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COLD by Midgit - [Alt]
A RIVETING uber set in modern-day London, this hurt-comfort tale begins as a mystery. Born to a wealthy, aristocratic family, Joanna Holbrook-Sutherland, known to her friends as Jo, is a free-spirit with few responsibilities, few cares in the world. She is a young woman used to waking up next to strangers and going off to the next conquest without a second thought. It's a life destined to change forever the day Jo attends a photo exhibit and finds herself mesmerized by a pair of forlorn eyes staring back at her from one of the pictures. Haunted by the photograph of the homeless young woman and even seeing her in her dreams Jo becomes determined to find her. It's a quest that will have the beautiful aristocrat visiting a very different world from the one she's used to as she finds a soulmate struggling to survive on the outskirts of society - a gentle soul running from terrifying past whom Jo must somehow teach to live again and love again learning in the process how to do so herself. Midgit delivers here an exceedingly poignant story with a very touching sense of intimacy between the two leads as the story focuses almost exclusively on them, their growth as individuals and as a couple. Well-developed supporting characters add to a well-paced, mesmerizing plot guaranteed to keep you hitting that PAGE DOWN key. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! [See the sequel REMEMBER ME] - 183 pgs.
FANFIC ART: Calli Story Cover

EVERYTHING by Midgit -- [Alt]
A poignant, at times heart-wrenching story which has Gabrielle being captured by bounty hunters. A desperate Xena must then race against time to try to save her bard before a vengeful warlord exacts his revenge on the Queen of the Amazons. This is suspenseful, emotional and action-packed. DO NOT MISS! - 31 pgs., 1/26/98

LIGARA by Midgit -- [Alt]
In the grand tradition of early XWP fanfic, Midgit brings us an engrossing tale set during the second season that has Xena dealing with the dark horrors of her past once again after Gabrielle is injured and the warrior has no choice but to seek help in a town she once visited as a warlord. Controlled now by the thugs which took over after Xena's visit, the town decides to pay the ex-warlord back for her crimes against them...and to use the little blonde Xena loves as part of that punishment. This is a well-written angst-fest perfect for those hurt/comfort fanfic fans out there. Midgit's characterizations are on the money. Her treatment of the relationship is strong and touching while her villains and other secondary characters are well-suited for the story. A fine read - DO NOT MISS! - 38 pgs.

Promising new uber tale set in modern day Bath, England which has real estate agent Eden Gallagher getting a very welcomed assignment when a stunning brunette walks into her office looking for a place to rent. Intrigued by the lovely stranger and encouraged by her roommate, Eden decides to try her luck with Victoria Conrad never suspecting that a friend is precisely what her mysterious client might need. Nice writing and an intriguing scenario in this one. - 175 pgs., 3/15/99
AWARDS: "All Nighter" Swollen Bud Award (Aug. 15, 2000)

**REMEMBER ME by Midgit - [Alt]
In a poignant Halloween sequel to her story COLD, Midgit continues the tale of Joe and Shelley as the two lovers settle into their lives together at the magnificent Collingford estate belonging to Joe's family. Joe surprises her partner by taking her to a beautiful little cottage on the grounds recently renovated just for them. The delight in their new home is short-lived, however, when it quickly becomes apparent that they aren't quite alone. Someone or something is haunting the woods and making its way close to the two women at every opportunity. Frightened but curious, Joe and Shelley set out to discover the history behind the hauntings uncovering in the process a shameful past for the Collingford family and a wrong that must be set right. Contrasting the obvious happiness of her two leads with the despair of a life once tortured by rejection and abandonment, Midgit presents us here with a tale that not only elicits our fears but our sympathies as well. Both entertaining and moving, the tale makes for a fine Halloween read. DO NOT MISS! - 20 pgs., 10/31/01

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