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DANGER IN THE FOREST by Barry Marshall
A delightful new story that has Gabrielle telling the tale of how a little boy saves the forest creatures. This is well-written with an exiting, simple story that seems particularly suited for young children. [For ages 12 and under] - 7 pgs., 3/9/98

Thoughtful vignette that has Xena reluctant to go near a town she once used to sack on a regular basis as a warlord. - 5 pgs., 11/25/97

Fascinating story that puts a slightly different spin on the events in the episode BITTER SUITE. In Xenamaster's story the Olympian gods have been dethroned and are being hunted by Dahak's minions - their powers failing them in the world of darkness created after Xena succeeds in throwing her best friend off a cliff. The Warrior Princess which emerges from that is once again the warlord of old - a woman who fully committed to evil now embraces both Dahak and the one-time enemy whose depravity matches her own. With little hope left, Ares and Artemis, last of the Olympians, decide on a desperate plan to try to reach Xena - a plan centered entirely on a mortal they're not even certain is still alive. There is an epic quality to the storytelling in this tale that makes it a very enjoyable read. Nice depictions of Ares and Artemis. Good tie-ins with the TV series as well. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 30 pgs., 3/29/98

A fateful shipwreck leads Xena and Gabrielle to the Land of the Israelites and a reunion for the Warrior Princess with an old friend now very much in need of her help. Featuring some good action-adventure and some emotional moments, this one reads very much like an episode from the TV series. - 24 pgs., 11/28/98

**DEDICATION by Wishes
This is a short little tale but as they say, it carries a "big stick"! It is the story of an innocent soul sacrificed in a moment of desperation by a promise to an unforgiving god. Authored by one of the premier bards in the Xenaverse, this is NOT TO BE MISSED!! - 2 pgs., 3/97

DEER (THE) by Mary Morgan
A haunting, mystical story set in an enchanted forest that has the taciturn Warrior Princess resigned to the punishment she must face for a recent crime, while a determined little bard struggles to save her partner. In parts this story has a magical quality to it that will bring to mind the writings of J.R. Tolkien. Parts of it made me think also of the movie LEGEND. Different and nicely crafted. DO NOT MISS! - 8 pgs., 1/28/98
[Palm Pilot version available at XENA FAN FICTION FOR THE PALM PILOT]

**DEMON (THE) by Rachel2
Xena and Gab meet the monster from THE PREDATOR. A scary, thrilling piece with some of the best written action scenes I've read. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! [NOTE: Rachel2's stories build on one another so I recommend you read them in this order: THE DEMON, RIVALS (this one is listed in the Alternative reviews list), A WARLORD'S LEGACY, and THE PRINCESS BARD (also listed in the Alternative reviews list)] - 11 pgs., 12/96

This excellent but harrowing story has Ares exacting a particularly cruel vengeance on the Warrior Princess as he gives an evil thug and his men the power to overwhelm Xena...and torture her in his name. It is up to the bard of Potidaea to try to save her friend after this and in so doing teach the God of War a lesson about love and courage. This is a very moving, emotional story but it is also in parts excrutiating. NOTE that the story depicts scenes of extreme violence. - 17 pgs., 1/97

DILEMMA (THE) by Eimajj
A short epilogue to the recent episode THE PRICE which has Gabby helping Xena come to terms with what happened back in the Athenian fort during the battle with the Horde. Nicely written and emotional. - 3 pgs., 5/28/97

This bard's first fanfic effort is a solidly written hurt/comfort tales in the tradition of classics like ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT. Set after the events in the episode ONE AGAINST AN ARMY, the story has the warrior and bard on their way to Corinth and still recuperating from their confrontation with the Persians when disaster once again strikes, plunging them into a harrowing ordeal from which their only hope for survival will be one another and the fierce bond that has seen them through so much already. This is a story firmly rooted in the strength of a very extraordinary friendship. A terrific read that comes HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 15 pgs., 11/2/98

DOLON by Joseph Anderson
Gabrielle meets the young eunuch who served Xena during some of her years as a warlord. Like THE GAME AT CYRENE, this story offers a sharp contrast between the Warrior Princess of old and the reformed Xena as we see the warrior interacting once again with the young man who was once her slave. - 7 pgs., 11/24/97

**DRESS (THE) by Tim Wellman
A figure from Xena's past awakens memories long buried, weakening the usually steely resolve of the Warrior Princess. Touching piece by a bard who can really capture that special relationship between Xena and Gabby. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 10 pgs., 1/97

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