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Set during the episode THEM BONES, THEM BONES in that instant in time when Alti was killing Gabrielle, this tale has the bard receiving an unexpected offer that will have her facing her greatest fear. Emotional, well-written character study. - 6 pgs., 3/15/00

**QUALITY DYING TIME by Temora - [Alt]
In the aftermath of a landslide, Xena and Gabrielle struggle to survive, both seriously injured and trapped under heavy boulders - their only hope...a strange little girl who seems fascinated by them, but cruelly intent on keeping them just where they are. This story can only be described as an experience in frustration - albeit a very well-written one. Temora as usual does a terrific job with the Xena/Gab relationship - painting a picture of devotion and love and concern there that is exceedingly appealing. The little girl, Tai, is presented as a mystery, slowly unraveling as Xena and Gab work to reveal the child's hidden demons. You're gonna want to kill this kid...but thank the author for yet another fine story. DO NOT MISS! - 43 pgs., 2/3/01

**THIS IS A FIRST-TIME STORY by Temora - [Alt]
A DELIGHTFUL little story not as much about THE first-time but about all the first-times leading up to it as a warrior and a bard realize over time that they touch one another's souls as no one else ever has. Featuring a wisecracking but astute narrator, this is a charming tale about clicking with that special friend and falling in love. A MUST READ! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 11 pgs., 5/20/01

**WISH YOU WERE HERE... by Lariel and Temora - [Alt]
National Lampoon's VACATION meets XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS in this PRICELESS collaboration which finds the warrior and bard going on an exciting Known World tour and writing back home to friends, family and foes about all their grand adventures! You have not LIVED 'til you've read about Gabrielle and her kilt in Britannia ;-) Worth reading for the letters home alone, this one is guaranteed to keep you grinning. PERFECT characterizations too! >:) HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 11 pgs., 6/27/00

Set after the episode GOD FEARING CHILD, this is an exceedingly well-written story and a VERY impressive character study of Gabrielle in particular. The story begins with the bard, Xena and Eve on their way to Poteidaia where Xena hopes to give her partner a chance to spend some time with her family. Feeling at a loss lately, Poteidaia is not actually something Gabrielle is looking forward to. There's an emptiness inside her now, a sense of confusion, an ache in her heart that she cannot shake and cannot quite understand. A worried Xena senses the turmoil in her partner but in a disquieting development realizes that the young woman who once seemed to talk non-stop, now doesn't talk at all. In Poteidaia a beloved face from the past will finally coax Gabrielle out of her silence but another will bring a bitter betrayal forcing the bard to embrace her unsettling new role as warrior in order to protect the family she loves most of all. Temora skillfully uses internal dialogues here to reveal the thoughts of these characters - their fears, their confusion, their anxiety and their vulnerabilities. Both Xena and Gabrielle are painted in a very human light as friends who care for one another deeply but are essentially different, have arrived at the points they are in their lives through very different roads and will struggle differently not only with the physical threats against them but the emotional challenges of the lives they've chosen. This is an insightful, psychological piece with a refreshingly effective treatment of the Xena and Gabrielle we've seen in season five. DO NOT MISS! - 36 pgs., 5/23/00

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