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This file features reviews of stories written by Yellowjacket. For any other fiction by this bard please visit any of the Xena fan fiction indexes.

FANTASTIC story that has Xena and Gabrielle going back to the Amazons to confront a serious challenge to Melosa's throne. This is one of the best Gabrielle centered stories in XWP fan fiction and a personal favorite. It is a coming-of-age tale that has the bard dealing with her insecurities and finding the courage to accept the responsibilities of being Amazon royalty. This one reads like an episode from the TV show. VERY well written, funny, with outstanding characterizations and lots of heart. A MUST READ which carries my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION! - 34 pgs., 1/18/97

**FOR ONLY TWO DAYS by Yellowjacket and Imbri
Yellowjacket and Imbri have individually written some of the best XWP fan fiction out there and some of my own personal favorites so when I learned they were cooperating on this effort it made my day. The completed story lives up to every expectation from talents like these, presenting us with a tale that is bitter-sweet, very original and ultimately unforgettable. The story begins with Hades asking Xena and Gabrielle for help in rescuing his wife Persephone. It becomes quickly apparent why he's come to them when he reveals the name of the abductor - an enemy the two women are more than familiar with - an enemy that wants the Warrior and bard in exchange for Hades' wife. Unable to help them himself, the God of the Underworld is nevertheless willing to give them a champion from his realm - a valiant heart who once died a noble death - a soul who made mortal for only two days will change forever the lives of Xena and Gabrielle giving one the chance to relive a past long gone, and the other a chance to experience what can never be. A TERRIFIC storyline and wonderful writing make this a very special reading experience. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 68 pgs., 7/26/97

**LION OF AMPHIPOLIS (THE) by Yellowjacket
A WONDERFUL new treat from one of my favorite bards - this one featuring Mel and Janice in a grand adventure guaranteed to make you laugh, cry and believe in the power of a legendary friendship. The story traces the lives of Mel and Janice, in parts through flashbacks, from the moment they first meet to the years immediately following the war when they settle in Greece to resume Janice's search for the one thing she yearns to find more than any other - the final resting place of Xena, the Warrior Princess of Amphipolis. To aid in this search, the spunky archeologist and her partner set out to recover stolen ancient tablets containing a description of the mysterious ceremony used long ago to invoke the prophetic power at the Oracle of Delphi. Hoping the Oracle can point the way to their ancestors, Mel and Janice will risk it all to recover those tablets culminating in a deeply emotional ending which can only be described as unforgettable. This is exceptionally well-written with a terrific take on the Mel/Janice friendship. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! - 50 pgs., 10/1/97

**WHERE YOU GO, I GO by Yellowjacket -- [Alt]
With her first foray into alternative fiction, this gifted author brings us what is without a doubt one of the BEST Mel/Janice novels I have ever read. Having already contributed several outstanding works of general fiction, including the unforgettable CHALLENGE OF SUCCESSION and her first-ever Mel/Janice adventure THE LION OF AMPHIPOLIS, Yellowjacket now adds a new level of intimacy to the relationship between the archeologist and her beautiful partner in a fast-paced, action-adventure romance that will have you riveted to your monitor 'til the very end! Set two years after Mel and Janice's initial meeting, the story begins with Janice getting an intriguing offer to head a new expedition. Financed by an anonymous source, the expedition's goal is to locate a legendary Mayan temple lost for over four hundred years - a temple believed to house untold riches...and supposedly guarded by some of the Mayan's most blood-thirsty gods. Reluctant to take Mel along on such a dangerous mission, Janice eventually gives in to her partner's gentle persuasion. It is a decision she will live to regret as the two soon find themselves and their love tested like never before. A whirlwind ride that will take them from their peaceful life in South Carolina, to the wilds of the Honduran jungles, and the exotic allure of war-time Morocco, this story revolves around a romance that is both tender and fierce, well-developed, solid characterizations, and a storyline nicely crafted to accommodate both the action and the more emotional issues being explored. Yellowjacket even does a great job of incorporating some surprise guest stars in this. A thoroughly entertaining new story that needs to immediately go on your MUST READ list, this one comes VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! - 196 pgs., 7/14/98
FANFIC ART: "Melinda Pappas" and "Janice Covington" by Barbara Maclay

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