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This file features reviews of stories written by ProudWarrioress. For any other fiction by this bard please visit any of the Xena fan fiction indexes.

**HOLY WAR (THE) by ProudWarrioress -- [Alt]
It is the general concensus among fans of XWP that one of the finest episodes of the series to date is THE PRICE. While introducing in the Horde the best new villanous force since STAR TREK'S "The Borg", this episode revolved around the two defining aspects of the show - Xena's dark side and the extraordinary friendship between a former warlord and a bard. ProudWarrioress newest tale is a novel which inspired by THE PRICE goes way beyond the episode in terms of scope, creating a story of such magnitude and such impact that it can only be described as a saga of epic proportions - a blockbuster of XWP fan fiction. Already quite lengthy, this story is till not finished and promises to go on for quite a while. You will thank the gods for this when you start reading THE HOLY WAR because you are not going to want to put it down, you are going to want more, and you are quickly going to realize that what you are reading is something very special from a bard that could easily compete with the best commercial authors publishing today. Set after the events in THE PRICE, this novel begins ominously with the thoughts of a warrior as he prepares to go to war - not an ordinary warrior but a leader among men - a warrior getting ready to unleash the greatest terror Greece has ever known as he leads his army on a holy crusade to recover the Chosen One promised long ago to his people - a prophesy Telmark, Supreme Commander of the Horde, is determined to see fulfilled at any cost. It is this new and deadly threat which Xena and Gabrielle find themselves facing when they join the massive army of several allied Greek City states preparing to do battle with the Horde. At the head of the army is Marmax, the commander from the episode IS THERE A DOCTOR IN THE HOUSE who thanks to Xena and the bard found peace for his own people but now must fight a battle for the very survival of Greece. Despite their mounting fears, Xena and Gabrielle agree to help the allied force and soon find themselves in a familiar situation - heavily outnumbered, facing savage Horde warriors - with little hope of survival. For Xena the solution is to start awakening the darkness within herself and to try to make sure Gabrielle is safe but what the Warrior Princess never suspects is that once again she is spending too much time trying to fight the Horde without considering what their motivations could be - what they want...or whom? This story truly has the feel of great film epics like SPARTACUS or the more contemporary BRAVEHEART. The battle scenes are so well-written and so carefully choreographed that they stand out vividly. ProudWarrioress' depiction of the Xena/Gab relationship, as in her other stories, is one of deep friendship, loyalty, sacrifice and unquestionable commitment. She uses a shifting point-of-view technique that gives us a very thorough insight into the minds of both our heroines and their enemy. This story is an experience you will not soon forget. A MUST READ for every Xenite, it carries my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION!! [unfinished] - 7/29/97

**I AM AMAZON by ProudWarrioress
This is another of the EXCELLENT entries in the first NetForum contest. ProudWarrioress' second XWP fan fic story firmly establishes her as one of the premier storytellers in the genre today. This story has the Bard of Potidaea coming into her own as Queen of the Amazons when she has to face a deadly threat to the throne. Aware of the odds at stake, Gabrielle must battle her own fears and an even greater challenge to her resolve - the knowledge that deep inside Xena does not consider her capable of being queen. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 35 pgs., 4/23/97

SACRIFICES by ProudWarrioress
In this story Xena's greatest fear finally becomes reality when an old foe kidnaps Gabrielle and makes the bard pay for what the Warrior Princess once did. It is Jen's first attempt at fiction and a good one. NOTE: The story does contain violence that may be disturbing to some. - 30 pgs., 2/97

WHO WOULD BE OUR HERO NOW? by ProudWarrioress
Sensitive vignette set after the end of SACRIFICE II which finds the Warrior Princess devastated. - 2 pgs., 5/20/98

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