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This file features reviews of stories written by Xenrielle. For any other fiction by this bard please visit any of the Xena fan fiction indexes.

BLOOPER? by Xenrielle
This new story offers a fun exercise in spotting bloopers as Xenrielle has purposely included some in her narrative and is challenging readers to find them. The story, meanwhile, has the Warrior Princess and bard finding more trouble than they expected when they try to help a village under attack. - 5 pgs., 4/12/98

DARING GAMES by Xenrielle -- [Alt]
Wicked little vignette that has a decidedly playful Warrior Princess inviting the bard to play a game of truth or dare...- 3 pgs., 2/2/98

Xenrielle captures in this vignette the heart-wrenching moment from MATERNAL INSTINCTS during which Xena watched her partner avenge Solon's death. As emotional as the scene from the episode. - 3 pgs., 9/26/98

I HAVE MANY HELP FILES... by Xenrielle
In the tradition of Joanna's A TREE GROWS IN MESOPOTAMIA comes yet another entry in the growing crop of uber-Xena stories featuring...non-humans ;-) Xenrielle's latest is about two computers that meet in a shop and are soon sharing their files, fighting for the greater good as one of them tries to overcome a dark past of spreading viruses and disrupting networks. This one has some lines in there certain to leave you grinning. - 5 pgs., 11/10/98

Chronicling the random thoughts of a gravely ill Gabrielle as she hovers near death, this vignette is both touching and amusing. - 2 pgs., 4/5/98

KISS (THE) by Xenrielle -- [Alt]
Nice vignette about the excitement and hesitancy and wonder of that first kiss. - 1 pg., 10/25/98

MY BIG, BAD WARRIOR by Xenrielle
Simple slice-of-life vignette showing the sweeter side of the Warrior Princess - 1 pg., 3/3/99

NAME ONE PERSON by Xenrielle
Xenrielle delivers another very satisfying slice-of-life piece - this one chronicling the thoughts of a certain bard as she spars with the Warrior Princess. Great undercurrent of love and friendship in this. DO NOT MISS! - 2 pgs., 7/7/98

NAUGHTY GAMES by Xenrielle
Gabrielle finds Xena's...sensitive spot. This story may or may not have subtext...just don't know... ;-) - 2 pgs., 4/10/98

NUTBREAD! by Xenrielle
The Warrior Princess reveals a very different side of herself when she and and her bard join some village kids for an old game. Sweet. - 5 pgs., 11/3/98

A tribute of sorts to the movie GHOST, this new tale has Xena and Gabrielle trying to deal with a slight communication problem after a harrowing ordeal changes their lives forever. Some poignant moments in this. - 15 pgs., 6/28/98

Sweet story that has Gabrielle challenging the Warrior Princess to a little race and then unexpectedly winning...or perhaps not so unexpectedly ;-) Nice slice-of-life piece depicting a moment in a very special friendship. - 3 pgs., 7/6/98

WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING by Xenrielle -- [Alt]
Sweet little vignette that has the warrior reflecting on the gift that is her partner - 1 pg., 3/1/99

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