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This file features reviews of stories written by Mil Toro. For any other fiction by this bard please visit any of the Xena fan fiction indexes.

DARK BEAUTY by Mil Toro -- [Alt]
This is a follow-up to Mil's excellent DOWN TO THE DARKNESS which continues that story's exploration of Xena's darker side - this time by contrasting who the warrior is now with what she once was. The tale has a now happy Xena and Gabrielle being hunted by a very dangerous enemy - an enemy who was once the victim of the Warrior Princess - an enemy who has been obsessed with her since the fiery destruction of a village called...Cirrah. Very well-written and passionate, the story is partly told through a series of flashbacks which paint a chilling characterization of the Warrior Princess and give insight into the psyche of the one now hunting her. - 53 pgs., 9/1/97

DOWN TO THE DARKNESS by Mil Toro -- [Alt]
Xena's dark side has and continues to be one of the qualities fans of the show and readers of the fan fiction find most frightening AND fascinating about the warrior. This new story explores not only Xena's darkness but also Gabrielle's attraction to it. Set after the events in the episode THE PRICE, this tale, in fact, captures the characterization we saw of Xena in that episode quite well. As the story unfolds, Xena is growing more and more troubled by the violent dreams she's been having concerning the bard she loves - dreams that recall a past the Warrior Princess desperately wants to forget but which she knows will remain a part of her forever. Meanwhile, Gabrielle struggles to understand, afraid she may be loosing the woman she loves and frustrated at not being allowed to express the depth of that love. This story is VERY well-written and intense. NOTE: Make sure to read the author's disclaimer concerning violence. [See also the sequel DARK BEAUTY] - 26 pgs., 6/97

FATE TO REMEMBER (A) by Mil Toro -- [Alt]
A thought-provoking what-if story set around the events in the episode REMEMBER NOTHING which assumes that Xena did manage to stop Gabrielle from killing Mezentius at the end of that episode. In this tale, the Warrior Princess remains only a memory in Xena's mind from another life. She is living with her brother in Amphipolis and with them, trying to recover from the years of slavery, is Gabrielle. Tormented by what the young woman has been through and desperately wanting to recapture the bond they once shared in another life, Xena opens her heart to the former slave girl but this Gabrielle is not the same carefree, gentle bard who once chose to share her life with an ex-warlord. The years of abuse have taken a toll possibly hardening a heart beyond even love's ability to reach it. Poignant story with some very emotional scenes. - 19 pgs., 12/29/97

FIRST OF DESTINY (THE) by Mil Toro -- [Alt]
Bittersweet tale in which a Xena, now happy with Gabrielle, remembers the first young woman who touched her heart many moons ago - the mysterious stowaway who showed her many of the skills she now possesses and then surrendered her life to save her from a Roman arrow. - 14 pgs., 5/28/97

KISS IS JUST A KISS (A) by Mil Toro -- [Alt]
Hilarious little skit featuring two terrific actresses of our mutual acquaintance coming up with some devilish ways of expanding juuuuuuust a bid the subtext on our favorite show. Cute! - 4 pgs., 12/29/97

Far more entertaining than any superbowl I've ever seen, Mil's latest pits the Warrior Princess and her crew against Dahak and his destroyers. Great characterizations in this! - 5 pgs., 2/7/99

PATHWAY TO LOVE by Mil Toro -- [Alt]
A very timely tale considering that we are currently seeing the TV episodes around which it revolves, this is a "what if" story that has Xena coming face to face with the possible results of her indecision concerning Gabrielle's marriage to Perdicus. Those who hate Perd the Nerd will LOVE Mil's different take on the situation. Two parts. - 10 pgs., 3/97

SINFUL ADVENTURES by Mil Toro -- [Alt]
The Warrior Princess has a little explaining to do when Gabrielle demands to know exactly what she was doing during their recent separation. Some great one-liners in this! - 4 pgs., 10/14/98

A hilarious little skit that has the mighty Xellen - Warrior Princess participating in a chat - answering all questions with unreserved honesty too! ;-) Very cute! - 8 pgs., 7/13/97

Amuzing new skit that has Callisto being her usually WICKED self as she plays a game with Gabrielle and a highly frustrated Warrior Princess. Cute. - 3 pgs., 2/8/98

XENA'S KISSES by Mil Toro -- [Alt]
Mil's latest skit has Xena trying to explain to a certain frustrated Bard why she seems to have kissed half of Greece. Very cute :) - 4 pgs., 3/10/98

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