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Tim newest story is a very sweet, funny, nicely written tale that divides its time between Xena and Gabrielle in Ancient Greece and their spunky descendants, Mel and Janice in the 1940's. Hired by a certain well-known archeologist to retrieve more of Gabrielle's scrolls, Mel and Janice soon find themselves battling Nazis who desperately want the secret of the scrolls - a secret known to the Warrior Princess and her bard and which through the ages they'll find a way to share with two other kindred spirits. Note: this story is not explicit. - 13 pgs., 8/6/97

CYCLE OF LOVE by Tim Wellman
Tim's latest is a clever, hopeful Solstice tale that has Xena and Gabrielle arriving at a village where the warrior soon begins to feel something is not quite right. Unbeknownst to Xena she is about to be offered a very special Solstice gift. This is a story about renewal and the magic that is possible with faith in the cycle of love. DO NOT MISS! - 7 pgs., 12/22/97

DEATH by Tim Wellman -- [Alt]
Get out the hankies for this heart-wrenching, beautiful story set in the twilight years of the warrior and her bard as their love struggles to transcend even death. - 3 pgs., 10/9/97

**DRESS (THE) by Tim Wellman
A figure from Xena's past awakens memories long buried, weakening the usually steely resolve of the Warrior Princess. Touching piece by a bard who can really capture that special relationship between Xena and Gabby. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 10 pgs., 1/97

HEART UNDISCOVERED (THE) by Tim Wellman -- [Alt]
This is the first entry in Tim's new GABRIELLE'S SCROLLS SERIES, chronicling the bard's life beside her beloved Warrior Princess. In PARCHMENT ONE: THE HEART UNDISCOVERED, we read about Gabrielle's feelings during those first days with the enigmatic ex-warlord, how she intuitively understood this woman who was so different from her...and how she immediately lost her heart. Tim delivers here a beautifully written piece that reads almost like a poem. A nicely poignant start to a promising new series by one of our veteran talents. DO NOT MISS! - 1 pg., 10/25/98

**KILLING TIME by Tim Wellman
A classic little tale from the past returns! Originally released on the NetForum back in January 1997, this story was recently lost when the SCI-FI CENTRAL FAN FICTION ARCHIVES closed but now thankfully, Tim has made it available once again. Original and intense, KILLING TIME has the the souls from a village Xena once destroyed deciding to take their revenge on the Warrior Princess...and using Xena's one weakness in order to do so. Nicely written, this story revolves around the themes and strengths of the show's first two seasons. DO NOT MISS!! - 20 pgs., 3/25/98

**MYTH-ERY LOVES COMPANY by Tim Wellman and Nene Adams -- [Alt]
Brace your funny bone and get all those liquids away from the keyboard - the newest entry in THE MYTH SERIES is here and absolutely DEADLY! Funny bones all over the Net are going to be crippled after exposure to this latest celebration of ancient Greek popular culture :) Yes, Dream Rabbit and Bardie Poo are back and happy at LAST...well sort of...except for the little matter of a bug-infested house...not that the bugs can't share mind you...they're even doing homage to the bard! ;-) Before long their troubles seemed solved as Salmoneous sells them a new house. Not just any house either... a mansion...a HUGE spread...a palace...which just happens to feature blood-splattered walls and disembodied voices BUT it was always hard to find good real-estate in Ancient Greece! With the talented Tim Wellman as her writing partner in this latest offering, Nene continues to solidify the standing of the MYTH series as one of the true comedy classics in XWP fan fiction. This will MAKE your day! VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 10/22/97

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