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**TIME TO LOVE, A TIME TO HATE (A) by Sue Hickerson - [Alt]
In an EXTRAORDINARY fanfic debut, Sue Hickerson brings us an unforgettable novel about love and hatred, compassion and prejudice - extreme emotions clashing amidst the wave of violence engulfing a small town in the middle of the war against bigotry. Openly lesbian, Sam Adams has lived in Boffler Creek all her life experiencing the occasional confrontations with the local town bigots but the danger escalates to a new level when these attack the dark-haired mechanic beating her to within inches of her life. New in town, nurse Annie O'Shea quickly finds herself caring a LOT more for her beautiful patient than she should. It's a mutual attraction that eventually leads to more between the two women at a time when their love will make them targets in a deadly battle for the hearts and minds of the town folks and people all over. Soon other gays and same-sex couples in Boffler Creek are receiving ominous letters warning of violence. Increasingly serious attacks follow prompting Sam to form a group of protectors when the authorities don't seem able to deal with the situation. Unfortunately, the protectors seem outnumbered and as Sam soon realizes, the bigots have a very personal agenda against her. They want to make Sam Adams suffer and now, perhaps more than ever, they know precisely how they can do that... Leave PLENTY of time for this novel when you start it because it is long and it is one of those you will NOT want to do put down. Sue tells an engrossing, timely story with a well-developed cast of characters and two very different but charming leads made even more appealing by the fact that they are just regular human beings with ordinary professions turned into heroes by the challenges in their lives and their determination to overcome these. The writing is first-class, offering moments of passion, humor and suspense in chapters that are well-paced to keep you completely absorbed in the unfolding drama. One of the best debuts for a new writer I've ever had the pleasure of reading, this one comes VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 123 pgs., 5/2002

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