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This file features reviews of stories written by Watcher. For any other fiction by this bard please visit any of the Xena fan fiction indexes.

COMPROMISES by Watcher -- [Alt]  Save Alert
This story is a virtual love-fest. Those of you who are romantics at heart are going to love this - know I did. Xena and Gabrielle return to the Amazon Nation where Gabrielle agrees to become the acting queen while Ephiny goes on a mysterious trip. In the month to follow, warrior and bard will learn more about themselves, what they really want in life and the incredible love that binds them as they look for ways to make each other happy - growing closer which each passing day. VERY nice! [See also the sequel MIDDLE GROUND] - 54 pgs., 7/6/97

DECISIONS by Watcher -- [Alt]  Save Alert
Watcher's latest has Gabrielle missing her warrior terribly when an unexpected emergency forces them to separate. It is while waiting for Xena that the bard comes to some difficult decisions concerning her new life with the warrior and the honesty with which she wants them facing that life. A nice love fest :) - 50 pgs., 2/23/98

GHOSTS FROM THE PAST by Watcher -- [Alt]  Save Alert
A sequel to Watcher's uber-Xena story INTIMATE STRANGERS which has the ex-FBI agent Casey Bennett in a desperate race against time to try to save her beloved Beth from an enemy vent on revenge. A suspenseful read which will remind you in parts of the movie SILENCE OF THE LAMBS and the TV series PROFILER. - 41 pgs., 3/23/98

I DREAM OF XENA by Watcher -- [Alt]  Save Alert
Fun crossover story for those Xenites who are also fans of the X-Files. Scully is intrigued by a new show on TV featuring a heroic female warrior and her spunky staff-wielding companion. Her interest soon turns to shock, however, when she finds herself in the world of the Warrior Princess, helping Xena and Gabby fight the bad guys and discovering that the two are much more than just friends. - 8 pgs., 5/28/97

MEMORIES by Watcher -- [Alt]  Save Alert
This latest tale by Watcher is a follow-up to COMPROMISES and MIDDLE GROUND and every bit the love fest those two stories are. Back with the Amazons while Gabrielle recuperates from an injury which left her with amnesia, the warrior and young queen rediscover one another. Tender and utterly romantic. Prepare to gush. - 47 pgs., 9/97

MIDDLE GROUND by Watcher -- [Alt]  Save Alert
Coming on the heels of COMPROMISES this sequel is just as much of a love fest and really a delightful read. Set a few weeks after COMPROMISES, Xena and the bard have been kept very busy by the demands on the Warrior Princess. It seems they have had little private time to spend with one another and Gabrielle is letting her insecurities run wild. Torn by the bard's obvious pain, Xena becomes determined to get at the root of the problem certain that if they are honest with one another their love will help them find some middle ground. This bard is one heck of a romantic and this story is one heck of a romance. Prepare to gush :) 14 pgs., - 7/8/97

MISSING XENA by Watcher -- [Alt]  Save Alert
Sweet story that has Gabby missing her warrior princess terribly when Xena has to go on a mission by herself.- 8 pgs., 3/97

SHADOW (THE) by Watcher -- [Alt]
Watcher's latest love-fest has the warrior and bard trying to find a mysterious assailant before he can find them. While doing so they struggle with the emotional highs and lows of their relationship and try to deal with some strange powers the assailant seems to have. - 146 pgs., 10/13/97

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