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This file features reviews of stories written by Tymedancer. For any other fiction by this bard please visit any of the Xena fan fiction indexes.

GOING HOME by Tymedancer -- [Alt]
This vignette features an exchange between Xena and Gabrielle as the bard finally forces to the surface the emotions they have both been hiding for much too long. Powerful and sensual. - 9/8/97

HEALER (THE) by Tymedancer -- [Alt]
Gut-wrenching, short story that has a healer attempting to soothe the broken heart of bard decimated by the loss of the warrior she adored. Spanning many years, this story's impact comes as much from that bard's pain as from the healer's noble dedication to the those in need of healing. A bittersweet read. - 3 pgs., 3/21/98

**JUSTICE by Tymedancer -- [Alt]
The sequel to Tymedancer's VENGEANCE, this story easily maintains the excellence of that original effort as it traces Xena and Gabrielle's efforts to bring to justice the warlord who nearly destroyed them both. This time they are not alone, however. Another is also hunting the warlord - one who knows things about the Warrior Princess that even Gabrielle has never learned. This story features an awakening in the bard to possibilities she had never considered before and Xena's own acceptance of those possibilities. Do not miss the third entry in the series, MERCY. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 25 pgs., 9/8/97

**MERCY by Tymedancer -- [Alt]
The third entry in a series which began with VENGEANCE and then continued with JUSTICE Xena and Gabrielle return to the Amazons to help them look for several missing Amazons from a nearby village. It is a journey that will open up Xena's past for Gabrielle as the bard learns of the magnitude of Xena's guilt and of a love that was stripped from the warrior in the cruelest of ways - a loss Xena must come to terms with if she is ever to love again... Concluding a vital chapter in the life of the Warrior Princess while beginning a beautiful and hopeful new one, this story is NOT TO BE MISSED! - 29 pgs., 9/8/97

**REALITY by Tymedancer -- [Alt]
An OUTSTANDING new offering with a premise that is going to BLOW YOU AWAY! Tymedancer sets her story at the end of season three presenting a VERY different interpretation of the rift and its aftermath. Devastated by the events she's been experiencing, Xena is like a wild animal - unable to distinguish between reality and illusion - reliving the nightmare of the rift and its aftermath over and over again. Meanwhile, the gentle soul she thinks lost forever remains close at hand - determined to challenge the forces trying to destroy her beloved warrior...and getting help from a VERY unexpected source in the process. A very timely story, this is *THE* must read of the summer for anyone who's been speculating about how the current situation in the TV series could be resolved. Tymedancer has come up with a storyline that works beautifully, reworking many of the situations and characters we saw in the TV series into an incredibly compelling scenario. Her characterizations are on the money, incorporating both the darkness of the warrior and the devotion of the bard. This is an emotional rollercoaster requiring you to strap that seat belt on tight but delivering one heck of a ride. DO NOT MISS!! VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 29 pgs., 7/10/98

**VENGEANCE by Tymedancer
This story is the first in an EXCELLENT new series which marks the debut on the Web of a very accomplished storyteller. Tymedancer has chosen with this series to develop the Xena/Gabrielle relationship slowly, exploring each stage in their evolution from friends to lovers. In this initial tale - the two are friends - friends who will be separated by the evil of a heartless warlord and challenged in the worst of ways as one struggles against a promise made long ago while the other fights against fate itself. Exceedingly moving, this story has scenes which merit a multi-hankie alert so have them handy! [Do not miss the sequels JUSTICE and MERCY reviewed in the alternative fan fiction section]. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! - 28 pgs., 9/8/97

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