES] - 449 pgs., 7/18/99
AWARDS: "First Timer" Swollen Bud Award (May 1, 2000)
Calli Story Cover
"Laura And Chris Dolls" by Barbara Maclay
[Palm Pilot version available at XENA FAN FICTION FOR THE PALM PILOT]

A fun addendum to M. Ryan's THE DEAL which finds Laura and Chris enjoying a little bonding during a short work break. [See the sequel SHELL GAME] - 6 pgs., 12/20/99
[Palm Pilot version available at XENA FAN FICTION FOR THE PALM PILOT]

**SHELL GAME by M. Ryan - [Alt]
A sequel to one of last year's most popular novels THE DEAL, this very promising new offering from M. Ryan continues the story of news anchor Chris Hanson and her partner Laura Kasdan - general station manager and golf-pro in the making. As the story opens not much seems to have changed. Chris Hanson is doing a story and as usual - a small disaster ensues. In reality though, a lot of changes await the two women. Laura is having a challenging time getting used to the demands of her new position and trying to balance those with her aspirations on the golf circuit. Chris is having to weigh her love of reporting against her ambitions as news anchor. Most problematic of all - the two are having to juggle their personal lives with the professional ones - falling more in love with one another with every passing day and yet becoming increasingly aware of what a fine line they're walking in a business where one misstep can destroy careers. M. Ryan is continuing to develop here a very compelling relationship between two beautifully drawn characters. Just as fascinating is the backdrop against which this drama unfolds. Familiar with the world of TV journalism, M. Ryan delivers a sophisticated, intelligent story that draws us into this often frenetic, highly competitive environment. Definitely one to watch in the weeks ahead. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 92 pgs., 6/15/00

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