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**AIN'T MYTH-BEHAVING by Nene Adams - [See THE MYTH SERIES] - [Alt]

**ALABASTER HAND (THE) by Nene Adams - [Alt]
A wonderful Halloween treat, this new entry in Nene's much-loved GASLIGHT SERIES finds Lina and Rhiannon attending a friend's Halloween dinner party when the hostesses horrifying story of ancient Egyptian curses and murder starts to become all too true. Faced with an increasing body count, Lina and Rhiannon must try to get as much information as they can from some very nervous dinner guests aware that their culprit might not be an ancient evil but one made of flesh and bone. Nene as usual gives us here a fictional feast - a story with all the right ingredients - a good mystery, lavish descriptions, wonderfully developed characterizations, a fabulously entertaining combination of uber characters with literary ones and even some real-life personalities. A terrific read for some spooky, rainy night or anytime you're in the mood for some quality storytelling. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 27 pgs., 11/10/01

**ALL I EVER WANTED WAS YOU by Nene Adams- [Alt]
Nene adds yet another terrific tale to her CHAMBER OF HORRORS SERIES with an eerie yet poignant story about unrequited love, madness, guilt and revenge. On their way to an Amazon ceremony, Xena and the bard have to go through the kingdom of Attalos - a territory which holds very bad memories for the Warrior Princess. Concerned by her partner's increasingly troubling nightmares and erratic behavior, the bard decides to do a little investigating eventually learning the truth about a brutal episode from Xena's past and uncovering the deadly obsession now threatening them both because of it. Another first-class offering from one of our finest - well-written with a riveting plot solidly grounded on the strength of the Xena/Gab relationship. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 16 pgs., 2/23/99

**AZUMAYA - THE EASTERN HOUSE by Nene Adams - [Alt]
One of the most extraordinary aspects of Xena fandom has been seeing the number of incredibly talented writers this fandom has inspired and helped to nurture. In terms of originality, raw talent and absolutely gripping stories, one name that has long stood out is that of Nene Adams. Her newest story makes the reason for that abundantly clear. Nene sets her tale in the mythical Island of Wa - a place resembling feudal Japan with its rigid social structure and obsession with honor, duty, and power. Ichijo Ayumi is a member of the warrior class in this world - one of the many samurai whose sole purpose is to serve the masters who employ them. As a female from humble origins, however, she's a rarity who's had to struggle harder than others to prove herself deserving of the rank she's achieved so when her miserly lord decides he can no longer afford her Ayumi is devastated. Masterless samurai are spurned by the society she lives in - doomed to poverty unless they become bandits. Unbeknownst to the proud warrior, her fate is about to take yet another interesting turn. The lady Fujiwara no Kimiko is one of the most beautiful and intelligent aristocrats at the imperial court but at nineteen she's also impressionable, naive, and filled with very romantic notions of love. The object of her affections at the moment just happens to be a certain female samurai desperately in need of a master so upon learning of Ayumi-san's predicament, Kimiko hires her as a personal retainer. It's a decision that will have repercussions for them both, for others in positions of great power and for the empire itself as Kimiko and Ayumi soon find themselves trapped in a web of intrigue, fighting for their lives and coming face to face with an avenging force determined to extract a terrible justice on those who once wronged it. Nene's historical novels have always been exacting in their detail and that's again the case here resulting in a narrative that enlists all the readers' senses with rich descriptions intended to make her characters and the world they live in come alive. Tied as they are into the social norms of their ritualistic, feudal society, Kimiko and Ayumi are wonderfully original characters in their own right, but they have uber traits that should appeal to Xenite readers hungry for ubers. Particularly entertaining is the contrast between Kimiko's youthful exuberance and the warrior's HILARIOUS resignation to a less than ideal standing with the gods. They are joined by an impressive supporting cast consisting of very colorful, well-defined, consistent characters . The verbal and internal dialogues in this story are in a word - PRECIOUS. Nene expertly captures the flowery terminology often associated with the feudal Japanese culture, combining it with slightly more practical observations guaranteed to leave you in stitches. In addition to the humor, the story also touches upon serious themes of class differences, injustice and human cruelty adding surprising depth to sometimes deceptively simple situations. Finally, any review of a Nene Adam's story on the Web needs to make mention of the presentation through which this author makes expert use of graphics to create a true visual treat. The first in a series called KWAIDAN: SUPERNATURAL TALES OF THE FLOATING WORLD, this new offering from one of our master storytellers is a MUST READ folks! It gets my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION! [See the sequel HOTARU - FIREFLIES] - 199 pgs., 10/26/99

**BANSHEE'S WAIL (THE) by Nene Adams- [Alt]
After BLACK BY GASLIGHT and THE DEVIL'S ADVOCATE, this third story in the GASLIGHT SERIES once again brings back one of the most popular and best-drawn incarnations of Xena and Gabrielle to be found in uber fan fiction, the ever-adventurous private investigator Lady Evangeline "Lina" St. Claire and her beloved partner Rhiannon Moore. Set in the late 19th century right after the events in Nene's previous tales, this new offering has Lina and Rhiannon heading for Scotland where they are to attend the reading of Rhiannon's late Great-Aunt Margaret's will. The affair seems simple enough until the two hear a strange tale about ghosts and murder which Lina soon begins to suspect may be connected to an even darker truth. This story is an absolutely DELIGHTFUL marriage between XWP alt. fiction and those great detective stories of old. Nene just keeps outdoing herself with each new story in this series. Her Lina and Rhiannon are two of the most colorful, clever and richly drawn characters I've seen in fiction ANYWHERE. As their relationship grows and deepens through the series it becomes even more enchanting! Nene notes at the end of this tale that if we want to see more, we are to write her. Well folks - I'm finishing this and starting my e-mail message right away because I want to see PLENTY more of Lina, Rhiannon and their extremely talented creator. This story carries my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION!! [See the followup THE MYSTIC DRAGONS' CURSE] - 63 pgs., 9/13/97

Nene concludes her delightful XENAVERSE FAERY TALES series with a truly magical tale that has an act of kindness giving the warrior and bard immortality in a different world where their love and courage endures while the stories of Xena and Gabrielle continue to be told. A MUST READ! HIGLY RECOMMENDED! - 3 pgs., 4/18/98

The first in a series based on classic fairy tales, this new offering does indeed have that fairy tale flavor as Nene tells us the story of Xena - the Warrior Princess, known to some simply as the Beast who on a fateful night gets a visitation in her tent from a mysterious figure with red-gold hair and vibrant green eyes - a ghost whose purpose the Destroyer of Nation cannot fathom but who continues haunting her, warning her of choices she needs to make and of a future that could slip through her fingers. Original and clever, this is a MUST READ! [For others in the series see XENAVERSE FAERY TALES] - 5 pgs., 3/21/98

Acting as a sequel to THE MAIDEN AND THE SEVEN WARLORDS this sixth entry in Nene's XENAVERSE FAERY TALES series has the bard now getting kidnapped by a warlord determined to make her his - only a certain Warrior Princess decides to protest :) Fun piece. - 5 pgs., 3/30/98

**BLACK BY GASLIGHT by Nene Adams- [Alt]
[Story previously titled XENA BY GASLIGHT]
This is an Uber-Xena story based in the London of 1888 and featuring the first encounter between Lady Evangeline St. Claire ("Lina"), a tall, wealth beauty who lives by her own rules and the lovely Rhiannon Moore, streetwalker with a gentle heart who has faced much misfortune. Rhiannon's latest bad luck comes when she agrees to service a strange gentleman on a dark night - a fellow who will soon reveal his true deadly intentions but which in so doing, will ironically bring Lady Evangeline and Rhiannon into one another's lives, awakening feelings of familiarity and more within both women. Soon they are working together to try to stop a madman who walks at night - a killer the world will come to know as...Jack the Ripper. Nene brings a sense of realism to this story that is really stunning. She describes Victorian London - the clothing, the people, the nuances of the period with exacting detail. Even her dialogue is written to sound like the vernacular of the time. In "Lina" and Rhiannon she has created two characters that stand on their own while maintaining a strong connection to the warrior and bard from whom they are apparently descendants. This is a very well-written, suspenseful and different XWP story. It is the first entry in Nene's GASLIGHT SERIES. Note: PLEASE make sure to read the author's disclaimer as the story does contain graphic violence. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! [Make sure to also read the sequel THE DEVIL'S ADVOCATE] - 110 pgs. 7/30/97

"Lady Evangeline" by Barbara Maclay
"Rhiannon Moore" by Jeri Peterson

**BRIGHT RIBBONS OF GOLD by Nene Adams - [Alt]
Based on the Russian folk tale BABA YAGA AND THE WISE DOLL, this newest contribution to Nene's XENAVERSE FAERY TALES series has Gabrielle embarking on a desperate search for her missing Warrior Princess - a search that ultimately will lead her to a tribe of Northern Amazons where Xena lies helpless in the grips of an ancient evil. To save her the bard must successfully meet three challenges, knowing that if she fails the cost will be her life, the life of her beloved warrior, and the future of an entire tribe. Gabrielle is in her element here, using her mind and taking strength from her devotion to the warrior to face a very uncommon enemy. This is an engaging, well-written story very reminiscent of those classic fairy tales we grew up with. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 40 pgs., 11/10/01

Known for her originality, Nene brings us a very unusual tale that reads a lot like the stories of old. On her way to meet with Gabrielle, Xena happens upon the home of a former captain in her army. She stops to rest and reminisce never suspecting the evil she has stumbled into it. Eerie and powerful. [Part of the CHAMBER OF HORRORS SERIES] - 4 pgs., 12/29/97

**CHAMBER OF HORRORS SERIES by Nene Adams - featuring consistently excellent stories, this series gets my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION!


**CHANGELING MOON (THE) by Nene Adams- [Alt]
One of the first uber series ever written and still among the finest in XWP fanfic, Nene's at GASLIGHT SERIES continues with yet another EXCEPTIONAL installment in the continuing adventures of Victorian private eye, Lady Evangeline St. Claire and her beloved parter, Rhianon Moore. Still suffering emotionally from the horror experienced during their recent trek to Egypt, Rhiannon has sunk into the depths of despair as this story begins. It's a despair that leads to a desperate act but which also marks the slow rebuilding of a relationship neither can live without. Emerging from this challenge stronger than ever, the two soon find themselves in the middle of a decades old mystery after Rhianon buys a painting and becomes determine to learn more about the tragic figure who painted it. What begins as a curious inquiry quickly becomes a search for justice as the two partners begin to uncover a hen ious tale of madness and murder - a truth so evil that its unveiling could shake the very foundations of the British Empire. Among the most accomplished fiction writers I've ever read, Nene can weave a tale of mystery and suspense like few others in the business - commercial authors included. There are simply NO weaknesses in this story. The characteriza- tions are outstanding as has been the case throughout the GASLIGHT SERIES. For Xenites, Lina and Rhiannon will seem very familiar but they're also original characters in their own right with great depth and a relationship that is complex, passionate, loving, playful, and totally engaging. The mystery here is exquisitely crafted - unraveling slowly like a puzzle with each piece carefully moved into place at just the right time. For fans of those old Sherlock Holmes movies, reading this series will be particularly gratifying but ANYONE who enjoys a quality story should put this one at the top of their MUST READ list. Making excellent use of the Web's multi-media qualities Nene supplements the story with newspaper clippings and breathtaking graphics, turning this tale into a feast for the eyes that gets HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION! - 67 pgs., 2/4/99

**DEVIL'S ADVOCATE (THE) by Nene Adams- [Alt]
The adventures of Lady Evangeline "Lina" St. Claire and Rhiannon Moore continue in this FANTASTIC sequel to Nene's first uber-Xena story BLACK BY GASLIGHT. This time the intrepid private investigator and her secretary are faced with a mystery strangely connected to Lina's own past - a mystery involving the disappearance of two people, the gruesome murder of an old friend, the growing strength of a secretive cult and clues horrid enough to scare even the bravest of hearts. Extremely well-written, this story reflects Nene's impressive historical and literary knowledge with an incredible attention to detail. In Lina and Rhiannon she has created characters which although based on the warrior and her bard, are in themselves unique and fascinating. Still unfinished, this story promises to be something different and thoroughly entertaining. This is the second entry in Nene's GASLIGHT SERIES. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 82 pgs., 8/31/97

Nene celebrates Halloween with an eerie new offering about obsession, guilt, injustice and the power of love. Told in first person, this is the story of a talented Scottish artist heir to a crumbling estate deep in debt. To survive, our narrator travels to Paris where she makes herself a career painting portraits of the wealthy. It's a life that changes drastically when she meets Jenny Dolorosa, a beautiful maid who becomes the love of her life - and soon the sole subject of her paintings. With their illicit affair revealed, the two are forced back to Scotland where our narrator's obsession with her art soon has terrible repercussions for the lovely Jenny Dolorosa plunging them into a living nightmare of separation and grief as one struggles with guilt - and the other struggles to reveal the truth about a world very different from the one they've known. Poignant, creepy and reaffirming all at once, this one very effectively blends the ingredients required of alt. fiction with those of Halloween tales. - 6 pgs., 10/26/99

Inspired by Edgar Allen Poe's "The Fall of the House of Usher", this exceedingly CREEPY entry in Nene's CHAMBER OF HORRORS SERIES finds the warrior and bard on their way back to Amphipolis to help an old friend and former lover of Xena's whose current partner has taken ill. For the warrior the experience soon becomes a trip back in time as it slowly becomes clear that the problems she had with her old friend have simply intensified over time. For Gabrielle the whole thing becomes a nightmare as she learns first-hand just how...problematic...Xena's ex'es can be. Nene manages a great blending of that Poe atmosphere with the Xena/Gab dynamics in a timely story, supplemented by a gorgeous graphical presentation. One for the Halloween reading list! - 15 pgs., 10/26/99

**FOR THE LOVE OF IRINA by Nene Adams- [Alt]
Based upon J. Sheridan LeFanu's CARMILLA and Bram Stoker's DRACULA, this EXCEPTIONAL uber story set in 18th century Romania, does the horror genre proud combining those classic tales with familiar faces from XWP in a reading experience you wont soon forget. Anxious for some companionship to brighten the lonely existence in her father's Romanian castle, lady Gabriella is intrigued when a beautiful stranger is brought to stay with them while she recovers from an accident. For the younger Gabriella, Irina is an irresistible enigma - a mysterious figure with no past who begins to weave a seductive spell around the girl. As the surrounding villages are marked by a series of unexplained and gory deaths, Gabriella begins to suffer from strange nightmares - dreams of a forbidden passion and a deadly hunger - dreams which she soon realizes are all too real when she gazes into the portrait of a long-dead countess only to find familiar blue eyes starring back at her. Thus begins to unfold a story of horror and heartbreak, of soulmates separated by the lust for revenge and of dark passions that even the fiercest of loves may not be able to tame. One of the top writing talents in this fandom, Nene easily displays here her skill with the written word, delivering an exquisitely written piece that is in fact quite reminiscent in style to the 19th century literary classics on which it is partly based. Meanwhile, the storyline is also a very nice homage to some of the screen versions of these classics, in particular Francis Ford Coppola recent BRAM STOKER'S DRACULA. Nene does a great job of tweaking the familiar vampire scenario to suit her uber-Xena heroines even incorporating some familiar faces as supporting players. Masterful storytelling in a piece that is a delight to read and should be particularly appealing to fans of the horror genre. This gets my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION! [Part of the CHAMBER OF HORRORS SERIES] - 35 pgs., 2/4/99

**GASLIGHT SERIES by Nene Adams - [Listed below are the entries in the series. Select each story for a description/review and the address. The stories should be read in the order listed here. In it's totality this is an exceptional series that receives my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION!]- [Alt]
AWARDS: Swollen Bud Award for "Constant Arousal In A Series" (March 23, 2000)
FANFIC ART: [Lina And Rhiannon] by Katrina (piece has no title)


These faery tales of Nene's just keep getting better and better! This latest one has Xena in the role of storyteller as she shares with Gabrielle the story of how she once disguised herself in order to steal a fabulous jewel from the three best...and most dangerous thieves in Greece. The lengths the warrior had to go to in order to achieve her objective will have you grinning from ear to ear! HIGHLY RECOMMNEDED! [See XENAVERSE FAERY TALE for other titles in the series]. - 4 pgs., 4/5/98

Nene's latest entry in the XENAVERSE FAERY TALES series is a poignant, bittersweet story about enduring love and sacrifice. Set in Amphipolis years after the death of Xena, the city's most renowned citizen, the tale begins with an old, staff-wielding beggar woman bitterly trying to set the record straight about the Warrior Princess when students visiting a statue of the famed hero are told only about her good deeds. That night the statue comes to life asking the one who knew her in life better than anyone else for last time. Kleenex alert on this very worthy read which carries a warning about opportunities lost while celebrating the everlasting power of love. DO NOT MISS! [Note: Story is not explicit] - 4 pgs., 4/5/98

**HOTARU - FIREFLIES by Nene Adams - [Alt]
Offering us a return trip to the mystical Island of Wa we first visited in AZUMAYA - THE EASTERN HOUSE, this FANTASTIC new story from the magical keyboard of Nene Adams finds the lady Fujiwara no Kimiko and her devoted samurai retainer Ayumi once again fending off bodily fluids from the gods as they're caught up in another deadly tale of murder, palace intrigue and supernatural doings. None to pleased at the prospect of her impending marriage to a pompous lord she hardly knows and still very much enamored with her samurai, Kimiko decides to investigate when her future husband's children turn up missing, his first wife is injured and all clues point to violence. Sensing that perhaps her lady's arranged marriage might not be in Kimiko's best interest and secretly harboring emotions for the girl she knows she should not have, Ayumi is soon doing some investigating of her own. What she uncovers will have the samurai racing against time not only to try to keep Kimiko safe from mortal dangers but from some unearthly ones as well. This second entry in Nene's KWAIDAN: SUPERNATURAL TALES OF THE FLOATING WORLD series is yet another rich, delicious, and thoroughly satisfying course for those of us craving exceptionally well-written fanfic. Nene always gives us a beautiful graphical presentation to go along with these stories but even without that, HOTARU is a feast for the senses. Every scene is meticulously laid out, every article of clothing, every character, in short, anything that can be used to involve us more in the tale - to draw us into the scene and let us smell, touch, see and feel - is described with exacting detail. Nene also gets into the hearts and minds of her characters as few other writers can - making them human by making us see how they see themselves. Particularly well done is the depiction of Ayumi who is a charming mixture of the simple and the extraordinary - a reluctant hero in a world where courage and determination must carefully be weighed against the demands of duty and protocol. With one HECK of a surprising ending, this one is a MUST READ that will leave us ANXIOUSLY anticipating additions to the series. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 210 pgs., 2/27/00

**HOUR OF THE JACKAL (THE) by Nene Adams- [Alt]
This is the latest installment in Nene's extraordinary uber-Xena GASLIGHT SERIES. The series just keeps getting better and better folks with this latest story being arguably her best one to date. In THE HOUR OF THE JACKAL Nene combines a 19th century mystery tale involving that intrepid private investigator Lina and her beloved partner Rhiannon with an ancient tale of murder, mystery and intrigue involving another pair of lovers and the part they played in one of the most dramatic events in history. The story starts simply enough as a vacation for Lina and Rhiannon. They travel to Cairo where Lina hopes to show her beloved the time of her life but surprises await both women as they soon find themselves getting involved in a situation growing more dangerous by the day. Emotional challenges await them also as they confront some long-standing issues between them and Rhiannon learns more about her partner's past. All the while a terrible evil is growing closer - an evil determined to destroy their love and their very lives. Nene is doing an INCREDIBLE job of developing these characters and the relationship they share. Lina and Rhiannon are not simple uber-representations of Xena and Gabrielle - they are individuals in their own right with very specific personalities who EACH share traits of BOTH the warrior and bard. Featured once again as the devoted friend of our 19th century heroines is Sherlock Holmes himself and we are introduced to a villain that is as terrifying and as capable as any we've seen in either fan fiction OR the TV series. This story is a rare treat guys. It receives my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION! [Note: The story contains graphic violence so please read the author's disclaimer.] - 117 pgs., 12/14/97

**"I" OF THE BEHOLDER by Nene Adams- [Alt]
This uber story has immediately become one of my favorite guilty fanfic anyway. It's a tale that should SHOCK us - HORRIFY us - leave us wondering about the DEPRAVED state of the human condition!! ...But folks, Nene's latest is not just fun - it's WICKED fun at that! Set in Paris in 1905, the story takes the form of a letter from a British artiste of means as she tells her dear brother Charles of her fateful encounter with a delightful creature named Gabrielle d'Orsay - the angelic face that along with another beautiful dark figure has been haunting her dreams for a lifetime. Determined to give life to those dreams of torture and fear and blood, our crafty narrator sets out to seduce the trusting village girl inducing her to pose for her in exchange for boarding and some coins so she can remain in the city. The plan is to eventually turn Gabrielle d'Orsay into that broken slave envisioned in the dreams but much to her benefactor's chagrin, it's a plan that soon starts to go awry when others begin threatening her hold on the girl - including a fellow artiste who seems capable of seeing beauty and light and love where our sadistic narrator sees only the potential for pain and torture. One VERY sick puppy, Nene's narrator is nevertheless both hysterically amusing and frighteningly compelling. Ranking up there with the likes of Hanibal Lecter from SILENCE OF THE LAMBS fame, this depraved soul is a marvel of characterization. For any bard out there who wants to learn the finer subtleties of creating complex, interesting, engaging characterizations, Nene's fiction and this story in particular should be required reading. For the rest of us it's just one wonderfully entertaining read. This one gets my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION! [Part of the CHAMBER OF HORRORS SERIES] - 15 pgs., 4/6/99

IF THOU LOVEST ME by Nene Adams- [Alt]
A harrowing tale of determination, endurance and unparalleled love which has Gabrielle dying and a desperate Xena traveling to the Underworld prepared to get her bard back at any cost. In parts Nene's narrative has an almost poetic style to it. [Part of the CHAMBER OF HORRORS SERIES] - 12 pgs., 4/18/98

**KWAIDAN: SUPERNATURAL TALES OF THE FLOATING WORLD by Nene Adams - read in the order listed below:


**LEGEND OF CASSUS SOMNUS (THE) by Nene Adams - [Alt]
A delightfully clever retelling of one of our most popular Halloween myths, this story has Xena and Gabrielle traveling to a little village named Cassus Somnus, loosely translated as "Sleepy Hollow", where the bard hopes to meet with a renown storyteller she's long-admired. Unbeknownst to her, a headless monstrosity has been decimating the village's youth - an evil spirit one resident of Cassus Somnus is determined to stop...even if the price is the lives of one warrior and her bard. This is suspenseful, fun twist on a very familiar tale, reworked so that it perfectly suits the Xena canon. To complement the story, Nene gives us an interpretation of the Xena/Gab partnership that is loving, fiercely protective and charmingly sweet. A MUST READ! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! [Part of the CHAMBER OF HORRORS SERIES] - 25 pgs., 11/10/01

Nene's third entry in her XENAVERSE FAERY TALES series based on classic fairy tales tackles a much darker theme than the first two offerings in the series as it tells the story of a tortured soul who targets an innocent child and a bard in a haze of rage born of abuse and neglect. A poignant story certain to affect you. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 4 pgs., 3/25/98

The fourth entry in Nene's XENAVERSE FAERY TALES series has a certain little bard from Poteidaia going up again seven evil warlords to rescue her Warrior Princess and save her from... applesauce ;-) A charming blend of a familiar story with the world of XWP. [Note: story contains very mild subtext.] - 5 pgs., 3/29/98

MYSTIC DRAGON'S CURSE (THE) by Nene Adams- [Alt]
The latest entry in Nene's GASLIGHT SERIES, this new offering has Lady Evangeline St. Claire telling her beloved Rhiannon about one of the cases she and Sherlock Holmes worked on a few years back. It was a case that began with the two detectives enjoying a night out - going to see a master magician in what turned out to be his last performance. Lina recalls her fascination with the case after the man's death - and the deadly intrigue she soon became involved in as a result. This should be a particularly fun read for fans of detective fiction. Nene imbues her story with great atmosphere and a great sense of mystery. - 20 pgs., 12/3/98

**MYTH SERIES (THE) by Nene Adams [Read in the order listed here] - [Alt]
FANFIC ART: Barron Story Cover

I. **MYTH-UNDERSTANDINGS by Nene Adams - [Alt]
This may very well turn out to be the ULTIMATE comedy of errors in XWP fan fiction! I doubt ANY of you have ever read something quite like this - I know I certainly haven't and I can only warn you that you better have health insurance before tackling this tale because your funny bone is going to incur some SERIOUS damage!! The story begins innocently enough with Iolus, Hercules' intrepid partner, walking through the woods when suddenly he overhears a rather loud Gabrielle yelling at the top of her lung...urging Xena on! The blonde warrior immediately jumps to conclusions setting off a series of misunderstandings that will soon include Hercules and have even the gods on Mount Olympus roaring with laughter. Amidst the confusion and hilarity, however, one truth will surface at last - binding two souls into one - as they were always meant to be... DO NOT MISS!! - 9 pgs., 7/22/97, re-released 8/9/99

II. **AIN'T MYTH-BEHAVING by Nene Adams - [Alt]
It doesn't seem possible but this sequel to MYTH-UNDERSTANDINGS actually pushes the zaniness quota beyond that established by its predecessor. This is hilarity to the extreme so keep those beverages away from the PC! Together now and suddenly VERY affectionate, Xena and Gabrielle travel with Hercules and Iolus to Erosia-by-the-sea where the Annual Festival of Aphrodite is under way. Things are going rather well until Xena receives a summons to join her fellow warriors for some drinks in honor of fallen comrades. Vowing to come back soon, the warrior leaves a fuming and - er - frustrated bard waiting. When the wait drags on, however, the bard decides to go on a little trip herself and the quest for revenge is ON!!! Before the day is over, much parchment will be used, a warrior and a bard will spend considerable time planning terrible things to do to one another and the Olympians will once again enjoy themselves immensely at the cost of two hearts in love...and lust. This is just WICKEDLY funny! DO NOT MISS! - 8 pgs., 7/26/97, re-released 8/9/99

With this third installment in her MYTH series, Nene leaves no doubt as to her exceptional bardic skills...or her downright WICKED sense of humor!! Well-read and incredibly knowledgeable about popular culture, Nene not only parodies XWP in her story but a number of cultural icons as well. Set immediately after the events in AIN'T MYTH-BEHAVING, the story has the Warrior Princess and her - "bardie-poo" heading for Amazonia where they plan to go through a joining ceremony. Delays, however, soon result in one unhappy "bardie-poo" prompting Xena to start reciting Wyllam Spear-Shaker. (You have not LIVED 'til you've seen the Warrior Princess reciting Wyllam Spear-Shaker ;-) This foreshadows the additional delays to come as the two meet up with a traveling group of actors who soon join them on their journey, resulting in an even unhappier "bardie-poo" and one FRUSTRATED Warrior Princess. A TERRIFIC story, this tale would be worth reading alone for the look that is included into the workings of Xena and Gabrielle's minds! Rip-roaring stuff guys!! VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 10 pgs., 8/4/97, re-released 8/9/99

IV. **MYTH-ALLIANCES by Nene Adams - [Alt]
This fourth installment in Nene's comedy MYTH series finds the warrior and her "bardie-poo" in Amazonia getting ready for the wedding of the century. Before that fateful event, however, a "few" misunderstandings will have to be cleared up and some ceremonial customs observed including a priceless meeting between one of the brides-to-be and the Ancient version of Dr. Ruth! Nene continues to amaze in this story with her knowledge of popular culture. Possessed of a wicked sense of humor and a brilliant writing talent, she brings us in this story a tale NOT TO BE MISSED! - 10 pgs., 8/17/97, re-released 8/9/99

V. **MYTH-DEEDS OF DARING-DO! by Nene Adams - [Alt]
The fifth installment in the MYTH series begins with the long-anticipated honeymoon of a certain Warrior Princess and her "bardie-poo" aboard none other than the Lust Boat complete with Kaptain Schtubing and company :) The next few days will see Xena and bardie-poo meeting the great god "Aaron" along with most of his best known - er - "followers" as their journey eventually takes them to a disturbingly familiar island where all fantasies come true! ;-) Nene's entire MYTH series is certain to become a classic of comedic fan fic. Her command of language and her knowledge of popular culture combine in this final story to once again bring us a hilarious, raunchy, sweet, and thoroughly entertaining tale that is NOT TO BE MISSED!! - 10 pgs., 9/17/97, re-released 8/9/99

VI. **MYTH-ERY LOVES COMPANY by Tim Wellman and Nene Adams - [Alt]
Brace your funny bone and get all those liquids away from the keyboard - the newest entry in THE MYTH SERIES is here and absolutely DEADLY! Funny bones all over the Net are going to be crippled after exposure to this latest celebration of ancient Greek popular culture :) Yes, Dream Rabbit and Bardie Poo are back and happy at LAST...well sort of...except for the little matter of a bug-infested house...not that the bugs can't share mind you...they're even doing homage to the bard! ;-) Before long their troubles seemed solved as Salmoneous sells them a new house. Not just any house either... a mansion...a HUGE spread...a palace...which just happens to feature blood-splattered walls and disembodied voices BUT it was always hard to find good real-estate in Ancient Greece! With the talented Tim Wellman as her writing partner in this latest offering, Nene continues to solidify the standing of the MYTH series as one of the true comedy classics in XWP fan fiction. This will MAKE your day! VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 19 pgs., 10/22/97

Dream Rabbit and Bardie Poo are back once again in this hilarious new addition to Nene's MYTH SERIES which finds a frustrated Bardie Poo coming across a lot of Xena lookalikes while the Dream Rabbit herself is secretly spirited off in an evil plot to keep the bard...frustrated ;-) With a penchant for pursuing some very funny tangents and presenting a side of the Warrior Princess and her partner few know about, Nene once again delights and entertains us in this continuing homage to popular culture that is a MUST READ! DO NOT MISS! - 15 pgs., 5/10/98, re-released 8/9/99

VIII. **MIDNIGHT MYTH-TERY by Nene Adams - [Alt]
After a MUCH-missed abscence from the web, the incomparable Dream Rabbit and Bardie Poo are back in a delightful addition to Nene's now classic MYTH SERIES. Still galivanting around Greece with their wonder saddlebag in tow and an eye for convenient bushes, the two change their immediate plans when word reaches them that Gabrielle's Uncle Bingo has kicked the bucket and the bard is mentioned in his will. The two immediately head for Bingo's Old Stone Fort - a spooky monstrocity of a house where they meet an odd assortment of characters, including a talking pooch that should be familiar to many from my generation, the requisite mysterious caretakers, and a deadly apparition who soon realizes it may have met its match in the likes of Dream Rabbit. Effective story writing usually requires that writers not go on tangents - sticking to their main story whenever possible. Nene pretty much blows that theory to bits littering this entire series with some of the most hysterical side comments you will ever come across. From homages to popular culture to an inside view into the battling psyches of these characters, this tale will have you spewing liquids left and right. A riot folks! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! [Story is preceeded by a sponsor announcement :) ] - 23 pgs., 8/16/99


**MYTH-ERY LOVES COMPANY by Tim Wellman and Nene Adams- [See THE MYTH SERIES]




**PHOENIX SAGA by Nene Adams - [Read in the order listed below]- [Alt]


Nene revisits our favorite Victorian era sleuths in this Halloween addition to the ever-popular GASLIGHT SERIES as Lady Evangeline St. Claire and her partner Rhiannon Moore endeavour to help an American socialite with her ghostly problems. In London for her son's wedding, the woman has rented a house she's certain is now haunted after repeatedly hearing terrible sounds eminating from the cellar. Never one to pass on a challenge, Lina accepts the case only to soon find herself dealing with a very real and deadly danger. As always Nene does a masterful job of bringing to life this Victorian era with her attention to detail and dialogue. The partnership between Lina and Rhiannon is by now well-established and rock-solid with a very appealing sense of devotion between the two. A nice Halloween treat from one of our finest bards. DO NOT MISS! - 16 pgs., 10//2002

PRINCESS FASCIA by Nene Adams- [Alt]
Based upon the fairy tale RAPUNZEL this latest addition to Nene's XENAVERSE FAERY TALES, chronicles the efforts of a rather frustrated Xena as she is called away from some crucial shopping plans with the bard to rescue a princess who doesn't need as much rescuing as her family seems to think ;-) Nene's very unique sense of humor will keep you grinning throughout this delightful look at a typical work day for the Warrior Princess. DO NOT MISS! - 7 pgs., 12/28/98

**RESURRECTION AT REST by Nene Adams- [Alt]
In years to come, long after Xena the TV series is off the air, when Xenite fanfic readers think back upon their experiences in the Xenaverse, I have no doubt that it is stories like this latest one by Nene Adams that will mark fanfic as one of the most incredible parts of that experience. I could grab a thesaurus and probably not find enough words to describe just how extraordinary this story is. Suffice it to say that it is works like this that keep me in this fandom and that just continue to elevate XWP fanfic a notch above the rest. Based upon the urban legend of THE HITCHIKER, this story begins on a lonely stretch of road known as Coffin Alley as the hour approaches midnight and Xena Bonchance is driving home, anxious to relax after a business meeting. Alone on the deserted Louisiana country road, Xena is allowing her thoughts to wander when to her horror she spots a girl standing right on the path of her car. By some miracle Xena cannot quite comprehend her car does not hit the girl so she offers the young woman a ride home. Giving her name as Gabrielle St. Martin, Xena's strangely melancholy passenger explains how she was on a date and is now just trying to get home. Her story hints at something more but before Xena can learn anything else the young woman announces that she's home and gets out of the car leaving her purse behind. In the days to come, haunted by the sadness she saw in the girl's startling green eyes and sensing a connection with Gabrielle St. Martin she can't quite understand, Xena continues to seek out the young woman uncovering in the process a heartbreaking and sinister tale of evil, innocence lost, and a terrible wrong left unpunished. Determined to correct that wrong and return the destinies of two soulmates to their rightful path, Xena enters the surreal world of voodoo magic allying herself with some very dark and very powerful interests in her quest to see happiness returned to those green eyes she can't seem to forget. Nene gives us here a story that is beautiful and terrifying, haunting and reaffirming. Exquisitely written, it features solid, poignant characterizations that will leave you feeling for these characters, cheering and aching for them all at once. Break out the kleenex box, set aside some time and prepare yourself for one heck of a reading experience. They don't come better than this folks - a fanfic masterpiece that gets my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION! [Part of the CHAMBER OF HORRORS SERIES] - 41 pgs., 2/14/99

Nene continues her wonderful XENAVERSE FAERY TALES with a poignant story about a love so strong it can transcend time and accept the greatest of sacrifices. It is the story of how a desperate Gabrielle, intent on rescuing her beloved warrior from the clutches of Ares, travels into an alternate reality to try to return Xena to the world she knows. Only in that alternate world the Xena she meets is an all-powerful, very dangerous Empress whose icy heart the bard-turned-slave may never be able to reach. Emotional story, nicely written which also brings to mind images of the Xena we saw in the recent Hercules episode ARMAGEDDON NOW. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 4 pgs., 4/14/98

**SUNNE IN GOLD (THE) by Nene Adams- [Alt]
With her MYTH and GASLIGHT series Nene has secured a spot among many a reader's list of favorite bards. This new story is the first book in a new series called the PHOENIX SAGA which promises to match in excellence if not outshine her previous works. THE SUNNE IN GOLD is an uber story set in medieval Ireland which introduces two new incarnations of Xena and Gabrielle - Lady Cathelin Brigit O'Cameron, a striking, proud Irish warrior - and Madrigal, a beautiful Muslim slave girl stubbornly surviving despite the horrors experienced during many ears of captivity. As the story begins Madrigal is in fear for her life thinking of the tortures sure to come when the castle she is enslaved at is taken by the dreaded knight Blacksunne - a warrior whose very name inspires terror in the bravest of souls. It is a day that will change her life forever, setting in motion a series of events that will place two noble he arts at risk while joining them in the fiercest of bonds. This is an epic historical romantic saga with plenty of action, rich drama, FANTASTIC characters, and a plot that will literally captivate you 'til the very end. One of the best new ones this year, THE SUNNE IN GOLD is NOT to be missed guys! It receives my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION!! [See also the sequel THE SUNNE IN SCARLET] - 234 pgs., 9/29/97

**SUNNE IN SCARLET (THE) by Nene Adams- [Alt]
Nene brings us Book Two of the PHOENIX SAGA which began with her spectacular THE SUNNE IN GOLD. Set a few years after the first story, this sequel finds the Lady Cathelin and her beloved Madrigal happy in their love and in the company of their children when suddenly adversity strikes in the form of a life-threatening injury. It is a development that could not have come at a worse time since unbeknownst to them hatred and greed will soon threaten once again all they hold dear, embroiling them in a web of deception and political intrigue. As in all her historical pieces, Nene excels here at adding atmosphere to her story, immersing us through the use of dialogue and description into the world of medieval Ireland. Her approach to the uber genre is very original - relying on characters that will remind you of a certain warrior and bard but are not necessarily distinct representations of either. This is an enjoyable, well-written, suspenseful sequel that should not be missed. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 220 pgs., 2/8/98

The second of Nene's XENAVERSE FAERY TALES, this little story is about a young peasant girl from the village of Poteidaia who never felt she fit in there and who prayed to the gods for the chance at a better life. A nice retelling of a story familiar to Xenites - this time with that fairy tale twist. - 4 pgs., 3/22/0998

**THIRTEEN by Nene Adams - [Alt]
One of our Xenaverse treasures, the incomparable Nene Adams, returns with a harrowing, heart-wrenching story of a forbidden love that would not be denied. In Alabama in 1955 a nurse prepares for her night shift on the seventh floor of the Ashpool-St. John Asylum for the Criminally Insane. Taking over for another nurse that recently died, Maria approaches her assignment with both curiosity and trepidation - well-aware that cell thirteen on seven houses the hospital's most mysterious and dangerous patient - a patient who's been confined behind the locked doors of cell thirteen for so long no one knows her story, no one even knows her name. Trying to escape the pitiful pleas for help from the infamous cell, Maria uncovers an old file and through it a story that will make her shift that evening an unforgettable one as a terrible, dark truth from the past is exposed at last and two souls are finally allowed the dignity they were denied for so many decades. Nene does a great job as usual here imbuing her story with a lot of atmosphere - easily making one feel the severity of a psychiatric hospital in the American South of the 1930s and 1950s. Tragic, macabre and reaffirming all at once, the tale draws you in making you feel the horror, the desperation and ultimately the joy of two souls forced to go through hell on their road back to one another. DO NOT MISS this MUST READ Halloween treat! - 12 pgs., 10/31/01

TIN STAR - A CAYUSE COMEDY by Nene "Quick Draw" Adams - [Alt]
The incomparable "Quick Draw" Adams brings us her first-ever Western in this tale of the Old West complete with evil bad guys, annoying good guys, tricky Native Americans, one good-looking Sheriff named Belinda Bonanza and one SOMEWHAT proper school teacher named Connie...Lingus ;-) Things start to sizzle the minute Sheriff Bonanza bumps into the pretty Miss Lingus but before the two can get better acquainted they must deal with the usually rowdy town crowd and a deadly drifter determined to spoil Miss Lingus' lusty plans for her sheriff. In the grand tradition of Nene's MYTH SERIES this one should keep you grinning throughout! - 29 pgs., 2/4/02

**THROUGH A GLASS DARKLY by Nene Adams- [Alt]
The latest entry in Nene's CHAMBER OF HORRORS SERIES is a compelling, heartbreaking, shocker of a tale that will have you glued to that monitor 'til the very end so reserve the time for this one folks. Set in the 12th century convent on a remote island of the Irish coast, this is the tale of an abandoned child found by the nuns there - her emerald eyes unseeing and her small body sporting the signs of horrific abuse. With no memories of her past and under the gentle care of the sisters, the girl grows up into a beautiful young woman, independent and head-strong despite her blindness, afraid only of the monster that haunts her dreams. Aislinn's life at the convent is peaceful and uneventful until the day a stranger comes to the island - a warrior whose visit could bring the convent much-needed money and prestige, who awakens in the young woman feelings she's never had before but whose appearance also coincides with a series of bloody killings and strange sightings as the sisters become convince that something is stalking not only their sheep but also the blind girl they found so long ago. Rich in atmosphere, Nene's stories have an extraordinary power to transport the reader into another age and place. Her characterizations have an understated quality to them that let you become intimately acquainted with these characters in a very short time. Blending the supernatural with the even more terrifying darkness that sometimes dwells in the human heart, this story packs a wallop. A MUST READ for anyone who enjoys quality fiction and a truly horrifying tale. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! [See the sequel FLESH OF MY FLESH] - 42 pgs., 3/15/99

This third entry in Nene's XENAVERSE FAERY TALES series has Joxer acquiring an "invisible" armor that seems to leave most people thoroughly incapacitated...with laughter ;-) Funny tale. - 4 pgs., 3/29/98

Based on the short story, "O, Whistle and I'll Come to You My Lad" by E.F. Benson, this is a decidedly EERIE new offering set on a cold, rainy night that has the warrior and bard seeking shelter in a crowded in with only one room left. Despite the inn-keeper's panicky reluctance to rent them the room, the two insist, dismissing the man's concern as the usual type of superstition they've come across in the past at small villages. Only this time, it isn't superstition they'll be up against - but a very real, and very deadly evil lying in wait for that next unsuspecting victim... The story unfolds through a series of alternating scenes which very effectively build the suspense, imparting a growing trepidation on readers and characters alike. Well- written and executed, this is one to read late at night right before going to bed - preferably on a rainy night when the wind is howling. A terrific read that comes HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! [Part of the CHAMBER OF HORRORS SERIES] - 8 pgs., 12/18/98

XENA BY GASLIGHT by Nene Adams - see BLACK BY GASLIGHT by Nene Adams

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