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**OLD HABBITS by Hobbes
Tired of Xena teasing her, Gabrielle decides to get back at her friend with a little play-acting, never suspecting the painful memories this would stir up in the warrior. Another nice piece by Hobbes that celebrates the very special friendship between these two women. DO NOT MISS! - 15 pgs., 4/97

OLD LESSONS by Baermer
When her family is involved in a terrible accident, Gabrielle goes back home with Xena to try to help them through their injuries. In doing so they will have to deal with the hostility the bard's family feel for the Warrior Princess and with an even greater challenge as a threat from the past surfaces that will endanger their very lives. Nice tale with moments of suspense and with lots of those emotional scenes that are the favorite of many a Xenite. - 42 pgs., 5/24/97

OLD PROMISE (AN) by Ella Quince
A VERY dark piece which seems very much in keeping with some of the characterizations and themes we've been seeing in the third season. The tale has an injured Xena regaining consciousness only to discover a reality she's not certain she wants to face. Intense, emotional and thought-provoking, this tale is a MUST READ. DO NOT MISS! - 6 pgs., 3/8/98

OLYMPIAD by Kaiser
This tale has Xena and the Gabster agreeing to protect an arrogant star athlete headed for the Olympic competitions who's supposedly being stalked by assassins. This is well-written, combines a little bit of subtext with a bit of maintext and has some VERY funny moments. It reads quite a bit like a TV episode. - 35 pgs., 10/13/97

When an amnesiac Xena returns to her evil ways - joining forces with the warlord she was supposed to be fighting, Gabrielle does the only thing she can to try to get close to her friend - she joins their army as a bard and then starts planning a way to get HER Xena back. Nice depiction of the bard. [Originally posted on the NetForum]. - 25 pgs., 5/15/97

**ONE DARK NIGHT by Linda Tellez (aka Saahira)
FANTASTIC new story which finds Xena and Gabrielle in Poteidaia taking a break from their usual routine when the bard happens across the first journal she ever wrote and decides to share a very special story with Xena - a story about a ten-year old and the strange encounter that would change her life. Featuring some really superb characterizations and a well-crafted storyline, this tale is a wonderful treat! VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! - 17 pgs., 2/23/98

ONE STONE by Christa Baran
Judgement day for the Warrior Princess has finally arrived as she finds herself before Hades listening to the souls testifying in her favor and against. Thoughtful tale with some unexpected developments [note: contains subtext] - 7 pgs., 3/21/99

OUT OF THE FIRE by Jessica Caldwell
Bridging the time period between the episodes SACRIFICE II and FAMILY REUNION, this short tale chronicles Hopes escape from the burning pit and her trek to Poteidaia near where she ends up delivering a deadly new life into the world. - 3 pgs., 4/12/99

Interesting new tale, still unfinished, that has Xena telling Gabrielle about her past as the Warrior Princess and her initial meeting with the God of War. The story features an original spin on Xena's origins. [Note: includes some subtext] [unfinished] - 31 pgs., 6/2/98

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