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This file features reviews of stories written by Tendre. For any other fiction by this bard please visit any of the Xena fan fiction indexes.

**ASUNDER by Tendre -- [Alt]
A unique mixture of drama and the crazy humor Tendre is known for, this FANTASTIC story has the Warrior Princess agreeing to become a general in the army of Phillip, King of Macedon, as he prepares to go to war against the Persians. Xena's hope in taking the position is to be able to offer Gabrielle some stability in their lives but the bard is not as certain about the decision. Gabrielle is immediately suspect of the way in which bards are being used to spread Phillip's propaganda and most importantly, she soon starts to fear the change taking place within Xena as the Warrior Princess once again finds herself in her element, at the head of a great army, preparing for war. With Xena off to fight in Phillip's ill-fated war, Gabrielle remains behind in Athens to fight a battle of her own against enemies who in the king's absence plan to take over the city. Separated from her bard, Xena finally comes to realize just how much Gabrielle means to her but as danger envelopes them both, it is a revelation she may never be able to share with the girl from Potidaea. Written in a semi-script style, this is unlike anything you have ever read before - filled with equal parts hilarious comedy and poignant drama - a story of EPIC proportions that I VERY HIGHLY RECOMMEND!! [NOTE: ASUNDER is available in both general fiction and alternative versions.] [See the sequel BETWEEN BYGONES] - 169 pgs., 5/15/97

BETWEEN BYGONES by Tendre -- [Alt]
This very talented bard returns with a sequel to her extraordinary masterpiece ASUNDER. As the story begins Xena and Gabrielle have just finished spending time with their families when they hear that the famous Lake Iri'ni Festival, held every five years, is getting underway away nearby. For the bard it sounds simply like an opportunity to have some fun and relax - for Xena it means something altogether different as she remembers the Siege of Thessalonica which took place the last time the festival was held - one of the Warrior Princess' most infamous and bloody campaigns. Needing to try to atone somehow for the many lives she took during that time, Xena then heads for the Temple of Graves while Gabrielle goes on ahead to the festival - each hoping their separation wont be for long but attoning wont be easy for the former Destroyer of Nations who'll find herself soon experiencing something she's never experienced before, powerless to prevent the involvement of her beloved bard. Tendre's unique mixture of humor and drama always make her fiction something to look forward to. Featuring QUITE a twist, this one should be keeping us entertained in the weeks ahead. DO NOT MISS! [Note: story is available in both general and alternative versions.] - 17 pgs., 10/6/98

After an absence during which she's been heartedly missed by her fans, Tendre returns with what she does best - one HILARIOUS new parody! Universal has signed a deal allowing the creation of a new network - the Xena Shopping Network!! Hosting of course are those delightful twosome - Lucy and Renee - pitching all sorts of nifty products from some - er - "educational" videos to dollies designed for different audiences! ;-) Note: Tons of subtext - nothing graphic. This one is NOT TO BE MISSED folks! Keep all liquids away from that keyboard! :) - 11 pgs., 11/29/97

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