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BABYLON FIRE! by Arthur Chappell
Based on actual references from Greek mythology, this new story has Xena taking the bard to see the incredible Hanging Gardens of Babylon - one of the seven wonders of the Ancient World - only to uncover a desperate plot by a madman intent on making his name part of history no matter what the cost. Well-written tale with some suspenseful moments. - 14 pgs., 12/1/98

**BABYSITTER (THE) by WordWarior
An absolute GEM from the keyboard of this exceptional writer, THE BABYSITTER is a story for the entire family which will likely warm your heart as few tales ever have. Set at the time of the harvest festival in Amphipolis some years before the infamous attack by Cortese, it has a thirteen-year old Xena feeling VERY frustrated when instead of being allowed to join her friends, she's forced into babysitting duty by her mother. Reluctantly, the teenager soon finds herself taking care of the visiting couple's precocious five-year old - a little girl with an uncanny ability to worm her way into the babysitter's heart. Funny and very sweet, the story also has a startling poignancy to it in light of the events we know will soon change the life of this thirteen year old forever... WordWarior has shown before in stories like THE CHILD and WHEN XENA CAME TO TOWN (both alt. fiction) extraordinary talent for portraying children. It is once more clearly evident in this tale. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! - 9 pgs., 10/1/97
[Spanish version: CANGURO (LA) at http://www.la-concha.com/xena/encarn10.htm]
[Palm Pilot version available at XENA FAN FICTION FOR THE PALM PILOT]

BARD IN A CAGE by Barbara Davies
Barbara's latest is an amusing little story that will remind you of early Xena fanfic. It begins with Xena and Gabrielle arriving at a town that hasn't seen a bard in ages. Knowing the crowds Gabrielle is likely to attract, the tavern owner immediately agrees to a free room in exchange for some performances from the young bard. Soon enough Gabrielle is the talk of the town, much to the bard's delight and Xena's secret misery. Wanting only the best for her friend, Xena makes a fateful decision unaware of just how obsessive some of the bard's fans actually are. Barbara uses a simple style here that is very effective particularly in the characterization of Xena who is very much the gruff, no-nonsense warrior in this. Cute story. - 13 pgs., 3/17/00
[Palm Pilot version available at XENA FAN FICTION FOR THE PALM PILOT]

BAKLAVA by Firestorm
Simple but nice little vignette that describes a usual evening between warrior and bard as they share a meal and a surprise treat. - 2 pgs., 9/29/97

BARD TIMES by Catkin
Cute little story that has Gabrielle and a VERY reluctant Warrior Princess taking part in a talent competition. The ex-warlord's patience has never been tried quite like this ;-) - 12 pgs., 12/28/98

The first in a series based on classic fairy tales, this new offering does indeed have that fairy tale flavor as Nene tells us the story of Xena - the Warrior Princess, known to some simply as the Beast who on a fateful night gets a visitation in her tent from a mysterious figure with red-gold hair and vibrant green eyes - a ghost whose purpose the Destroyer of Nation cannot fathom but who continues haunting her, warning her of choices she needs to make and of a future that could slip through her fingers. Original and clever, this is a MUST READ! [For others in the series see XENAVERSE FAERY TALES] - 5 pgs., 3/21/98

**BERRIES by Cat
A poignant hurt/comfort tale that begins with Xena and the bard getting separated after a fierce skirmish Injured Gabrielle then sets out to try to find her partner, determined to keep a brave front when she's reunited with the stoic warrior and the two old friends which end up joining them. This is a nicely dramatic effort with a great sense or camaraderie among the friends and solid sense of caring in the Xena/Gab dynamics. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! - 302 pgs., 5/12/98.

**BEST FRIEND'S MAGIC (A) by Advocate
ADORABLE tale for the child in us all that has little Gabrielle excitedly anticipating a visit from the Tooth Fairy while little Xena waits to capture the Fairy. When the little blonde's tooth is still there in the morning with not a dinar in sight, Xena realizes that as her older brother Toris has claimed, the Tooth Fairy does not exist. Determined, however, to keep the magic alive for her younger pal she sets out to try to earn a dinar - wanting nothing more than for Gabrielle to soon find that dinar under her pillow. A truly magical story about the power of friendship, this comes HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 9 pgs., 7/27/00

**BEST IN LOVE (THE) by PeriBear
For those of you who like hurt/comfort tales this is probably the ultimate hurt/comfort story - exceptionally well written, heartbreaking and VERY, very emotional - a tale firmly rooted in the power of love and friendship to overcome the worst of cruelties. *BE AWARE THAT THIS STORY INVOLVES THE AFTERMATH OF EXTREME VIOLENCE* - a RAPE scene is described in detail after the fact. I would NOT read this story if you are feeling particularly vulnerable or depressed or if you have been the victim of abuse yourself. This one gets a multi-hanky alert. It receives my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION but I *stress* that this story is NOT for everyone. - 27 pgs., 3/97

BETRAYAL and BETRAYAL II by Marie E. Costa
These two vignettes are companion pieces which explore Xena's feelings throughout the episodes THE DEBT and BETRAYAL - THE DEBT, PT.2. They reveal a Xena hurt to the depths of her soul, struggling with feelings she no longer wishes to have...but cannot deny. - 3 pgs., 2/11/98

Very unusual and at times amusing story about the God of War which has Ares leaving his usual responsibilities to Strife's care while he pursues more urgent business - to try to find a stolen Argo so he can return the mare to Xena. Little does he suspect he's about to become involved in a somewhat heated quarrel between two foreign deities - one of whom finds herself suddenly very interested in the War God. - 29 pgs., 5/18/97
FANFIC ART: "Ares" by P.L. Nunn

A young warrior that once held a special place in Xena's heart helps her save herself and Gabrielle from the clutches of a murderous warlord. This is a beautifully written, poignant story that emphasizes the special bond between Xena and the bard by showing it through the eyes of someone who knew the warrior in her darker days. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! [See also the sequel FOOTPRINTS IN THE DUST]. - 24 pgs., 2/97
[Palm Pilot version available at XENA FAN FICTION FOR THE PALM PILOT]

This very talented bard returns with a sequel to her extraordinary masterpiece ASUNDER. As the story begins Xena and Gabrielle have just finished spending time with their families when they hear that the famous Lake Iri'ni Festival, held every five years, is getting underway nearby. For the bard it sounds simply like an opportunity to have some fun and relax - for Xena it means something altogether different as she remembers the Siege of Thessalonica which took place the last time the festival was held - one of the Warrior Princess' most infamous and bloody campaigns. Needing to try to atone somehow for the many lives she took during that time, Xena then heads for the Temple of Graves while Gabrielle goes on ahead to the festival - each hoping their separation wont be for long... Tendre's unique mixture of humor and drama always make her fiction something to look forward to. This one should be keeping us entertained in the weeks ahead. DO NOT MISS! [Note: story is available in both general and alternative versions.] [unfinished] - 17 pgs., 10/6/98

BETWEEN THE TIMES SERIES by Brigid Doyle - read in the order listed below:

A fun little interlude that has Xena acting decidedly different after Gabrielle and her munch on some sweet treats. - 5 pgs., 7/13/98

Poignant story set after the events in the episode RETURN OF CALLISTO which has Xena trying to help Gabrielle through a deep depression. In an original touch, the story features TWO different endings - allowing the reader to pick the prefered one. Well-written and solidly based on the friendship between warrior and bard. - 17 pgs., 9/22/97

A supplement of sorts to the LITTLE XENA AND LITTLE GABRIELLE SERIES, this is a letter from Susan, writer of the fanfic series, to Lucia, creator of the comic strip telling her about her time with the girls when Lucia lets them come over for a visit. Lots of cuteness and more devilish antics should put a grin on your face while perusing this one. - 4 pgs., 6/13/00

After eating an apple meant for Xena, Gabrielle suddenly finds herself a different woman - agressive, full of hatred, and determined to destroy anyone who stands in the way of what she wants - even a former friend. - 33 pgs., 6/10/97

Set in the lands of Africa, this is fast paced adventure that begins with the Warrior Princess challenging the slave trader that has been preying on the people from Marcus' homeland. Soon, however, she and Gabrielle learn of an even greater threat. The Romans are in the area in search of the legendary Chalice of Sekhmet - a magical chalice that could give anyone who drinks from it incomprehensible powers. Determined to ensure the safety of Marcus' people, Xena sets out to stop the Romans only to quickly discover that they're not the only ones searching for the chalice. From a distant land known for its fierce warriors, another group has arrived - men who are willing to die to find the chalice and who as Xena is about to learn - possess skills that are very much a match for her own. LOTS of action in this one, good descriptions and an entertaining storyline. - 66 pgs., 4/6/00
FANFIC ART: Saul Trabal Story Cover
[Palm Pilot version available at XENA FAN FICTION FOR THE PALM PILOT]

A story in the tradition of the episode THE PRICE which has Xena and Gabrielle at odds when the Warrior Princess is forced into a ruthless encounter with a warlord whose henchman also happens to be...an old friend. Well written with solid characterizations and a nicely crafted storyline. - 30 pgs., 3/23/98

**BLOOD MONEY by Marie E. Costa
This is a BEAUTIFUL story of redemption based on the power of friendship to heal even the most tortured of souls. It begins with Xena and Gabrielle coming across the still smoldering ruins of a village recently attacked by raiders. Only a few survivors are left but if they are going to make it through the rough Winter ahead Xena knows they are going to need gold to restock the supplies stolen from them. She knows too where to get that gold because many years before the people of this village where her own victims and what she stole from them and others she hid in a nearby mountain. Sensing Xena's reluctance to let her come along on the ardous trip up the snow-covered climb, Gabrielle nevertheless follows determined to stay with the warrior at any cost. For Xena, however, the bard's loyalty and love just add to the wrenching pain she feels inside - knowing in her heart that the quest to retrieve that gold will cost her the greatest treasure of all. This is a WONDERFUL, well-written story which reveals more of Xena's dark past and is centered almost exclusively on her and the bard. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 29 pgs., 7/26/97

**BLOOD MOON by John W. Woznack
John takes the basic premise of the story told in the GIRLS JUST WANT TO HAVE FUN EPISODE and weaves it into a different, much more serious tale that in my opinion outdoes the TV episode by far. Terrific story. NOT TO BE MISSED! - 20 pgs., 12/96

BLOOPER? by Xenrielle
This new story offers a fun exercise in spotting bloopers as Xenrielle has purposely included some in her narrative and is challenging readers to find them. The story, meanwhile, has the Warrior Princess and bard finding more trouble than they expected when they try to help a village under attack. - 5 pgs., 4/12/98

**BOX AND BAIT by Mlocket
The exchanges between Xena and Gabby in this are hilarious as they try to evade some villagers who think the bard is the accomplice of a wanted criminal. - 10 pgs., 11/96

**BREAKING THE ICE by Mary Morgan
Very unusual, skillfully written story set in a northern settlement where villagers are slowly starving to death while they're stalked by a mysterious assailant. Into this drama enter two strangers - a tall, dark warrior and her smaller blonde companion. For most of the worried settlers they are of passing interest, but for one of these they become an obsession - a promise of strength in one case and a focus for hatred in the other. This is a story about freedom lost, freedom regained and the healing power of hope. It features characterizations that build on one another resulting in well-defined characters and a very solid plot. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! - 18 pgs., 12/6/97
[Palm Pilot version available at XENA FAN FICTION FOR THE PALM PILOT]

BRIDGE by Claire Withercross
The first of a series chronicling Xena's thoughts from the point she decided to abandon her life as a warlord, this first entry has the warrior sensing the fear in a town she visits and then considering the turning point she's come to in her life as she sits on a bridge. This series is nicely written offering some very perceptive characterizations. [Part one in the RANDOM THOUGHTS SERIES] - 4 pgs., 5/8/00

**BURN by Zwolf
With some very dark, excellent stories already under his belt, Zwolf brings us a new tale which begins ominously with Xena and the bard crossing paths with a mysterious stranger - a beautiful and deadly warrior who Xena instantly recognizes as a kindred spirit and Gabrielle suspects may have a past as tortured as that of the Warrior Princess. Soon enough they'll learn just how dark that past was as the stranger's story unfolds and our two heroines find themselves immersed in a nightmare that could destroy their very souls. This is a riveting, intense thriller with several classic horror elements in a very original treatment. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 70 pgs., 5/10/98

Sweet vignette that has the warrior observing her treasured companion and wondering at the good fortune that keeps Gabrielle in her life. Very nice. - 2 pgs., 3/28/00

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