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This file features reviews of stories written by Protek. For any other fiction by this bard please visit any of the Xena fan fiction indexes.

BLOODLUST by Protek -- [Alt]
A follow-up to Protek's THE LONGING, this newest entry in the INFINITY SERIES has Xena and Rickie investigating a gruesome series of murders showing the telltale signs of a vampire on the loose. Having never met a real vampire in her two thousand years on Earth, the ancient warrior rather doubts that's the answer but the bloodlust evident by the murders do remind her of an all-too-human monster she once met centuries ago called...Prince Vlad. Well-written, Protek's latest does a good job of capturing the feel of this always intriguing series but be warned - if the opening of this story doesn't make you squirm you're a much tougher customer than I am! DO NOT MISS! - 57 pgs., 4/25/99

LONGING (THE) by Protek -- [Alt]
This newest entry in the INFINITY SERIES begun by Redhawk, this new story finds the immortal Xena of Amphipolis remembering the time she first escaped from her self-imposed exile in the jungles of the Amazon to embrace the world again. It was a juncture that would take her to Europe and then on a long sea voyage headed to the United States aboard a majestic liner on her maiden voyage in April 1912. Protek successfully presents here the mixture of past and present that are common to stories in the INFINITY SERIES and that were a hallmark of the HIGHLANDER TV series on which the series is partly based. Particularly timely given the current interest on the specific liner featured here, this tale is entertaining and well-written. DO NOT MISS! [See also the follow-up BLOODLUST] - 34 pgs., 2/11/99

**TWO SIDES OF THE SAME COIN by Protek - [Alt]
In a terrific new contribution to the INFINITY SERIES, Xena and Ricky accompany their friend detective Emil Holt to a police standoff where Xena hopes to talk a teenager who once worked for her into surrendering himself to the authorities. The situation soon deteriorates, however, when a well-meaning Ricky tries to help setting in motion a series of events that lead to a disoriented Xena waking up in a very different place and time - back it seems in the Ancient Greece that gave birth to her, with one fundamental difference - it is a Greece where the Destroyer of Nations still reigns - where one-time enemies are now allies, family is insignificant, and the bard Xena treasures above all else has been forced into a very different role...Protek's first chapter starts off with a BANG promising one hell of a ride and continuing a tradition of fine storytelling by this talented bard. DO NOT MISS! - 26 pgs., 9/17/99

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