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One of my favorite bards returns with an exceptional new story that offers some fascinating insights into the current rift storyline. Set after the events in the episode GABRIELLE'S HOPE, this tale has a forlorn and emotionally drained Gabrielle showing up at Cyrene's inn in Amphipolis to wait for Xena while the warrior takes care of some trouble. Sensing the bard's distress, Xena's mother tries to get her to reveal what is wrong never suspecting the horror Gabrielle has gone through or the ironic twist of fate that now makes the innkeeper and bard kindred spirits of sorts. As is the case with all of Anon's stories, this is beautifully written with well-developed characterizations and a gripping, poignant plot. This is a particularly satisfying read in that it provides the emotional bridge from GABRIELLE'S HOPE to THE DEBT we never saw on TV. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 14 pgs., 11/20/97
[Palm Pilot version available at XENA FAN FICTION FOR THE PALM PILOT]

PASTS by Lostaway
Intriguing story, not yet finished, which has Xena experiencing some troubling nightmares just before she and Gabrielle run into Iolus. The three friends then are visited by a mysterious old man who also has been dreaming of darkness - about a darkness that will engulf the world and reign for a thousand years unless the three heros before him can stop it. [unfinished] - 10/2/97

PATH (THE) by Marulus
Xena and Gabby help an old friend of Xena's stand against the forces of a warlord vent on discovering a legendary placed where a person's greatest wish can become reality. - 18 pgs., 3/97

A beautifully written story reflecting all the themes around which this TV series was originally constructed. Set sometime after the third season, the story has Gabrielle reflecting on her travels with Xena, recalling the time, in the aftermath of a slaughter, when she first witnessed the murderous gleam in her partner's eyes. Remembering as well her first glimpses of the tenderness and compassion also present in that warrior heart. More than three years later, the warrior and bard come full circle as an elusive prey falls within reach and an ex-warlord remembers the sins of the past. Presented from Gabrielle's viewpoint, the story is extraordinarily effective, revealing both the bard's devotion and the warrior's redeeming nobility. There's a terrific sense of love and commitment in Bel-wah's interpretation of this partnership. A MUST READ! VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! [Note: This is the second installment in the GABRIELLE'S SCROLLS SERIES] - 10 pgs., 10/29/98
[Palm Pilot version available at XENA FAN FICTION FOR THE PALM PILOT]

A FANTASTIC new story that has Xena and Gabrielle once again entering a war zone where their attempts to remain out of trouble soon prove fruitless, endangering the bard's self-confidence and her very life. With two chapters released thus far, this has the makings of a terrific tale. Dancyer is adept at depicting warrior and bard with a great deal of sensitivity, easily drawing the reader into the struggles of these two friends. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! [Note: story has been temporarily removed from the Web] - 1/21/98

Set after the events of this season's rift episodes, this little tale seems strangely appropriate. It has Hercules and Iolus traveling to meet with their friends Xena and the bard, only when they reach them things seem somewhat... different. Solid writing in a crossover storyline guaranteed to leave a permanent...impression. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 6 pgs., 3/16/98

Emotionally charged tale set during the episodes INTIMATE STRANGERS and TEN LITTLE WARLORDS which has Gabrielle trying to deal with the aversion she feels for Callisto's body despite knowing Xena is within that body. This story nicely presents all those scenes we never got to see in the TV series. [Note: Second story on the page] - 7 pgs., 2/11/98

PLACE IN THE WORLD (A) by WarriorNutcase
Inspired this time by the M. Chapin-Carpenter song, WarriorNutcase follows Xena's journey into the Underworld on a desperate rescue mission - only getting her bard back might just be a tad more complicated than Xena had anticipated... This story relies on a simple premise that makes sense and is nicely executed. [Continues the story begun in IN MY LIFE] - 7 pgs., 8/5/98.

POETIC JUSTICE by Brigid Doyle
A *truly* precious new story set after the episode FORGIVEN which has Xena and Gabrielle once again coming across that determined warrior-wannabe Tara who once again desperately needs their help, this time to try to get rid of a little blonde terror determined to be her...sidekick :) Hysterical! DO NOT MISS! - 7 pgs., 3/16/98

The second in Silk's (for others in the series see TALES FROM THE BARD SERIES, this little story has a miserable Xena trying to see an old friend through a very difficult time while the bard tells the tale of one of the gods' most magnificent creations. Another nice entry in a series which is celebrating both the Greek myth tradition and the talents of a certain storyteller. - 8 pgs., 7/13/98

POWERS THAT BIND by Marie E. Costa
Well-written story in which the warrior and bard try to help a couple of men whose blood links them to the Lykoi - a mysterious tribe with characteristics that make many fear them as werewolves. - 42 pgs., 10/8/97

PRAYER (THE) by B.S. Barber
A heart-breaking snapshot of Gabrielle's thoughts as her friendship with the Warrior Princess seems beyond repair. This is worth reading alone for the very nice poem which concludes the story. - 2 pgs., 5/26/98

The first installment in Silk's new TALES FROM THE BARD SERIES, this is a beautifully written piece that has Gabrielle telling a frightened little girl a clever story about the gods after the two of them are trapped in a cave-in. Sweet story that celebrates Gabrielle's abilities as a storyteller. DO NOT MISS! - 7 pgs., 7/4/98

VERY cute little tale with that early-Xena feel that has the warrior and bard stone drunk and discussing the many - er - charming attributes of a certain demi-god and his sidekick when guess who just happen to come along... ;-) A nice, fun tribute to the friendship between these four. - 10 pgs., 8/16/99

This talented author brings us the first part of a new story which finds Gabrielle with a small group of Amazons on a diplomatic mission to a village bordering Amazon lands when an unexpected development leaves the Queen and her escorts in a deadly situation with the Warrior Princess nowhere in site. Terrific potential in this one. DO NOT MISS! [unfinished] - 8/16/98

Interesting vignette which explores the Warrior Princess' uncanny ability to instill both fear and a sense of safety with equal ease. Well done. - 2 pgs., 11/16/97

PROMISE (THE) by Maureen McGowan
This story was the first housed at the XWP INFORMATION PAGE Web site and features Xena and Gabby once again in a dangerous confrontation with the warlord Draco who having discovered Xena's weakness for the bard decides to use Gabrielle to take revenge on the Warrior Princess. - 23 pgs., 3/97

PROMISE KEPT (A) by Willowluvyr
Willowluvyr brings us a very different type of Conqueror story here as the ruler of all the known world and a simple healer combine forces to bring a little peace and happiness to a young boy. Arm yourself with one VERY big Kleenex box before tackling this sensitively written tale featuring a fascinating character study of a very complex ruler. - 9 pgs., 3/15/00

**PROMISES TO KEEP by Whattawoman  Save Alert
Extremely poignant "what if" story which has Xena making the ultimate sacrifice. Kleenex-alert. This is beautiful and highly emotional. DO NOT MISS!! - 13 pgs., 9/96

PROPHECY (THE) by Dancyer McCoy
Originally released on the NetForum in the Winter of 1996, this story kept all the NetForum regulars on the edge of their seats for WEEKS! The tale has Xena meeting with one of Apollo's oracles who asks on behalf of the god that she try to rescue a young girl kidnapped by a follower of Ares - an evil warlord who intends to sacrifice the girl to gain dangerous powers from the War God. Along with the message the oracle also delivers a prophecy, foretelling the death of Xena's traveling companion... by the warrior's own weapon. This is suspenseful and emotional. A great read! - 25 pgs., Winter 1996, re-released 12/10/97

Xena and Gabrielle return to Amazonia just as the Amazons are facing a challenge that could potentially destroy them forever. In the former warlord, however, they will find the experience to deal with that challenge and the fierce inspiration only the Warrior Princess can stir. This is a very nicely written new story that recalls the best of this TV series. Featuring very solid characterizations reminiscent of the second season, it is a MUST READ! DO NOT MISS! - 15 pgs., 5/14/98

PUZZLE (THE) by Tim Boothby
Intriguing story by a promising new bard that has Xena and Gabrielle meeting a strange old man with an uncanny talent for the healing arts. Despite his gift, the man is a tortured soul who shares something in common with the Warrior Princess - an overwhelming guilt for the darkness in his past and a certainty that redemption will always remain beyond his grasp. Nice treatment of the Xena/Gab relationship. - 15 pgs., 10/8/97

Intriguing new tale set after the events in SACRIFICE II which follows Hope's story after the plunge down the pit with her mother. GabbysHope does a nice job with the characterization of Hope in this - presenting us with an interesting mixture of curiosity and cold calculating evil. - 47 pgs., 4/9/99

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