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A name from the past stirs bad memories for Xena when she and Gabrielle save a woman from the ruins of a village destroyed by a vicious warlord. Solid story with good characterizations and some nicely emotional moments. - 28 pgs., 5/26/97

FAITH by Kamouraskan
Talk about hitting the mark dead center! This little piece does double duty, rather succinctly summarizing the Xena TV series and serving as a tribute to a couple of unforgettable characters who are fortunately quite capable of rising above the senseless quagmire they're so frequently immersed in these days. Perfect. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 3 pgs., 11/9/99

FAITH by Onora
Very well written, emotionally gripping story that has Xena and the bard going after a cult using children as blood sacrifices. With Xena distracting the cult followers Gabrielle successfully liberates one of the intended sacrifices, returning the child to her village. Certain that the warrior will follow soon as she cleans house with the cult, the bard grows more and more concerned as times goes by without Xena making an appearance. It's a concern that will soon turn to desperation as Gabrielle finds herself still having to help the villagers fight the cult members even as she agonizes over Xena's possible fate. Meanwhile, a physically and emotionally tortured warrior clings to the one thing that is a constant in her life - an unshakeable faith in her partner and in the strength of will she knows is so much a part of the young woman. This story features good action sequences, strong characterizations, and a solid depiction of the Xena/Gab friendship. DO NOT MISS! - 42 pgs., 2/18/99

A wonderful new story by a bard which continues to gift us with some of the best fiction out there. This is a bitter-sweet tale about justice, redemption and the power of friendship that has Xena and Gabrielle unsuspectingly making their way into a village that has a score to settle with the Warrior Princess - an old debt based on the atrocities of a heartless warlord the villagers have never forgotten. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 14 pgs., 8/13/97

Set ten years after Gabrielle's marriage to Perdicus and based on the premise that Callisto never killed the man, this story begins with a difficult reunion between the one-time bard and the Warrior Princess as a long-absent Xena returns still struggling against the weight of those past sins...A nicely written effort that delivers quite a punch. - 4 pgs., 12/22/98

**FAMILY by Godot
One of my favorite fanfic characters, Godot's delightfully inept sorceress Antipany, is back in this new tale set after the rift episodes which has Xena and Gabrielle struggling with the growing distance between them when they find themselves once again trying to save the sorceress. In a rather delicate condition, Antipany has to grudgingly accept the help of the Warrior Princess - not that this would deter her from continuing to make life difficult for the warrior. However, with a soft spot for the bard and a new perspective on things, Antipany is soon trying to help mend things between the two estranged friends, sensing the doubts both are hiding and the love which is still very much in their hearts. Godot's characterizations as usual are endearing and solid in a story that mixes humor with drama to produce an entertaining read and a satisfying treatment of third season events. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! [See also the other titles in Godot's ANTIPANY SERIES]. - 42 pgs., 4/15/98

**FAN FICTION by Enginerd
One of the early classics of Xena fanfic, this little gem merges the fanfic with the fandom as the warrior and bard find themselves discussing indexers like Xenos and some...other Xenites as they read scrolls written about them and try to rate these. Should put a grin on anyone who's followed Xena fanfic since its early beginnings. Very cute. DO NOT MISS! - 5 pgs., 3/97
[Palm Pilot version available at XENA FAN FICTION FOR THE PALM PILOT]

The queen of parodies is back with a takeoff on the film FARGO that is gonna have you feeling unusually relaxed as the warrior and bard protect a village from a warlord named Dave. Trust me - you've never seen Xena quite this layed back before ;-) Very cute. Should particularly appeal to fans of the films. - 8 pgs., 1/9/99, re-released 3/11/01

Winner of the first Netforum Fan Fiction contest, this story will make you laugh, cry and eventually just want to MURDER Peribear! It features a storyteller, in the twighlight of her life, recounting a very special tale about the warrior she spent so many years with. Kleenex alert!!!!!! VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! - 18 pgs., 4/15/97
AWARDS: First Xenite Bard Contest (April 1997) - Grand Prize Winner

FIELDS OF TRUTH by Nicole Hazel
Touching little tale set in the Elysian Fields as a young boy discovers a truth long denied him and becomes aware of the pain in two tortured souls. - 4 pgs., 2/23/99

A clever on-going exercise in Xena fanfic, this series consists of stories told in 55 words. Ranging from traditional Xena yarns to ubers, general and alternative forays, funny and serious tales, the entries in the series make use of every word resulting in stories that run the gamut from cute to surprisingly thought-provoking. A fun new development in Xena fanfic DO NOT MISS!

FINAL JOURNEY (THE) by Del_kaidin
Kleenex alert on this heart-wrenching vignette chronicling Xena's farewell to the other half of her soul surrounded by the friends of a lifetime. - 2 pgs., 3/30/98

Visitor's latest is a nice little story that has Xena remembering how she met an old friend at a time when she was just beginning a new life. A believable look at Xena's life during this period. - 3 pgs., 7/27/98

**FIRST SOLSTICE by Melissa Good
Our resident bard/scriptwriter took some time from her busy schedule this past Christmas to contribute this lovely little story about the grrls' first Solstice together. Seeking shelter from the elements in a quiet mountain grove, the warrior and her young companion share their meager food supply as Gabrielle reminisces about a childhood Solstice and unknowingly gives a former warlord a very unexpected gift. With her usual subtle skill, Missy captures the special magic evident even in the early days of this relationship. Reminiscent of episodes like SINS OF THE PAST and SOLSTICE CAROL, this is a refreshing visit with classic Xena and Gab. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 3 pgs., 12/27/01

FIRST STEPS by Marie E. Costa
Touching vignette actually set DURING the episode SINS OF THE PAST - a lost scene we never saw, that has Gabrielle taking the time while Xena is visiting her brother's tomb to go speak with the warrior's mother. This story foreshadows the impact the young bard will have on Xena's life as even before officially starting to travel with her she is already changing the woman's life. [Note: This is the second vignette that appears on the page] - 11 pgs., 7/26/97

FIRST WORD by Lara Zielinsky
Well written account of the events told in the episode THE FURIES which has an obsessed Atrius determined to give his young daughter Xena to the God of War, and a desperate Cyrene determined to stop him. - 6 pgs., 5/25/98, re-released 1/5/99

A Xena/Herc crossover set immediately after the events in the episode SACRIFICE II which has the muscled one and Iolus joining our two heroines to try to defeat Hope and her dad. Tovie does a very nice job with the Xena/Gab relationship in this, addressing some important issues from the rift and showing the deep devotion in that friendship. - 28 pgs., 10/2/98

In this sequel to Maggie's excellent THE BETTER PART OF VALOR Xena is determined to exact revenge on the warlord Coreigas for the pain he's caused her and her friends. A serious impediment stands in her way, however - a young bard who with the strength of the Amazon nation behind her is as determined to keep the Warrior Princess from once again surrendering her soul to Ares. Very well-written, heart-warming tale. - 25 pgs., 5/12/97
[Palm Pilot version available at XENA FAN FICTION FOR THE PALM PILOT]

FOR ANT OF A NAIL by Lollius
Amusing tale which has the Warrior Princess and the bard using phonetics to try to stop a war. - 21 pgs., 6/2/97

**FOR ONLY TWO DAYS by Yellowjacket and Imbri
Yellowjacket and Imbri have individually written some of the best XWP fan fiction out there and some of my own personal favorites so when I learned they were cooperating on this effort it made my day. The completed story lives up to every expectation from talents like these, presenting us with a tale that is bitter-sweet, very original and ultimately unforgettable. The story begins with Hades asking Xena and Gabrielle for help in rescuing his wife Persephone. It becomes quickly apparent why he's come to them when he reveals the name of the abductor - an enemy the two women are more than familiar with - an enemy that wants the Warrior and bard in exchange for Hades' wife. Unable to help them himself, the God of the Underworld is nevertheless willing to give them a champion from his realm - a valiant heart who once died a noble death - a soul who made mortal for only two days will change forever the lives of Xena and Gabrielle giving one the chance to relive a past long gone, and the other a chance to experience what can never be. A TERRIFIC storyline and wonderful writing make this a very special reading experience. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 68 pgs., 7/26/97

FOR THE LOVE OF DINARS by Barry Marshall
Featuring a really appropriate photo to go along with the narrative, this little tale could NOT be more timely - Xena and the bard get...audited :) DO NOT MISS this one folks - VERY cute! Then make sure to go do those taxes!!! ;-) - 12 pgs., 4/12/98

**FORFEIT (THE) by Ella Quince
Thought-provoking new offering which finds Xena thinking about the child she and her partner have just saved - a child hated and feared simply because of its appearance. It is an experience which makes the warrior remember her own persecution of another infant in the not so distant past - a choice she suddenly finds herself with the power to change. This is a good exploration of one of the defining moments in the rift, featuring a characterization of Xena that is sympathetic without denying what the TV series has given us. DO NOT MISS! - 3 pgs., 10/13/98

A very good story by a new bard which has Xena being hunted by two enemies - one determined to face the warrior in fair combat, the other unscrupulous and cowardly - willing to use any trickery to destroy the Warrior Princess. This tale explores the themes of revenge and forgiveness. [Previously posted on the NetForum - See also the sequel THE RIVER] - 28 pgs., 8/19/97

**FOURTH DAY (THE) by JayBird
Nicely written, short story that has a blind Xena being tempted by Ares as she tries to adjust to the possibility of remaining sightless for life. A poignant depiction of the Xena/Gab relationship. DO NOT MISS! [Originally posted on the NetForum]. - 5 pgs., 5/19/97

FRIEND? by Bard2DBone
Spooky tale that has the Warrior Princess facing perhaps the deadliest enemy she's ever known - an enemy who knows all her weaknesses, an enemy who is determined to destroy her, an enemy she simply cannot bring herself to fight...after traveling with her for over two years... [unfinished] - 6/7/97


Based on a play from the 1920's entitled THE VALIANT by Holworthy Hall and Robert Middlemass, this is a beautifully crafted, moving little story that has Xena and the bard visiting a condemned woman in hopes she's the kind- hearted storyteller Gabrielle remembers from her childhood in Poteidaia. Culprit presents us with a stirring tale about the ability of the human soul to find courage and nobility even amidst the certain knowledge of its many failings. Terrific piece that makes a powerful impression. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! -- 5 pgs., 9/14/98

This vignette takes place immediately after the episode THE RECKONING and has Gabrielle thinking about recent events and deciding on ways she can affect the life of the Warrior Princess. [Note: This is the third vignette on the page] - 11 pgs., 7/26/97

Very eerie new story that finds Xena and Gabrielle trying to help two kingdoms sign a peace treaty after years of war between them only someone seems intent on stopping that treaty and is willing to murder to do so. - 22 pgs., 2/16/98

FUGITIVES by Marie E. Costa
Xena's thoughts throughout the episode CRADLE OF HOPE. This is both poignant and funny and marks a turning point in the warrior's feelings toward her companion as she begins to recognize how resourceful Gabrielle can be. Cute! [Note: This is the fourth vignette on the page] - 11 pgs., 9/7/97

Xena returns home to Amphipolis to help a childhood friend being threatened by a vicious warlord. With Gabrielle helping, the three set in motion a plan to try to stop the warlord. Sweet story about friendship and courage. - 58 pgs., 2/26/97
[Palm Pilot version available at XENA FAN FICTION FOR THE PALM PILOT

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