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Listed in this directory are individuals who have agreed to share their knowledge in selected subject areas with Xenite fan fiction writers in hopes of making the fanfic stories more realistic and more accurate. Please note that although this document is referred to as an "Experts" directory no effort has been made to verify the credentials of any of the volunteers. Individuals using this directory and soliciting information from any of the volunteers DO SO AT THEIR OWN DISCRETION ASSUMING FULL RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY REPERCUSSIONS COMING FROM THE USE OF SAID INFORMATION.

Also note that although some of the volunteers included in the directory have professional degrees in their areas of interest, for others it is just a hobby so the level of expertise is likely to vary quite a bit. Most of the sections include a number of volunteers so for the best results with inquiries I would suggest you write more than just one individual - send your questions to 2-3 if possible and then see what the general consensus is.

Do remember that these are volunteers not paid consultants so remember to THANK THEM for their help. Also, they're not on call - at any one point they may be too busy to respond to your inquires or may be unavailable for whatever reason so again for the best results, consider writing to 2-3 of them rather than just one. I have asked the volunteers to try to be prompt with their responses and to let me know if they'll be unavailable for any long periods so I can temporarily remove them from the directory.

When you e-mail one of these volunteers with your request for information have the subject header of your message stand out with the term (PRIVATE) and perhaps something like "Fanfic Help" in there. Keep in mind that some of these individuals subscribe to mailing lists and get hundreds of messages a day so you want to make sure they spot yours.

If you're a bard who needs specific information in a subject area not covered in the directory feel free to write me at with your request for information. I will include the request in the WHAT'S NEW section of my site in a section titled BARDS IN NEED - I'll list your e-mail address and explain the type of information or "expert" you're looking for. I also maintain a Lunacy-Updates list to which I send any updates posted on my WHAT'S NEW page so subscribers to the list will see your request for information. Currently the list has about 1,000 subscribers.

If you would like to volunteer as an "expert" write me at with the following information:

  1. The name and e-mail address you'd like listed in the directory
  2. A list of the subject areas you can provide assistance with

Note that the subject areas could be ones NOT currently listed in the directory. I'll be adding subject areas as I get volunteers with different types of expertise. However, if your subject area is very specialized or something that we've never seen in Xena fanfic before I may not list it prefering to wait until a bard requests such an expert. Be advised also that I reserve the final decision as to which section(s) of the directory volunteers are listed in.

Finally, if you have any suggestions on how to improve this service e-mail me at

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