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**TRIAL OF CONSCIENCE by Troubleshooter - [Alt]
A SPECTACULAR debut for a new bard, this riveting uber novel is a combination legal thriller/romance set amidst the high-power world of a Louisiana Law Firm owned by one of the country's most brilliant, and fiercest legal predators. Used to making millions in the blink of an eye and with a mind that never stops, Evin Moran lives to do battle in the court room. Having established her reputation with a stunning victory in a landmark case against a chemical giant, the attorney is now the stuff of nightmares for opponents - but for one inexperienced law student and the destitute family she's representing, Evin Moran might just be their last hope. At the end of her rope on the case, Sydney Parker is thrilled and a bit star-struck when the opportunity arises to work with the renown attorney. Tentative at first and with very different styles, the two women slowly learn to appreciate one another as they recognize a bond between them growing more intense by the day. Meanwhile, the case starts to take a sinister turn when it becomes clear that the corporation they're going up against is determined to win at any cost - even that of human lives. What started as a favor for a friend, soon has turned into one of the most serious challenges Evin Moran has ever faced as she's forced to use all her legal resources and expertise to fight an elusive opponent in the legal arena, while fighting a losing battle against the feelings one spunky law student has inspired in her. Clearly familiar with both Louisiana and the legal system, Troubleshooter has done an outstanding job imbuing this story with a very realistic atmosphere. The courtroom dramas are fascinating. The two leads are very solid, compelling characters quite reminiscent of a certain warrior and bard. The supporting staff are nicely developed in their own right while very effectively enhancing the two main characterizations. A first-class writing effort, this long read is among the best we've seen in ubers this year. It gets my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION! [unfinished] - 571 pgs., 2/27/00
FANFIC ART: Calli Story Cover
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