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This file features reviews of stories written by Raine. For any other fiction by this bard please visit any of the Xena fan fiction indexes.

LETTING HER GO by Raine  Save Alert
Xena and Gabrielle face overwhelming odds when they challenge a warlord threatening Poteidaia and other nearby villages. Their biggest problem, however, might not be the warlord himself but a familiar enemy from Xena's past coupled with Gabrielle's own stubborn determination to keep a young girl safe. Reading very much like a TV episode, this one offers a good combination of angst and action. - 54 pgs., 4/29/00
FANFIC ART: Raine Story Cover

**RAVENSARA by Raine - [Alt]  Save Alert
One of the finest hurt/comfort stories to come around in YEARS, this fanfic gem pulls all your heartstrings as it draws you into an edge-of-your-seat scenario with our two heroines plunged into a race against time and the elements to try to prevent a tragedy neither had anticipated. The story opens on a lighthearted tone as an inebriated bard proves her mettle, distracting some thieves while Xena retrieves a precious scroll for an old friend. Having finished one mission, however, the warrior and bard immediately take on another when word reaches Xena that the Mountain King, a man she's indebted to, is requesting her aid. With his kingdom on the brink of war, the dying king sends Xena to retrieve the old magical sword that alone can insure a smooth passage of power - but there are forces at work intent on keeping the sword away from the Mountain King and to do that they will target the Warrior Princess' one vulnerability - the bard who owns her heart. Combining humor and angst in a well-paced adventure-drama, Raine delivers here the type of story you will NOT want to put down. Her treatment of the Xena/Gabrielle relationship is particularly engaging giving these two characters a mutual devotion that is fierce and all-consuming. Raine's characterizations are especially appealing with Gabrielle very much in bard mode while the Warrior Princess, though relentless and deadly, reveals a touching vulnerability around her partner. Put this one at the top of your reading list. It gets my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION! - 80 pgs., 9/2/00

**TO KNOW YOU by Raine - [Alt]  Save Alert
Grab a BIG box of tissues before sitting down to experience this beautiful, heartwarming and gut-wrenching story of courage, determination and a very special friendship. Set in modern-day Austin, Texas, the story follows the struggle of Samantha Thomas, a gifted young artist recently diagnosed with Cancer, as she endeavors to continue her work with a design firm while fighting the effects of Cancer treatments and hiding her condition in fear that it might affect her professionally. In charge of the advertising project Samantha is assigned to, Helen Riley is not only impressed with the young artist's skills but strangely drawn to her as well - feeling a connection between them that pulls at Helen even more strongly when she begins to sense that something may not be quite right with Samantha Thomas. This is a SPLENDID hurt/comfort story with a very touching depiction of two soulmates finding one another in one of those dark hours and together, fighting to rediscover the light. A MUST READ! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! [Note: story contains subtext; see the sequel TO LOVE YOU] - 56 pgs., 2/27/00
FANFIC ART: Raine Story Cover

**TO LOVE YOU by Raine - [Alt]  Save Alert
In this sequel to Raine's very moving first uber TO KNOW YOU, Sam is the one providing support for her friend as Helen deals with a visit from her estranged mother and learns some disturbing news. Unfortunately, more heartache awaits the two friends as a dark spectre from the recent past comes back to haunt them possibly testing them as never before. Raine has skillfully developed the relationship between these two women into a marvelously committed and uplifting friendship that will charm you, make you laugh, make you cry and make you desperately pull for them in this new crisis. A DEFINITE must read. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 53 pgs., 2/27/00
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