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This file features reviews of Star Trek Voyager fanfic stories written by Tenderware.

**ADAPTIONS: A SEQUEL TO SUSTENANCE by Tenderware, based on a Story Idea by EmptyFlask - [Alt]
In the much-anticipated sequel to Tenderware's spectacular SUSTENANCE, all is not well for a certain Borg and her captain despite the deeply loving and supportive relationship they have formed. For the crew of Voyager their leader's new association with a Borg is problematic - some seeing it as a conflict of interests, some seeing it as simply repulsive. It's a situation that comes to a head when the opportunity presents itself for Voyager to shave decades of travel from their journey home but in order to take advantage of that opportunity a manned shuttle must be left behind - a shuttle whose inhabitant will never be able to follow Voyager home. In the difficult days that follow tempers will flare, old hatreds will resurface, a vulnerable heart will be trampled and Captain Kathryn Janeway will risk it all to show her crew just what one Borg means to her. In a sequel that easily matches the exceptional quality of its predecessor, Tenderware has written a story that is gripping and emotional, grounded in what is without a doubt one of fanfic's most sensual and sizzling depictions of the Janeway/Seven partnership - this is one to avoid at work people! Tenderware has a very firm grasp of these characters making them easily recall the TV counterparts while the sci-fi elements of her tale are clever and well-constructed, very much in keeping with the Trek universe. A definite MUST READ folks! VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 60 pgs., 2/7/00

BRIDE OF ARACHNIA by Tenderware - [Alt]
Inspired by the 5th season episode BRIDE OF CHAOTICA, this new offering from Tenderware may just make your monitor sweat ;-) Using Paris' Captain Proton program to try to teach Seven some role-playing so she can participate in undercover missions, Janeway dons once again the persona of the infamous spider Queen, Arachnia. Only an accident traps them in the holo-deck with the security protocols offline and the dastardly Chaotica threatening to torture the captive Seven unless Arachnia does it herself. It's a tough job but well...someone has to do it and the Borg seems decidedly willing to play along so Janeway complies...torturing her beautiful Astronemics Officer in the most delightful of ways and inadvertently opening up a world of possibilities between them. Combining humor with passion in a thoroughly indulgent little tale, this one pushes all the right buttons. At times sweet, at times sizzling, at times mortifying BRIDE OF ARACHNIA should plaster a big old grin on that mug. DO NOT MISS! - 34 pgs., 10/17/99

**FOUR-PIPS CLUB (THE) by Tenderware - [Alt]
Fanfic fans will sense something DISTINCTLY familiar in this delightful new offering from Tenderware which has the Captain discovering a secret ring of...writers among her crew - all apparently writing elicit stories about her. Unnerved to no end by the discovery, Janeway investigates further only to soon find herself intrigued by the stories and even moved by them - particularly one series of tales penned by a mysterious "AH" who shows a poignant vulnerability and insecurity despite seemingly knowing her commanding officer quite well. Funny and sweet - this is a romantic fantasy come to life. DO NOT MISS! - 19 pgs., 8/18/01

Cute tale about a Borg who doesn't understand Halloween and the VERY determined Starfleet captain who sets out to teach her just how fun being a little scared can be ;-) Delightful! - 16 pgs., 11/30/99

**SUSTENANCE by Tenderware - [Alt]
One of the most unusual and beautiful hurt/comfort stories I've ever read, this is also an enthralling first-time tale that begins with a rescue and a mystery as Voyager returns to an abandoned planet for the Captain and Astronemics Officer they were forced to abandon there weeks before. The Janeway and Seven which come back to Voyager are somehow different though - thinner and secretive, unwilling to share the exact details of their survival and struggling with a newfound need to stay close after an ordeal which bared raw their vulnerabilities and forced one very proud starship captain to make a choice that may have forever altered her self-perception. Tenderware skillfully structures this story into an unfolding tapestry that will have you anticipating each new revelation with captive interest. The characterizations add a wonderful depth to the Janeway/Seven dynamics making for a deeply emotional, WONDERFULLY satisfying fanfic gem. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! [Part of the TENDER TALES SERIES, See the sequel ADAPTIONS] - 37 pgs., 10/17/99

TENDER TALES SERIES by Tenderware - [Alt]


TRANSPORTED by Tenderware - [Alt]
Taking clever advantage of the many possibilities offered by the advanced technologies of the Star Trek world, Tenderware gives a fascinating twist to the traditional first time tale in this latest offering which finds Janeway and Seven gaining an unexpected new perspective on what life is like for the other when a transporter glitch switches their bodies. For Seven it's an often HYSTERICAL lesson on the more practical realities of being human - for Janeway it's an eye-opening look at the difficulties confronted by a young Borg who remains very much an outsider - and for them both it's a disturbing, exciting, emotional time of discovery as they give in to feelings too long suppressed embarking on a very personal new journey...together. A fun, sexy read. DO NOT MISS! [Part of the TENDER TALES SERIES] - 66 pgs., 10/17/99

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