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**CHAMBER (THE) by Mayt - [Alt]
At times utterly heartbreaking, this emotional story unfolds as a series of flashbacks while Gabrielle is held captive in a dark chamber by a warlord intent on ransoming her to the Amazons. Suffering from sensory deprivation, the bard keeps herself going through the weeks of captivity by remembering and retelling the tales of her life with Xena, from their initial days together to the more difficult times of the past few months, their crucifixion, Eve's birth and the sometimes painful changes that has brought to their relationship. Mayt's writing style has a subtle quality to it that greatly enriches the story, relying on simple, to-the-point dialogues carrying quite a punch. The second half of the story is particularly effective, addressing some important issues the TV series has generally ignored and giving us a very compelling, poignant look at the love these two women share and the power this gives them to sometimes wound one another deeper than any sword could. This is an insightful, well-crafted character piece certain to pull those heart-strings. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 55 pgs., 7/24/00

EMETH STONE (THE) by Mayt - [Alt]
Mayt's latest is a poignant romantic mystery that unravels like a challenging puzzle making you think you have all the appropriate pieces only to later throw newer ones into the mix. It opens in the desert where a brother and sister are fighting their tribe's enemies when a masked warrior comes to their aid. It's not the first time they've seen the small warrior. Andre has noticed that whenever his sister Ravin is in a battle the mysterious stranger shows up to help. Unbeknownst to them, the warrior is in an emotional struggle of her own - sensing that the desert woman she's committed to protect is the beloved soulmate she lost months before but knowing also that recovering that soulmate will not be easy. Internal and external forces are at work keeping them apart and to overcome those they're going to both have to face the innermost truths about themselves, their pasts and any future they may share together. Once again Mayt delivers a very emotional, touching interpretation of the Xena/Gab relationship with insightful portrayals of the vulnerabilities and strengths in both characters. A riveting read that should keep you guessing AND on the edge of that seat. - 53 pgs., 7/1/01

FEAR OF DAYLIGHT (A) by Mayt - [Alt]
A follow-up to Mayt's story SILENCES II, this new tale finds the warrior and bard in an emotional quandary as Gabrielle struggles to come to terms with the recent events in her life, and with an almost irrational fear of losing the most important thing in her life. Concentrating heavily on the relationship, this is a thoughtful character piece about overcoming adversity and learning from it. - 30 pgs., 11/18/99

**HESED by Mayt - [Alt]
A contemporary uber tackling some of our most controversial modern-day issues, Mayt's latest is the story of two very different women drawn together against all odds, at times against their better judgement, and finding in one another the purest truth they've ever known. On a cool Autumn night, Reverend Elizabeth Kelly is on her way back to her church after visiting one of the local Chicago community centers, when a dark stranger turns the evening into a memorable one, stealing the young priest's treasured crucifix but curiously leaving her unharmed. To her continuing surprise, Beth meets the stranger the next day only to learn that Nicole Thera, far from a simple street hood, is a respected business woman and the owner of a popular local nightclub catering to the gay/lesbian community. Drawn to the troubled and apologetic club owner, Beth sparks an unorthodox friendship that will have her helping Nicki through some personal demons and will eventually challenge the young priest to rethink all she's ever believed about her religion and about herself. Mayt delivers an intriguing story here with two well-developed, layered characters that question but never disrespect each other or their beliefs. A good supporting cast, a very distinctive, original writing style and a story that makes you think marks this one as a MUST READ. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 97 pgs., 2/3/02

**MEDIATIONS by Mayt - [Alt]
With this BEAUTIFULLY written tale, Mayt delivers her finest story yet in two years of consistently wonderful contributions to Xena fanfic. Ignoring the series enders, the story finds Xena and Gabrielle back on Amazon land where the Bard Queen has been asked to mediate a joining of sorts between the Southern and Northern tribes. Without their goddess Artemis now, the Southern tribe is at a crossroads - needing a spiritual tradition to carry them into the future. Their young philosopher queen, Tovi, senses she can find that for her tribe in the traditions of the Northern Amazons, a group that have embraced a worship of nature in the form of a Mother Goddess. Together, she and the Northern Queen seek Gabrielle's guidance to help the South regain a sense of purpose and forge a deeper alliance between the two tribes but it will not be an easy mandate for the young bard who will soon find herself the target of assassins even as she tries to mediate the religious and personal conflicts between her Amazon sisters. Meanwhile, a fiercely protective Warrior Princess struggles with those instincts knowing Gabrielle needs the freedom to be queen but wanting nothing more than to keep her soulmate safe. Mayt presents us here with one of the most intimate treatments of the Xena/Gab relationship I've ever read in fanfic, giving a depth to their feelings for one another that is extremely moving and compelling. It is a relationship that makes them strong...and yet poignantly vulnerable as well. Although Xena and Gab are at the heart of the story, MEDIATIONS is not just about them. It is a grander tale about the Amazons - their continuing struggle to survive in a changing world, their dedication to one another, and the lessons a new generation of these proud young warriors will learn from two women whose lives have for so long been tied to their own. Mayt has a narrative style that at time reads almost like poetry. This is first-class writing combined with the type of intelligent, thoughtful, MEANINGFUL storytelling that elevates a story far above the rest. A rare treat, it gets my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION! - 70 pgs., 10/6/01

**SILENCES by Mayt - [Alt]
One of the more moving hurt/comfort stories I've read in a while, Mayt's latest is a deeply emotional tale with very well-crafted, sophisticated characterizations and a particularly strong showing for the bard. Set just after a battle the two had been fighting in, the tale begins with Xena removing her badly hurt partner from the battlefield so she can minister to Gabrielle's injuries. When the bard finally awakens days later it is to a world of silence and a Xena growing more distant by the minute. Guilt-ridden and convinced Gabrielle would be better off without her, the warrior escorts the unsuspecting bard to the Amazons where her actions will forever change the course of their relationship bringing to the surface the dormant strength within the Amazon Queen and making the stubborn warrior realize just how desperately she needs her bard. Spanning a time period of several months, this story presents a fascinating challenge to the relationship and a treatment of our heroines that is refreshingly different. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! [See the sequel SILENCES II] - 22 pgs., 9/17/99

**SILENCES II by Mayt - [Alt]
Mayt continues the touching hurt/comfort tale she began in SILENCES picking up the story where the first one left off - with the warrior and bard taking the first, tentative steps toward a new intimacy in their relationship. Both work hard at broaching the insecurities and fears that nearly drove them apart but confidence in their new commitment will remain fragile for a while longer making them both vulnerable to a resurfacing of those old fears. Mayt once again does a beautiful job here with the depiction of the Xena/Gab relationship leaving no doubt as to the depth of their love even as she presents challenges to that love. Very romantic, heart-felt, emotional storytelling makes this one a MUST READ! VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! [See the sequel FEAR OF DAYLIGHT] - 12 pgs., 10/3/99

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