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**DREAMS OF THE NILE by Rebecca Hall -- [Alt]
The author of the incomparable HEAVEN DOWN HERE and one of my other favorite stories, HER GABRIELLE: A RESPONSE returns with yet another winner - a passionate story about love lost and love rediscovered. A dramatic incident causes Xena to start remembering a painful part of her past - a time after which she closed her heart determined to never share it again. Only she faces now the greatest challenge to that resolution - a challenge in the form of a persistent little bard who desperately wants to open that heart... This is poignant and sensual. DO NOT MISS!! - 20 pgs., 11/23/97
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**HEAVEN DOWN HERE by Rebecca Hall (Storm) -- [Alt]
This is without a doubt one of the most beautiful, well-written, moving and passionate alt. stories available in XWP fan fiction today. This first-time tale made my list of all-time favorites even before I finished reading it. It has Xena and Gabrielle traveling to one of the Amazon's border towns where Xena joins the Amazons to battle an evil warlord. Meanwhile, the warrior princess is engaged in an inner battle as well - determined not to show the growing feelings she has for a certain bard. Problem is that bard has plans of her own and to achieve these she is willing to risk it all - even her heart and soul. Rebecca achieves here one of the most fiercely passionate and tenderly romantic depictions of the Xena/Gab relationship in alt. fanfic. An exceptional read which receives my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION!! [See also the epilogue WILDFIRE] - 46 pgs., 4/28/97

**HER GABRIELLE: A RESPONSE by Rebecca Hall - [Alt]
This story was written as a continuation of Della Street's HER GABRIELLE which received an outstanding review in the Fan Fiction Report for 5/1/97. Rebecca's response maintains the excellent quality of that first story and of the episode REMEMBER NOTHING on which both tales are based, giving us a piece of fiction that is equally beautiful and heart-wrenching, moving you as few stories ever will. It is set back in the world of REMEMBER NOTHING, just after the events laid out in Della's HER GABRIELLE and has Xena trying to help Gabrielle deal with the anguish and fear branded in her soul after years of slavery. Together these two stories by Della and Rebecca are among my favorite of XWP fan fiction. A MUST READ for every Xenite! VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!! - 9 pgs., 5/26/97
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**I'M RIGHT HERE by Rebecca Hall - [Alt]
Well-known in Xena fanfic for her uniquely romantic treatment of the Xena/Gab relationship, Rebecca makes a solid addition to that list of memorable interludes with a sizzler of a tale set immediately after a battle during which Xena came very close to losing her bard. Sensing the warrior's distress Gabrielle tries to soothe her partner, awakening instead a desperate need in them both to reaffirm their love, reaffirm life, and reaffirm the fierce passion flowing through their veins. I don't think living in Miami had ANYTHING to do with the marked temperature increase I experienced reading this little gem ;-) Rebecca's latest should get you nostalgic for those simpler days of Xena fanfic. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 2 pgs., 8/30/99

**PAYMENT (THE) by Rebecca Hall -- [Alt]
Set after the events in the episode THE PRICE, this tale has Xena deeply troubled by her behavior during the stand-off with the Horde and the bard determined to get back the warrior she loves so well. Emotional and passionate. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 9 pgs., 11/24/97

**QUEST CONTINUED (THE) by Rebecca Hall (Storm) -- [Alt]
Rebecca delivers a second solid hit tonight with this sweet, EXTREMELY passionate little tale that takes place immediately after the events in the episode THE QUEST as Xena and Gabby sort out the feelings between them. This one gets my DO NOT READ AT WORK warning >:) - 7 pgs., 4/28/97

**WILDFIRE by Rebecca Hall -- [Alt]
For all of you who LOVED Rebecca's unforgettable HEAVEN DOWN HERE (and if you still haven't read this incredible story - you are hereby ORDERED to do so right NOW! ;-) comes this MARVELOUS new epilogue set the morning after HEAVEN DOWN HERE. Sizzling does not even come close to describing this little addition to the story which has Xena and Gabrielle dealing with perhaps one of their biggest challenges to date...the bard's newly awakened appetite for things OTHER than food. Ahhhh but those girls DO love a challenge >:) You might have to stock up on some vitamins before tackling this new offering...possibly call the Amazon Ice Company if your running low on ice, avoid at all know the drill by now ;-) I'm certain it will be as good for you as it was for me :) VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 6 pgs., 4/15/98

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