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This file features reviews of stories written by Merwulf. For any other fiction by this bard please visit any of the Xena fan fiction indexes.

**CARROT CAKE CYCLE (THE) by Drools Thrills -- [Alt]
That waky medium Merwulf is back now channeling a new bardic personality obsessed with the works of Jules Mills. As Drools Trills she brings us a HYSTERICAL and rather exhausting little chapter in the lives of Dana and Grace from Jules NANO SERIES as the two lovers face one of their most trying times when the doctor catches a virus that threatens to decimate the city's battery supplies and raise Baskin-Robbins' stock. Mind you I rather think the virus is PERFECT ;-) ...but alas Dana fights to return her beloved to normalcy - risking life and extremities in the process. This is just PRICELESS folks. A MUST READ if you're a NANO fan and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED regardless of whether you are or not. - 6 pgs., 5/26/99

Written by pup-talent Merwulf, this lost chapter from Missy Good's DARK COMES THE MORNING, has Ephiny, Eponin and Cyrene caring for a tiny dynamo named Dori while her parents are off fighting for the greater good once again. An adorable combination of the best AND some of the worst her parents have to offer, Dori soon shows a remarkable knack for exhausting patience and stealing hearts. The perfect supplement to Missy's story, complete with its own review :) DO NOT MISS! - 4 pgs., 4/17/99

**SUMMER HEAT by Merwulf - [Alt]
While the MerWOLF is away the Pups will play and since the MerWOLF (bard Missy Good for you uninitiated ones out there) has been busy writing one of her traditional Xena/Gab tales, the Pups (Missy fans for those of you who REALLY need to get initiated ;-) have been playing with her uber-darlings, Dar and Kerry from TROPICAL STORM fame. Always particularly playful and a bard in her own right, pup MerWULF gives us a mischievous glimpse of how those summer months are going for Dark and Kerry making us feel both Kerry's frustration and her longing as she waits for her beautiful partner to return from a business trip. Merwulf does a terrific job of capturing those beloved TROPICAL STORM characters in a little offering that should help all of those out there suffering from Dar/Kerry withdrawal. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 3 pgs., 4/17/99, re-released 3/28/00

Wanting to be a little different from that OTHER bard with the similar name, Merwulf flirts with that dreaded PG 14.5 rating in this sizzler of a tale which comes in three parts and has Xena and Gabrielle in an unusual predicament - trapped in a cave while a storm rages outside! What are a warrior and bard to do? With skillful use of ellipses and timely fadeout scenes, Merwulf does a wonderful job answering that ;-) Filled with inside jokes from the MerwolfPack mailing list, this little offering should nevertheless put a grin on the faces of fans of that OTHER bard while quickly making them fans of this particular Merwulf. If you doubt the Lunatic make sure to check out the reviews written by my esteemed colleague Lauracy which are appended to the story parts. In a word guys - FUN! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 10 pgs., 3/9/99

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