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**JOURNAL (THE) by Gabrielle of Potadeia as translated by Shelley Sullivan
Do NOT under any circumstances miss this WONDERFUL new feature at MaryD's XWP INFORMATION PAGE. Thanks to the efforts of one VERY talented translator Shelley Sullivan, the Journal of Gabrielle of Potadeia, bard extraordinaire, Amazon Queen and friend of Xena the Warrior Princess, is now finally being made public. The Journal exists in parts written in a series of ancient parchments and follows the adventures of Gabrielle and the reformed warlord from the time they first met. In the weeks and months to come Shelley will be translating these parchments for us all to enjoy. First up:

JOURNAL #1 - Gabrielle meets the Warrior Princess, learns about life on the road, starts to use her bardic skills in earnest and gets a sobbering lesson in what it means to kill. This journal covers the events depicted in the TV episodes SINS OF THE PAST, CHARIOTS OF WAR, and DREAMWORKER. - 4 pgs., 5/13/97

JOURNAL #2 - In this part of the journal Gabrielle writes about how Xena saved a baby, she observes her friend's pain over the loss of Marcus and recounts their first encounter with Aries when he framed Xena for the murder of some innocent villagers. This journal covers the events depicted in the TV episodes CRADLE OF HOPE, THE PATH NOT TAKEN and THE RECKONING. - 4 pgs., 5/27/97

JOURNAL #3 - One of the nicest things about this series is the glimpse it provides into the bard's mind and soul as she travels with the Warrior Princess, learning and growing. This latest installment, in particular, reveals a bard that is very much in awe of her companion while remaining endearingly unaware of her own uniqueness. We see the mischievous tenacity that will someday turn the girl into an Amazon queen - worthy partner for the Warrior Princess. Most of all, we continue to see a gentle soul leading another out of darkness. Journal #3 covers the events depicted in the TV episodes TITAN, PROMETHEUS and DEATH IN CHAINS. - 5 pgs., 6/5/97

JOURNAL #4 - In this latest parchment we see Gabrielle begin to give serious thought to the craft of storytelling as she takes Xena's advice and starts to look for her own voice. We see the bard experience one of the most significant events of her young life as with a show of courage she earns the gratitude of a dying warrior and the right to call the Amazon Nation her own. Finally we see the first reunion of Gabrielle and Perdicus since she left Potidaea and in a telling passage, read about the young bard's guilt over the path her former betrothed has now taken. This journal covers the period depicted in the episodes HOOVES AND HARLOTS, THE BLACK WLOLF and BEWARE OF GREEK BEARING GIFTS. - 5 pgs., 6/25/97

JOURNAL #5 - Gabrielle travels to Athens to test her mettle as a bard in the famous Academy of Performing Bards only to find that studying the art of storytelling cannot live up to the exitement of living her stories...and that she misses the Warrior Princess terribly. Reunited the two then embark on an adventure to search for treasure with one of Xena's old loves and finally end up at a kingdom with a princess that looks remarkably similar to the Warrior Princess. - 4 pgs., 7/20/97

JOURNAL #6 - Gabrielle meets Marcus and observes as her companion goes through the pain of losing him again, later they team up with the infamous King of Thieves to retrieve a valued chest, and finally, Gabrielle returns to Potidaea trying to find her confidence again after freezing during an attack on the road. - 4 pgs., 7/20/97

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