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AMAZONS OF DAHOMEY (THE) by Susan Smith -- [Alt]
A sequel to Susan's outstanding THE CHARIOTEER, this story continues where that one left off, following Xena and Gabrielle as they join a caravan on their way out of the Kingdom of Har back toward Greece. The two are revelling in the new freedom of their relationship unaware that fate is about to interfere once again throwing Gabrielle and a young Amazon initiate into the midst of deadly power play and leaving a desperate Xena looking for her soulmate in a land full of strangers all with agendas of their own. Displaying Susan's impressive ability to develop suspenseful, engrossing plots around an equally well-crafted Xena/Gab relationship this is yet another quality effort from a very talented writer. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! [See the sequel THE DEATH CULT OF LYDIA] - 144 pgs., 10/6/98
FANFIC ART: Ciegra Story Cover - Not currently available on the Web
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**CHARIOTEER (THE): IN THE CITY OF HAR by Susan Smith -- [Alt]
As this fandom enters its fourth year it is very nice to see the fanfic talent pool continuing to grow and get better and better. Definite proof of this is the SPECTACULAR debut of Susan Smith tonight with her first-ever XWP story - a long, magnificent tale of political intrigue, adventure, prophecy and the undeniable power of the heart. The story begins with Xena getting a summons from the Babylonian City of Har, where the Great King lies near death and chaos is imminent. Upon arriving with Gabrielle, they are informed by the High Priestess that the goddess Har has not yet revealed who will inherit the crown but that she did reveal in a dream that Xena would be the one to keep order until a choice had been made between the dying king's many heirs. Thus warrior and bard are thrown into an explosive situation - trying to keep the peace while at the same time, struggling with the feelings they have for one another - unable to deny these anymore but still too scared to give in to them - tempted at ever turn in a city where love and passion are celebrated. The goddess' choice eventually revealed, the two must then fight to protect the rightful heir - all the while protecting also a love which rivals their own and which at last encourages them to face the truth in their hearts. Susan gives us here a brilliantly written and executed story with fantastic descriptions of exotic locations. The Xena/Gab relationship is explored in detailed going from amusingly strained, to poignantly fearful, hopeful, loving and finally - fiercely passionate. The subplot and supporting characters are terrific, presenting us with a second drama that is just as compelling. An incredibly entertaining and satisfying novel that comes VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! [See the sequel THE AMAZONS OF DAHOMEY] - 75 pgs., 10/4/98
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Susan brings us a very special treat with this new Halloween tale which also acts as a prequel to her ground breaking uber OF DRAG KINGS AND A WARRIOR PRINCESS. Set about three years before that story, this new one features a seventeen-year-old Taryn experiencing what life is like at Rhea's during the ritual celebration of Samhain, All Hallow's Eve - a time when both visions and wandering spirits may visit the living. Taryn soon finds herself connecting with a troubled spirit whose tragic life deeply moves the young drag king. Helping that spirit becomes a priority even as Taryn wonders also about the mysterious woman in her visions... This is an intriguing look at the early dynamics between Taryn and the friends who would become her adopted family. - 7 pgs., 10/26/99, re-released 1/20/01

DEATH CULT OF LYDIA (THE) by Susan Smith -- [Alt]
In a sequel to her story THE AMAZONS OF DAHOMEY, Smitty follows Xena and Gabrielle's journey as the two leave Dahomey to travel to the land of the Pharaohs and the fabled city of Alexandria. All the while the Warrior Princess is worried about the hallucinations and moodiness she's recently been experiencing. Smitty does a great job imparting a historic atmosphere to the story making the exotic locations and people come alive. This one shows nice potential. [unfinished] - 9 pgs., 4/25/99
[Palm Pilot version available at XENA FAN FICTION FOR THE PALM PILOT]

This talented writer tries her hand at uber fiction this time around, producing a very different, very original contemporary story. Rosalind Olchawski considers herself a fairly ordinary college professor leading a fairly ordinary life - a life so ordinary and so bland, in fact, that recently Rosalind has started to wonder whether she's even capable of feeling that passion others seem to feel. It is a concern that is answered one evening when she accompanies a friend to a club and discovers in the startling blue eyes of a drag king the destiny she had been waiting for. Very well written, with characterizations that are sensitively done, a twist of the uber theme and an intriguing storyline this one should keep you hitting that page down button. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! [See the prequel THE DEAD COME KNOCKING IF YOU LEAVE THE SCREEN DOOR OPEN] - 183 pgs., 10/25/98
AWARDS: "All Nighter" Swollen Bud Award (Aug. 15, 2000)

"...Kissing Her Boy" by Katrina
"Taryn" by Barbara Maclay
[Palm Pilot version available at XENA FAN FICTION FOR THE PALM PILOT]

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