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COMRADES IN ARMS by Roc-it Scientist -- [Alt]
In trying to explain the Xena/Gab TV relationship, this story sets out to do the impossible but surprisingly ends up presenting a rather realistic view that is sweet and funny and very much based on the love these characters have for one another. COMRADES IN ARMS basically follows our two heroines through their adventures and travels after the deaths of Perdicus and Callisto to the time just after they part ways with Cecrops. The story doesn't dwell on what we saw on the TV episodes but rather - what we didn't - the days in between adventures, the nights by the campfires, the traveling on the road. We see Xena and Gabrielle first turning to one another almost by accident, while missing past loves in fact. The initial explorations are playful and curious with Xena thinking she is simply a temporary solution for the bard. It is at the thought of loosing her that Xena begins to realize just what her companion means to her. The only question is...does Gabrielle feel the same? This is well-written and VERY well plotted to synchronize with the TV series. Some of the exchanges between Xena and Gab are simply priceless. Be aware, however that in depicting a different type of relationship between the warrior and bard, this story is an acquired taste. Fun and definitely worth reading though. DO NOT MISS! - 26 pgs., 6/97

**EQUINIMITY by Roc-it Scientist -- [Alt]
This little story is absolutely PRECIOUS!! A frustrated Gabrielle pours her heart Argo. Yeap! The steed like her mistress apparently has many skills too - she can talk! Nicely written and cute beyond words. DO NOT MISS this one! - 7 pgs., 7/19/97
FANFIC ART: Barron Story Cover

OBLIVION by Roc-it Scientist -- [Alt]
With Joxer in it this story is sometimes painful to read, but it is also VERY clever, VERY sweet, funny and just a real delight. It is certainly a different type of first-time story, that has Xena and the Gabster just discovering their feelings for one another when Joxer the Mighty comes along to delay matters for a while. Warrior and bard soon find themselves spending time with Joxer's family, learning about the warrior-wannabe while they are trying to learn new things about themselves too. Cute! - 27 pgs., 6/1/97

**XENA'S GOWN by Roc-it Scientist -- [Alt]
A wonderfully sensual, romantic story that speaks straight to the heart. Hoping to avoid temptation, Xena is getting ready to pass up a night at an inn in a comfortable bed - getting ready to spend the night with Argo as she has done so many other nights - when a certain bard awakes and presents her with a beautiful gift... This one will warm the heart and leave you with a big old grin. NOT TO BE MISSED! - 3 pgs., 12/8/97

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