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**BEST GIFT (THE) by Susan A. Rice - [Alt]
Actually written by MomBard's daughter Sue, this heartwarming Solstice tale opens with Gabrielle in a rather melancholy mood - content to simply listen outside of Cyrene's inn as her partner spends time with her family. It's a situation that doesn't last for long as a certain Warrior Princess goes in search of her missing bard determined to show her just what she means to her and what she's come to mean to the rest of her family. Sue handles the characterizations here beautifully, portraying Gabrielle as a very sensitive young woman deeply touched by the overwhelming devotion she feels for her partner and the sense of belonging Xena and her family are inspiring in her. The warrior for her part is playful and loving and happy for once. Really nice combination in a little gem of a story that is indeed a gift. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! [See the sequel THE BEST GIFT 2: THE GIFT OF LOVE] - 6 pgs., 2/7/00

**BEST GIFT 2 (THE): THE GIFT OF LOVE by Susan A. Rice - [Alt]
In this sequel to her first holiday offering, THE BEST GIFT, Susan turns the tables a bit as this time, 26 years later, it's the Warrior Princess that is feeling a little melancholy remembering her life with her bard when said bard entices her back into the warmth of a family gathering and then convinces her to open up those Solstice presents a little early ;-) Sweet story with a reaffirming, loving portrayal of a relationship which just seems to be getting stronger with time. DO NOT MISS! - 4 pgs., 12/10/00

A supplement of sorts to the LITTLE XENA AND LITTLE GABRIELLE SERIES, this is a letter from Susan, writer of the fanfic series, to Lucia, creator of the comic strip telling her about her time with the girls when Lucia lets them come over for a visit. Lots of cuteness and more devilish antics should put a grin on your face while perusing this one. - 4 pgs., 6/13/00

Inspired by Lucia's delightful comic strip XENA AND GABRIELLE'S LITTLE ADVENTURES, this adorable tale takes place during Xena and Gabrielle's childhood and assumes the two have been best friends for MUCH longer than we ever thought ;-) The story has Little Gabrielle trying to learn to read so she can be a bard someday, and her best pal Little Xena coming up with a clever plan to help her do just that. Cute does not even begin to describe how precious these characters and their friendship is. Lucia's comic strip along with stories like these from Susan would have made for one MARVELOUS Saturday Morning cartoon for kids...certain to attract quite a number of adults too :) DO NOT MISS! [Part of the LITTLE XENA AND LITTLE GABRIELLE SERIES].- 5 pgs., 6/13/00

"Bard In Training" by Lucia
"Bard In Training #2" by Lucia
"Bard In Training #3" by Lucia
"First Critic" by Lucia
"First Critic: Persuasion" by Lucia
"A Really Bad Critic" by Lucia

LITTLE SOLSTICE (A) by Susan A. Rice
Based on the cartoon strip XENA AND GABRIELLE'S LITTLE ADVENTURES by Lucia, this charming Solstice tale has Little Gabrielle spending time with her best friend in Amphipolis where the two girls look forward to a visit from Senticles and later have a great time with a very special new present. Susan does a great job capturing the feel and characterizations of Lucia's popular strip. Very cute. [Part of the LITTLE XENA AND LITTLE GABRIELLE SERIES.] - 6 pgs., 2/7/00

FANFIC ART: "Xena And Gabrielle'S Little Adventures" by Lucia

This second entry in Susan's LITTLE XENA AND LITTLE GABRIELLE SERIES finds the girls sharing the load as it where when Cyrene insists her energetic daughter do all her chores before going out to play and Little Gabrielle offers to help her best friend. Before long those "chores" have become an adventure in themselves as the girls figure out ways around tricky challenges and discover even work can be fun when shared with a friend. Lovely storytelling in an engaging story perfect for kids from pre-K to...80 or 90 :) DO NOT MISS! - 14 pgs.

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