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**AMAZON PLEASURE by T. Novan - [Alt]
Gabrielle decides she wants to spend a whole day making her warrior VERRRRY happy...and she does ;-) Exhausting little contribution from T. Novan guaranteed to drive that Amazon Ice Co. stock WAY up! An enchanting, sizzling vision of the raw passion between these two. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 11 pgs., 6/26/99

With part 100 of the RAISING MELOSA SERIES T. Novan ends one remarkable fanfic accomplishment and begins another, the LEGENDS LEGACY SERIES as the Warrior Princess and her Amazon Queen recall their life together and anticipate the coming marriage of their beloved Mel. A beautiful ending to an unforgettable series - VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 6 pgs., 12/15/99

**BACK AND FORTH by T. Novan - [Alt]
A terrific little story that will just grab that old ticker in a very nice way as it traces the lives of a bard and one decidedly anxious warrior, chronicling all those unforgettable moments on their path toward eternity. A cleverly written, poignant read guaranteed to leave an impression. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 4 pgs., 11/2/98

BACK FROM SCHOOL by T. Novan - [Alt]
The LEGENDS LEGACY SERIES continues with a surprise for the warrior and bard when one of their baby boys returns home from school. The tale continues the family feel and humor of this fine series. - 5 pgs., 3/15/00

Pt. 3 of the LEGENDS LEGACY SERIES brings a new complication to Xena's life in the form of one determined little thief. Fun exchanges in this one. - 5 pgs., 12/27/99

BLESSING (THE) by T. Novan - [Alt]
T. Novan takes a break from her various ongoing series to bring us a sweet first-time tale that has a couple of Olympian voyeurs watching a certain warrior and bard to determine if the two should at last receive the blessing they've been waiting for before acting on their love. Some rather "convenient" situations help the story along here but this should be a treat for my fellow mush aficionados :) - 7 pgs., 8/30/99
[French version: LA BÉNÉDICTION translated by Fanfan at]

**CAT AND MOUSE by T. Novan - [Alt]
Stories like this one make it so easy for fanfic reviewers to stay awake reading at 3:00 am >:) This is a study in seduction as the warrior and bard tease one another mercilessly during a formal celebration and then retire privately. Ahem... only problem with reading something like this at 3:00 am is that the Amazon Ice Company is CLOSED!!! A definite MUST READ at whatever time is convenient though - although it's probably not advisable to do so during work hours. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 6 pgs., 3/9/99
[Palm Pilot version available at XENA FAN FICTION FOR THE PALM PILOT]

CUPID'S ARROW by T. Novan - [Alt]
The LEGENDS LEGACY SERIES continues when Xena and Gab find things just a tad amiss upon their return trip from Egypt. Seems one of Cupid's arrows has hit a wrong target putting at stake the very future of the Amazon nation and testing the Lord of the Underworld's patience to...amusing limits ;-) A clever turn-of-events for an entertaining series by one of our best. - 5 pgs., 9/27/01

DEAL OF A LIFETIME (THE) by T. Novan - [Alt]
Xena gets some unexpected help in her efforts to save her grandchild...and an offer she can't refuse. Amusing installment. [Part 10 of the LEGENDS LEGACY SERIES] - 5 pgs., 4/27/00

FULL BOAT by T. Novan - [Alt]
Fun uber Western set aboard a steamboat where wealthy entrepreneur Morgan Delaney is among the many participants in a wild poker contest with a fortune as the ultimate prize. Also on board is reporter Gabrielle Stafford - a young woman with a face that has haunted Morgan's dreams for years and who apparently has been having similar dreams only starring the entrepreneur instead. Immediately sensing the connection between them Morgan and Gabrielle give in to their emerging feelings even as danger draws near plunging them into a murder mystery that will threaten their very lives and along with it a love as old as time. T. creates a good sense of suspense here with a decidedly sizzling depiction of the relationship. Nicely entertaining. - 34 pgs., 3/1/99

Ciegra Story Cover - Not currently available on the Web
"Morgan" by Barbara Maclay
"Morgan" by Rebekah Lynn

HOLD ME BY THE FIRE by T. Novan - [Alt]
Very nice tribute to those increasingly romantic campfire scenes that through the years have afforded our two heroines with the perfect opportunities to grow closer. Well-written relationship piece. - 2 pgs., 6/19/00

HOME AGAIN by T. Novan
The LEGENDS LEGACY SERIES continues as Xena and her Amazon Queen get reacquainted with life back home and the next generation starts letting their presence be known. Light, playful entry in the series. - 5 pgs., 2/7/00

**IMPORTANCE OF FAMILY (THE) by T. Novan - [Alt]
T. Novan shares a beautiful, poignant treatment of the relationship in a wonderful hurt/comfort story that has a worried Gabrielle returning to Poteidaia with an ailing Xena intent on getting help for the warrior there only the reception she gets there isn't quite what the bard hoped for. First-class writing in a tale that solidly reaffirms the commitment between our heroines. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 6 pgs., 6/12/99
[Palm Pilot version available at XENA FAN FICTION FOR THE PALM PILOT]

IN THE ARMS OF A GOD by T. Novan - [Alt]
The eight entry in the LEGENDS LEGACY SERIES finds Xena and Gabrielle getting used to their new life with Xena now fulfilling her destiny as Hade's daughter...but things haven't changed ALL that much ;-) Nostalgic and sweetly romantic. - 4 pgs., 3/27/00

Xena visits an old friend for help with her new one while Mel and Brie enjoy a night out on the town ;-) Part 4 in the LEGENDS LEGACY SERIES. - 5 pgs., 1/12/00

**JUST LOOK AT THEM by T. Novan - [Alt]
T. Novan takes a break from her popular RAISING MELOSA SERIES to share with us a lovely piece about that all-important first kiss set against the background of Amphipolis as warrior and bard visit a certain innkeeper that knows just what is best for her daughter. Heartwarming, feel-good story reminiscent of those earlier seasons. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 4 pgs., 3/9/99
[Palm Pilot version available at XENA FAN FICTION FOR THE PALM PILOT]

KING'S RANSOM by T. Novan - [Alt]
Unusual warlord/slave tale that has Xena and Gabrielle just beginning to explore an exiting new facet to their relationship when an old friend of the warrior's asks for their help in setting up an elaborate ruse to fool a deadly warlord. T. Novan includes an interesting twist in this story with warrior and bard assuming the roles of warlord and slave but...switching those depending on the circumstances. Well-written, passionate story. - 71 pgs., 11/19/98

LEGENDS LEGACY SERIES by T. Novan - read in the order listed below - [Alt]

  6. NEWS (THE)

The Warrior Princess gets a little mischievous in this cute, sensual new offering set during the events in A TALE OF TWO MUSES. Grin-alert on this one. DO NOT MISS! - 2 pgs., 11/21/98

**MADAM PRESIDENT by T. Novan and Advocate (Blayne Cooper) - [Alt]
It's the year 2020 and the United States has elected its first ever woman president - a very gorgeous, very intelligent, very capable and openly gay Devlyn Marlowe. Aware that she's making history but not beyond serving her own interests as well, Devlyn insists that her favorite author be hired to write her official biography. Lauren Strayer part-time biographer, part-time novelist, didn't even vote for the new president so the offer from the White House comes as a surprise. Reluctant to take on a project she'll have little control over Lauren initially turns it down only to find herself on the other end of a phone conversation with a very persuasive president guaranteeing her full control over the biography. Within days the author's life is changed forever as she finds herself residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and getting to know the charming, funny, down-to-earth and surprisingly old-fashioned woman behind the politician. Meanwhile, Devlyn is similarly charmed by her biographer. A fan of the writer at first, she quickly becomes a fan of the woman, admiring Lauren's dedication, and intelligence and discovering to her consternation, an attraction to the young author destined to complicate things JUST a tad in the old White House. In the months ahead, the two will face challenges from within and without as political and other more dangerous enemies struggle to undermine the new president, as Lauren re-examines her sexuality in light of her own attraction to the tall, dark, Commander in Chief, as the president's children from her first marriage get to know the biographer, and as Devlyn Marlowe herself starts to let go of the past to open her heart once again. Maintaining a generally light-hearted atmosphere despite some intensely dramatic moments, this novel is one of the sweetest romances I've ever read. T. Novan and Advocate focus on the relationship, using the fantastical backdrop of a United States presidency as a clever setting that lends itself to lots of humor, unending complications and stress for their two heroines. Devlyn Marlowe is a charming and sometimes contradictory mixture of self-confidence and vulnerability, strength and shyness - a modern woman challenging the system yet with some traditional values of her own. Lauren is an intelligent, accomplished woman - loving and sensitive yet quite capable of becoming a little spitfire when the situation calls for it. Together these two make magic. Helping them along the way is a terrific supporting cast consisting of very nicely developed, multifaceted characters with interesting stories of their own, the most memorable of which have to be Devlyn's very down-to-earth mom and an ugly pooch that will keep a grin on your face throughout. Beautifully written and plotted, this story will keep you glued to the screen. One for the MUST READ list, it comes VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 261 pgs., 5/20/01
[Palm Pilot version available at XENA FAN FICTION FOR THE PALM PILOT]

MY HEART WILL GO ON by T. Novan - [Alt]
Melancholic vignette showing the thoughts of one soulmate after loosing her other half - 1 pg., 12/1/98

**NEAT LITTLE CAVE (A) by T. Novan - [Alt]
Very sweet, sexy little interlude that has Gabrielle reuniting with her warrior after a short visit to Poteidaia and reluctantly agreeing to go see a new cave the warrior wants to show her - it's a decision she wont regret ;-) A wonderfully romantic treatment of the relationship. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 7 pgs., 6/20/99

NEWS (THE) by T. Novan - [Alt]
Entry number six in the LEGENDS LEGACY SERIES finds Xena and Gabrielle contemplating the forthcoming change they will be making in their lives come Winter while Mel and Bri consider a slight life change of their own. Very cute ending to this one! - 6 pgs., 2/27/00

**PRICE OF LOVE (THE) by T. Novan - [Alt]
In a romantic, emotional sequel to WARRIOR SPIRIT the warrior and bard are growing just a tad bored with their immortality when a nice little change unexpectedly arrives at their doorstep - a change that makes all the difference for Gabrielle reawakening a part of her heart long dormant and worrying the warrior who recognizes the potential in it all for her bard to end up hurt. Sweet tale with a wonderfully passionate and committed treatment of our heroines. DO NOT MISS! - 24 pgs., 8/16/99

**RAISING MELOSA SERIES by T. Novan - This series consists of a 100 separate stories and is therefore listed on it's own page - to access that page click on the series title here. The individual stories as a combined effort make for a phenomenal series that gets my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION!

RELEASED by T. Novan - [Alt]
In this fifteenth entry in the LEGENDS LEGACY SERIES the warrior and bard heat up things a bit in the Underworld but are unprepared for the surprise coming their way from the land of the living. T. Novan brings the story full-circle, concentrating as she does so well on the love between our two leads and the destiny which binds them together forever. - 10 pgs., 10/1/01

An Argo with attitude. You just have to LOVE this story ;-) It's not easy being a warrior's horse when that warrior is smitten and too scared to do anything about it. So knowing what's good for said warrior - and an equine's coat - Argo decides to take matters into her own...hooves :) Adorable. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 3 pgs., 1/30/99

**SOLSTICE GIFT (THE) by T. Novan - [Alt]
T. Novan brings us a very sweet little Christmas present in this holiday yarn which has the warrior and bard temporarily separating so Gabrielle can spend some time at home without the conflict which usually erupts when her father sees the ex-warlord - only an unexpected solstice gift changes their plans... Great depiction of the Xena/Gab relationship in a story that will warm that old ticker. DO NOT MISS! - 6 pgs., 12/27/99

**SOMETHING TO TALK ABOUT by CN Winters and T. Novan - [Alt]
These two fanfic talents bring us a delightful collaboration that finds the warrior and bard entering into a collaboration of their own when they overhear their friends conjecturing about their love life. Agreeing that it would be fun to teach them all a lesson the two decide to REALLY give them something to talk about by acting the part of lovers - only the role-playing soon starts hitting too close to home. This is a wonderful return to those playful, romantic, spicy, feel-good tales that originally made Xena alt. fanfic such a hit with fans. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 25 pgs., 5/26/99
AWARDS: "Getting Serious" Swollen Bud Award (June 15, 2000)

A wedding celebration allows warrior and bard the opportunity to visit family and ponder the true meaning of redemption in their lives. Sweet entry in the LEGENDS LEGACY SERIES. - 5 pgs., 10/13/01

SNAKEBITE by T. Novan - [Alt]
Mischievous new offering about a frustrated warrior, one perfect opportunity, a little snakebite and an invigorating convalescence ;-) A fun "quickie" from one of the masters. - 7 pgs., 6/13/00

STALEMATE by T. Novan - [Alt]
A stalemate of godly proportions ensues when an excited Xena and Gabrielle visit Mel and Bri to help them deliver their first child...only to discover that another has plans for that unborn child. Growing sense of anxiety in this latest addition to the popular LEGENDS LEGACY SERIES. - 5 pgs., 4/27/00

In this spicy epilogue to the episode AMPHIPOLIS UNDER SIEGE, the bard wonders just what exactly Ares made Xena "feel" and then decides on some tactics of her own to get the warrior..."feeling" ;-) Playful and reaffirming. - 4 pgs., 2/27/00

TN'S UNAMED STORY by T. Novan - [Alt]
Hysterical in OHHH so many ways, this new uber offering from TN begins with a young woman named Jamie trying to convince her friend Steph and Steph's boyfriend Jeff to accompany her to New Orleans where in order to inherit the fortune her Aunt Melanie just left her she must first spend a weekend in her Aunt's spooky old mansion. The weekend begins to look much more promising when Steph's gorgeous cousin Barron decides to join them affording Jamie the opportunity at last to finally get to know the tall brunette better - and get to know one another they DO! ;-) Together the two couples arrive at Aunt Melanie's never suspecting the role they're about to play in correcting a terrible wrong from the past. It's a weekend full of chills and thrills, that will have two new lovers discovering one another, and two old souls seeking a reunion too long denied. TN establishes an easy camaraderie between her characters that makes the humor between them very natural. Despite the creepy setting and requisite spooks, this is a fun story certain to keep you grinning for the duration. - 42 pgs., 10/31/01

An old friend in need interrupts Xena and Gabrielle's Roman vacation as the Roman Empire experiences its latest crisis. Lots of fun teasing here despite the gravity of the situation. This is part 12 of the LEGENDS LEGACY SERIES. - 5 pgs., 6/15/00

**WARRIOR SPIRIT by T. Novan - [Alt]
In a DELIGHTFUL homage to the movie GHOST, T. Novan continues the story begun in WE NEVER SAY GOODBYE with the now immortal Gabrielle grieving the loss of her beloved warrior's last incarnation. Meanwhile, a ghostly Xena makes a pact with the Goddess of Love that could eventually return her to corporal form but first she'll have to find a killer and to do that she's gonna need the help of her grieving soulmate. Emotional at first, this story develops into a fun, sexy little romp with a nice bit of suspense thrown in. T. Novan's playful and yet deeply loving portrayal of Xena and Gab is guaranteed to leave you with a very wide grin here. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! [See the sequel THE PRICE OF LOVE] - 22 pgs., 7/26/99

WE NEVER SAY GOODBYE by T. Novan - [Alt]
Very much in keeping with the spirit of ancient Greek myths, this clever new uber tale is set in the modern world where an immortal warrior continues to struggle against the curse that has kept her from an eternity with her beloved even as it has brought them together again countless times through the ages. T. Novan imbues the story with a combined sense of urgency, desperation and passion that is appropriate for the meeting of two souls always fighting to be together. Original and nicely written. [See the sequel WARRIOR SPIRIT] - 22 pgs., 3/30/99

WHAT YOU CAN’T SEE... by T. Novan - [Alt]
Featuring a guest appearance from the King of Thieves, this delightful little tale from T. Novan finds Xena in an unusual predicament, invisible and with no apparent way of regaining her visibility, until a certain bard happens upon the solution ;-) Light-hearted and entertaining. - 10 pgs., 9/2/00

WHEN IN ROME by T. Novan - [Alt]
Part 11 of the LEGENDS LEGACY SERIES has Xena and Gabrielle taking a vacation in Rome where the present ruler of the Underworld is hoping for a little revenge against an old nemesis but a certain blonde distraction puts things on hold for a while ;-) Mischievous entry with the leads in their usually insatiable mode. - 5 pgs., 6/15/00

The LEGENDS LEGACY SERIES continues as Xena's family gets a visit from an old...acquaintance and Mel settles into married life. T. Novan is doing a nice job developing the relationship between the generations in this one. - 5 pgs., 12/27/99

**YOU'VE GOT SCROLLS by Advocate, Fanatic and T. Novan - [Alt]
The warrior and bard get a taste of what millenniums later would become known as "life online" when Gabrielle decides to join a top secret Amazon bards scrolls list and soon finds herself dealing with an endless delivery of new scrolls, huge egos, flame wars, pettiness and a warrior intent on finding out just what is taking her bard away from more...entertaining pursuits. Penned by such an impressive triumvirate, this tale delivers two of the best characterizations of our two heroes I've read in a while with Gabrielle as the sweet bard you do NOT want mad at you and Xena as the barely-in-control lusty warrior you do NOT want to separate from her bard. With a...familiar feel to it despite the ancient setting, this is a comedic delight offering welcome relief from those heavier, grandiose themes the TV series keeps throwing our way. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 46 pgs., 10/23/00
[Palm Pilot version available at XENA FAN FICTION FOR THE PALM PILOT]

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