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    Star Trek Voyager Fanfic by Pink Rabbit Productions   

AFTERMATH by Pink Rabbit Productions -- [Alt]
A vignette set immediately after the events in DELIVERER which has Xena guiltily pondering what has happened while Gabrielle struggles with nightmares. This little snippet is accompanied by one of the many EXCEPTIONAL digital art images at the Pink Rabbits site. [Check out the link at the end of the vignette for other digital art] - 2 pgs., 4/16/98
FANFIC ART: Contained within the story

**ALL IN GOOD TIME by Pink Rabbit Productions -- [Alt]
An absolutely HYSTERICAL entry that reveals Xena's HIGHLY effective new strategy for keeping unruly ruffians away from her bard at rowdy inns. You'll be wearing a big old grin LONG after reading this little gem. A MUST READ! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 6 pgs., 1/13/99

ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT by The Rabbit in Pink Rabbit Productions -- [Alt]
A stunning digital art piece supplement by a gentle exchange between warrior and bard as they prepare for sleep. -- 1 pg., 8/16/98
FANFIC ART: Contained within the story

**ALL TIED UP WITH NO WHERE TO...GO? by Pink Rabbit Productions -- [Alt]
One of my favorite XWP alt. stories available at last! - FUNNY and just thoroughly WICKED, this little tale is GUARANTEED to put a big old grin on your face. It begins with a rather anxious Warrior Princess waiting for Gabrielle at an inn. When it starts getting late and there's still no sign of her companion, Xena sets out in search for her, never suspecting the predicament her little bard has gotten herself in. Enchanting and sensual this story is best avoided at work ;-) It receives my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION! - 11 pgs., 11/4/97

**BLOOD FOR BLOOD by Pink Rabbit Productions -- [Alt]
This is one of the best warlord/slave stories I have ever read - extremely well-written and absolutely RIVETING! It has Xena reverting to her warlord persona after she is sprayed with Ares' blood. In a rage the warlord then sets out on a blood-thirsty path of destruction with one particular conquest in mind - a bard who Xena is determined to make her own at any cost. This tale is action-packed, suspenseful, poignant and deeply passionate. Not to be missed folks! VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 28 pgs., 11/4/97

**DEMONS IN THE DARK by Pink Rabbit Productions -- [Alt]
A WONDERFUL combination hurt/comfort and first time story that has Gabrielle caring for an ill Xena while the Warrior Princess wrestles with nightmares and with feelings that in her weakened state she finds more and more difficult to deny. Heart-warming and very satisfying. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 10 pgs., 11/4/97

FIRST TIME by Pink Rabbit Productions -- [Alt]
A sweet first time story that has the warrior and bard tentatively admitting to their feelings and then giving in to these. - 4 pgs., 11/4/97

**LESSONS LEARNED: OR TEACH ME SOME MORE by Pink Rabbit Productions -- [Alt]
This story is a study in...teasing >:) It has Xena and the bard sparring with staffs...and then sparring with - other weapons. Delightfully wicked. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 9 pgs., 11/4/97

REMEMBER EVERYTHING by Pink Rabbit Productions -- [Alt]
This is basically a retelling of the episode REMEMBER NOTHING with an alt. slant to it. Like the episode it is poignant and thought-provoking. Nice. - 10 pgs., 10/30/97

**ROYAL COLORS by Pink Rabbit Productions -- [Alt]
This talented bardic duo brings us another EXCEPTIONAL story to join the already impressive body of work their keyboard has delivered. Set after the events in BETRAYAL-THE DEBT II, the story begins in a forest where Xena and Gabrielle have camped for the night on their journey back from Chin. It marks the first time since the horrific events in Britannia that the two lovers share their passion again but it is a bittersweet joining which leaves them more aware than ever of just how much has changed between them. It is an awareness they have little time to even consider before suddenly the two are trust into the middle of a desperate fight for survival as they struggle to help a young boy hunted by the very person who should want to protect him the most - a boy whose fate strangely parallels that of a child Gabrielle cannot forget - another apparent innocent whose only chance may rest in a bard with a frail exterior but the inner strength to humble gods. This is a beautifully written, carefully executed effort which presents two poignant stories at once - the suspenseful fight to try to save a child who may not be what he appears, and the even more heart-wrenching tale of two souls desperately trying to hold on to the love still binding them together even as doubts now threaten to never again let them recapture what they once had. This is the type of story you will be thinking about long after you've finished it and one I think will thoroughly involve fans regardless of their stand on the Third Season. A classic in the making that receives my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION!! - 37 pgs., 4/16/98

SHADOW PLAY by Pink Rabbit Productions -- [Alt]
A retelling of the culmination of the rift saga that takes the story in a very different direction as Gabrielle, now living among the Amazons, has to face the warrior that nearly killed her in order to try to ensure the safety of her people and Xena finds herself face to face with an evil she can't kill...and can't deny. Intense, thought-provoking story which should be particularly interesting for those who found the execution of the rift problematic. - 15 pgs., 1/26/99

THOSE WHOM THE GODS... by Pink Rabbit Productions -- [Alt]
The latest offering by this gifted writing team is set after the events in THE FURIES and has Gabrielle trying to help Xena deal with the emotional aftermath of her bout with madness. It is a challenge the bard is willing to face head on despite the very real threat posed by a jealous God of War. This story ties in nicely with the current going ons in the series and once again features the loving, sensual treatment of the Xena/Gab relationship that is a hallmark of Pink Rabbit stories. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 7 pgs., 11/4/97

**TURNABOUT by Pink Rabbit Productions -- [Alt]
It is Gabrielle's turn to create a little fantasy in this FANTASTIC and equally sizzling sequel to WARLORD. The story has the bard weaving a tale about a savage heart and the love which tames it. Beneath the eroticism, it is also a story about trust and healing. Beautifully written, it too will be a - er - challenge in public places and also comes VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 7 pgs., 11/4/97

**WARLORD by Pink Rabbit Productions -- [Alt]
On a beautiful, moonlit night Gabrielle fantasizes about the Warrior Princess - but not the warrior she knows - rather the dark, powerful warlord she only knows off. It is a fantasy that for the bard will become reality that night. SIZZLING does not even come close to describing this little tale which beneath the passion also reflects a very deep love. Moreover, WARLORD is an exploration of that forbidden attraction for things dark and powerful. This one gets a DO NOT READ AT WORK warning and is VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! [Make sure to also read the sequel TURNABOUT]. - 7 pgs., 11/4/97

**WHEN THE BOUGH BREAKS by Pink Rabbit Productions -- [Alt]
An EXCEPTIONAL novel which takes it's place among the best in XWP fan fiction. Xena and Gabrielle are enjoying a peaceful time, sharing their love and growing closer when a troop of soldiers inform them of the strange killings which have been taking place in the area. It is a mystery that will bring Xena face to face with some ghosts from her past and once again imperil the lives of both warrior and bard. This novel features solid characterizations and a well-structured, intriguing plot. The love story is passionate and rich in emotion. GREAT storytelling! VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 166 pgs., 11/4/97

WINK, WINK, NUDGE, NUDGE by Pink Rabbit Productions -- [Alt]
Amusing little vignette in which the bard finds herself in the PERFECT situation to admit some of her feelings for a certain warrior. Very cute. - 2 pgs., 10/30/97

XENA'S PRESENT by Pink Rabbit Productions -- [Alt]
Sweet vignette set after the episode SOLSTICE CAROL which has the bard still feeling bad she didn't get Xena anything for Solstice. - 2 pgs., 2/14/98


**NOT JUST STRIP POKER by Pink Rabbit Productions - [Alt]
The Pink Rabbit wonder-duo resurface, this time applying their considerable writing and artistic talent to Voyager fanfic in a delightful first-time tale certain to draw your attention to the possibilities of those characters if you aren't a Voyager fan yet. It all begins with Seven trying to learn more about human interactions - specifically, how to play poker. For help she initially turns to poker ace Tom Paris but when the captain senses that her helmsman might be taking advantage of Seven's innocent inquiries she makes sure the young Borg is aware of his possible ulterior motives never suspecting that Seven may be quite interested in those ulterior motives after all...only with a different teacher. Skillful writing, excellent characterizations and a mischievous, fun storyline combine to make this one into a wonderfully entertaining read. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 28 pgs., 8/3/99
FANFIC ART: "Not Just Strip Poker" by Pink Rabbit Productions

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