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This file features reviews of stories written by Ogami. For any other fiction by this bard please visit any of the Xena fan fiction indexes.

BARD, KNOW THYSELF by Ogami -- [Alt]
Amusing little vignette that reveals the TRUE secret behind Xena's amazing abilities. Cute...and surprising! ;-) - 4 pgs., 4/14/98

FLESH AND BLOOD by Ogami -- [Alt]
Ogami offers us an amusing and very different take on the Xena/Gab partnership as he charts their relationship from its early beginnings to its later stages - revealing a growing attraction that goes from hero infatuation to playful flirting, frustration and finally a very committed, loving devotion despite the potential disadvantages of that afterlife ;-) Original, nicely written and entertaining. DO NOT MISS! - 16 pgs., 5/31/99

LOOSED ENDS by Ogami -- [Alt]
Ogami rewrites the ending of the episode BITTER SUITE, providing a resolution the series has yet to give us (and probably never will). Recommended in particular for fellow rift-haters. - 4 pgs., 4/14/98

Very much a statement on the third season, this newest tale by Ogami is set immediately after THE BITTER SUITE and has Xena dealing with something she has yet to deal with in the TV series - the consequences of her actions. It begins as the warrior and bard wake up on the beach, both alive and healthy, only as Xena watches in horror the injuries she inflicted on her partner suddenly return just as some VERY angry Amazons appear on the scene determined to protect their young queen... and determined to see that justice is done. With some poignant moments and some clever twists certain to delight some of the fans out there, this one carries a heck of a punch. DO NOT MISS! -31 pgs., 5/16/98 edu/~jeb66038/trial.htm

**VERSE AND VIGNETTE by Ogami -- [Alt]
In the tradition of that ever so popular episode A DAY IN THE LIFE comes this really OUTSTANDING piece of fan fiction by a talented new bard. VERSE AND VIGNETTE is exactly what the title implies - a collection of verses and vignettes all combined to create a picture of what life is like for the warrior and bard during the course of several days. Combining some hysterical moments, with more serious, romantic and poignant ones, the resulting work is simply put - a delight. Ogami's Xena and Gabrielle are two of the best characterizations of these two heroines I've seen in fanfic in a long time. They laugh, they flirt, they hurt, they reveal insecurities and strengths, they joke and cry - they are utterly and wonderfully human. Most of all they share a committed, playful, passionate love that resonates throughout their adventures here. Among other things, VERSE AND VIGNETTE has them fighting ruffians, dealing with still-healing inner scars, discussing their future together, and even visiting one of the wonders of the Ancient World where we discover the TRUE author of a certain melody that would go on to top the music charts in...ohhh, 2,000 years or so ;-) This is a MUST READ folks which will indeed leave you with that same feeling A DAY IN THE LIFE did. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! - 36 pgs., 4/14/98

XENA SNAPS by Ogami -- [Alt]
Ohhh I had FUN reading Ogami's latest! :) The characters REBEL! Fed up AT LAST with some of the absurdities recently forced on her and her bard Xena decides enough is enough, choosing to rework her own story just a tad. A feel-good tale far as I'm concerned >:) DO NOT MISS! - 7 pgs., 3/17/99

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