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This file features reviews of stories written by Quest. For any other fiction by this bard please visit any of the Xena fan fiction indexes.

ALERT Quest announced her retirement from Xena fanfic on 6/20/99. For now she plans on leaving her stories available on the Web but does not guarantee those will be available long term. If you want to make sure to have those stories in years to come make sure to visit QUEST'S LIBRARY and save them on your PC.

DIRTY WORK by Quest -- [Alt]
A mischievous little vignette from another of our most talented bards, that has Gabrielle turning playful on the Warrior Princess just as Xena finds herself in need of a towel... ;-) Naughty and Cute. - 3 pgs., 6/7/97

Quest's latest effort is a "what if" story which explores what life might have been like for Gabrielle had Callisto never killed Perdicus. Set five years after the marriage, it has Xena coming back into the bard's life at a time when Gabrielle desperately needs her and the warrior needs her bard. Nicely written piece which also touches upon some current issues. - 36 pgs., 5/9/97

KNIGHT OF SWORDS (THE) by Quest -- [Alt]
As this story opens Xena is being plagued by strange dreams involving a sword she's supposed to search for. Reluctant to do so at first because of where that is likely to lead her and her bard, she eventually embarks on the quest, prodded by Gabrielle herself who knows Xena has been trying to protect her but senses the importance of pursuing the meaning of those dreams...even if it means returning to Britannia. Compelling beginning to a nicely written story that is already revealing some original touches. One to follow in the weeks ahead. [unfinished] - 8 pgs., 1/2/99

Thoughtful story that has Xena and Gabrielle coming upon the ruins of a small village amidst a valley full of dead bodies - casualites of a vicious battle between two armies. In the ensuing weeks, the warrior and the bard help the surviving villagers bury the dead, determined also to help them come to terms with the pain buried in their souls. - 8 pgs., 2/97

Very unusual Uber-Xena story set aboard a starship in the distant future that has Dr. Sarah Gabriel, a cybernetics specialist, struggling to save the life of Rebekha Thomas, the lone survivor of a colony viciously attacked by pirates who now must surrender the life she knew and embrace another one as part woman, part machine in order to see justice done. This story should particularly appeal to fans of science fiction. [See the sequel THE SHIP WHO REMEMBERED II] - 30 pgs., 8/10/97
FANFIC ART: "The Ship Who Remembered" by Miguel Cura

Continuing the uber story begun in THE SHIP WHO REMEMBERED, this tale finds cybernetics specialist Dr. Sarah Gabriel and ship brain Rebekah Thomas extending their professional and private relationship as they continue working together and start to explore the inexplicable attraction strengthening between them despite the little incompatibilities in their make up. Meanwhile, an ancient bard is busy trying to warn them of an approaching danger in space - a danger brought on by someone more connected to them than either suspects... Quest does a terrific job imbuing this sequel with the same futuristic feel as the first story. Her characterizations are well done and compelling. - 133 pgs., 1/2/99
FANFIC ART: "The Ship Who Remembered" by Miguel Cura

**THESE THINGS HAPPEN by Quest -- [Alt]
An alternative piece which has the two heroines snowed in. Funny. - 4 pgs., 1996

URGENT by Quest - [Alt]
An embarassing moment leads to an interesting discovery for Xena and Gabrielle. Short and to the point ;-) - 4 pgs., 5/12/97

Cute little vignette that reveals one of the bard's deepest, darkest secrets ;-) - 3 pgs., 7/4/98

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