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This file features reviews of stories written by My Warrior. For any other fiction by this bard please visit any of the Xena fan fiction indexes.

Emotional hurt/comfort tale featuring a shifting point-of-view technique that has Xena and Gabrielle visiting the warrior's mother in Amphipolis when an old enemy decides to extract a terrible revenge on the Warrior Princess. Poignant and effective. [See the sequel NOW I REMEMBER] -- 5 pgs., 8/22/98

NOW I REMEMBER by My Warrior
A sequel to the story I HAD FORGOTTEN which continues the poignant observations of Cyrene as she watches her daughter care for a recovering bard. Touching depiction of the relationship as seen through another's eyes. DO NOT MISS! [See the alt. sequel WHATEVER BROUGHT US TO THIS MOMENT] - 4 pgs., 1/30/99

RIVER (THE) by My Warrior -- [Alt]
Nice vignette about a lazy, playful day by a river and the love between a warrior and her bard. - 3 pgs., 5/30/98

An avid reader since childhood, I've read books that are over a thousand pages in length and leave an unforgettable impression but it is the simple little stories like this new one by My Warrior that have irrevocably convinced me of the power of the written word. In just a few paragraphs here My Warrior tells a story of two lives devoted to one another, of undying devotion and unparalleled love. Through the wistful recollections of a bard, we are told of the union of two souls and reminded of what that single most important thing is... Beautiful writing in a very worthwhile read. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 4 pgs., 12/1/98

A follow-up to My Warrior's NOW I REMEMBER, this new entry has the warrior and her bard still in Amphipolis while Gabrielle recuperates from her recent injury. It's a peaceful time that allows both women to reflect on their years together and their love for one another while Cyrene herself reflects on the course her daughter's life has taken. Nice reaffirmation of the Xena/Gab relationship. - 7 pgs., 4/22/99

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