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**INTO THE DARK by Sharon Smith - [Alt]
You're gonna have to put aside at least an entire weekend to read this mammoth size novel but rest assure that it's gonna be one very entertaining weekend. An uber set amidst the fast-paced excitement, drama and perils of the music business, this is the story of Jordanna Fox, a megastar drummer and singer in one of the hottest rock bands touring. Assigned to do an article on the infamous rocker, reporter Rebecca Hurley has no idea what she's getting herself into when she enters Jordanna's world. Repulsed by the drummer's promiscuity and casual insensitivity, Rebecca nevertheless cannot deny the puzzling attraction she feels for the beautiful woman. It's an attraction returned in kind by Jordanna who sets her sights on the reporter the moment she sees her, certain she will be able to add Rebecca Hurley to her LONG list of conquests in little time at all. Things, however, don't work out exactly as planned for either woman as Rebecca soon starts to glimpse a vulnerability and tenderness within the drummer that draws her like a moth to a flame while Jordanna finds herself no longer wanting to simply make Rebecca one of her many conquests, wanting instead to win the reporter's heart. Together they'll embark on a very difficult journey that will have them both embracing new lives, dealing with the challenges of fame, the seductive dangers of the rock touring scene, the demons of addiction, and most of all - the fears of loving someone so completely that they become your only hope for salvation. With the two leads appearing in practically every scene, this is very much a relationship story made stronger by the solid, mesmerizing characterizations Sharon has crafted. Despite a brutal past that would give even a certain Warrior Princess a run for her dinars in the darkness department, Jordanna soon becomes a very sympathetic character through her treatment of Rebecca and the longing she has to find a semblance of normality in her life. She grasps the unconditional love Rebecca offers like a lifeline and then fights along with her lover to nurture that love and help it overcome dangers both past and present. Well-written and with enough angst to satisfy even angst addicts like myself, this lengthy yarn is great entertainment! Grab that Visine and enjoy! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! [Note: story contains some mild S&M - see the sequel LEARNING TO CLIMB] - 760 pgs., 2/9/00
FANFIC ART: L.J. Maas Story Cover

**LEARNING TO CLIMB by Sharon Smith - [Alt]
A sequel to Sharon's extraordinary debut novel INTO THE DARK, this engrossing new yarn chronicles the ups and downs in the lives of megastar rocker Jordanna Fox and her partner, reporter Rebecca Hurley as the two work on forming a future together but must still deal with some of the problems from their old lives apart. In therapy to help her overcome an addiction from a life led too fast and too hard, Jor struggles with the fear of what a failing on her part could do to the woman who's come to mean more to her than anything in the world. Meanwhile, Rebecca is determined to offer the musician unconditional support even as she works on making her daughter and the two of them into the family she so wants. It's a task Rebecca's parents and Jor's more determined admirers will make much more difficult as they throw one stumbling block after another in the path of the two lovers. Victories for the two will be hard-fought, but sweet indeed when these finally arrive. Jor an Rebecca are by far one of the most appealing and well-crafted uber pairings in Xena fanfic, remarkably reminiscent of their Ancient Greek inspirations but very much grounded in the harsh realities of the modern world. Despite her no-nonsense, tough-as-nails image, Sharon's megastar rocker is also a poignantly vulnerable figure with a daunting past and a heart-warming adoration for the young reporter who's stolen her heart. The relationship between the two is developed at a perfect pace, showing their growing confidence in one another and in themselves. Sexy and sweet, this emotionally compelling sequel should prove a very satisfying read for the masses who've been clamoring for more from this talented writer. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 243 pgs., 4/30/01

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