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This file features reviews of stories written by Morgaine. For any other fiction by this bard please visit any of the Xena fan fiction indexes.

FATE'S GIFT by Morgaine -- [Alt]
This is a sequel to Morgaine's first novel JOURNEY'S GIFT, which very much maintains the fine quality and the epic flavor of that previous effort. The story has Xena and Gabrielle joining the Amazons to help them fight off a series of Athenian incursions into their territory. Going along with them is Xena's young daughter, Zoe, the magical child given to her by Chloe who possesses the gift of sight and soon begins seeing something terrible in their future - a darkness which will test the love between warrior and bard like nothing ever has before. Very well-written, this novel is dark and deeply emotional. An engrossing read! - 139 pgs., 9/10/97

JOURNEY'S GIFT by Morgaine -- [Alt]
This is a LONG novel of epic proportions that begins with the Warrior Princess and her bard finally confessing their feelings for one another, only to soon find themselves on a mission to restore a part of Xena's past - a mission to save the warrior's first love - a love Xena has never been able to forget and which years later could change her life forever. The journey will begin on a ship where the warrior and her bard will encounter the first of many horrors to come. Before it's over Xena will learn about a gift the gods have given her, hearts will break while others stop beating, a love will be tested beyond all measures and in a quiet whisper in the wind, a dark secret from the past will at last be revealed. This tale is heart-wrenching to the point that it sometimes becomes difficult to read but it is also EXTREMELY well-written. In addition to the romance, the action and suspense, it is at various points a hurt/comfort tale with all the great drama and emotion those types of tales tend to bring out. NOTE: There are scenes of violence in this story so PLEASE read the author's warning. [See also the sequel FATE'S GIFT] - 164 pgs., 7/19/97
FANFIC ART: "Xena Warrior Princess" by Barbara Maclay

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