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This file features reviews of stories written by PeriBear. For any other fiction by this bard please visit any of the Xena fan fiction indexes.

**BEST IN LOVE (THE) by PeriBear
For those of you who like hurt/comfort tales this is probably the ultimate hurt/comfort story - exceptionally well written, heartbreaking and VERY, very emotional - a tale firmly rooted in the power of love and friendship to overcome the worst of cruelties. *BE AWARE THAT THIS STORY INVOLVES THE AFTERMATH OF EXTREME VIOLENCE* - a RAPE scene is described in detail after the fact. I would NOT read this story if you are feeling particularly vulnerable or depressed or if you have been the victim of abuse yourself. This one gets a multi-hanky alert. It receives my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION but I *stress* that this story is NOT for everyone. - 27 pgs., 3/97

**FATE IS THE HUNTER by Peribear
Winner of the first Netforum Fan Fiction contest, this story will make you laugh, cry and eventually just want to MURDER Peribear! It features a storyteller, in the twighlight of her life, recounting a very special tale about the warrior she spent so many years with. Kleenex alert!!!!!! VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! - 18 pgs., 4/15/97
AWARDS: First Xenite Bard Contest (April 1997) - Grand Prize Winner

Xena fan fiction stands out for including some of the best bards writing today and some of the best stories being produced ANYWHERE - including the commercial arena. Even among such quality offerings, every once in a while a story comes out that is a touch above the rest - a story that leaves you certain upon finishing it that you've just read something very special. This new tale brought to us by the combined talents of Maggie and Peribear is such a story. Based in spirit on the episode A DAY IN THE LIFE which many, many Xenites consider their favorite and EVERY fan senses was a unique moment in the series, Maggie and Peribear's new story follows the warrior and bard through the course of a week - charting not only their adventures, but the interactions between these two - the moments of hilarity, the easiness born of an unquestionable trust, the familiar comfort in each others presence, and most of all, the expressions of deep love and friendship. The story is structured exactly like the episode from which it gains its inspiration - as a series of vignettes occurring this time over the span of a week - each separate little stories that could stand on their own. In the first one, the theme of family is established as Xena and Gabrielle happen across an old man who mistakes the warrior for the granddaughter he once adored. It is a theme that will be carried throughout the rest of the vignettes as the two friends deal with a painful memory from Gabrielle's past, spend time with Xena's mother, survive a difficult ordeal on the road, constantly tease and prod one another - each seeking revenge for being the others source of amusement, and ultimately reaffirm the very special bond that makes them both each others family. This is one of the BEST stories I suspect we will ever see in XWP fan fiction. It could EASILY be the next episode done in the fashion that ADITL was done and I have NO doubts it would become as big of a favorite with the fans. This tale simply put is a gift from Maggie and Peribear we all need to be very grateful for. A definite MUST READ which carries my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION! - 74 pgs., 7/21/97

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