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This is a combined file of both general and alternative fan fiction reviews. The alternative stories are designated as such with an [Alt] at the end of the title line.

Note: Mel/Janice fan fiction stories are about the characters of Melinda Pappas and Janice Covington introduced in the Xena: Warrior Princess TV series. These stories sometimes feature also the characters of Xena and Gabrielle. Reviews of stories which revolved primarily around Xena and Gabrielle but include Mel and Janice are listed both in this index and in either the general or alternative indexes for Xena fan fiction reviews. Stories which feature Mel and Janice in addition to other uber incarnations of Xena and Gabrielle are listed both here and in the reviews of Uber-Xena fiction.

MAGIC OF EGYPT by CN Winters - [Alt]
CN's latest is a combination Mel/Janice - Xena/Gab story that begins in 1946 with the archeologist and her partner traveling to Egypt. It is while working on a dig there that they discover a new set of scrolls written by their ancestors - scrolls containing a tale that will help change the lives of Mel and Janice forever, as the warrior and bard reach across the eons to give their descendants the courage to be honest. CN weaves the two separate stories in nicely, often using one to lead into the other. An entertaining read. [See the sequel MAGIC OF PARIS] - 30 pgs., 3/6/98
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MAGIC OF PARIS by CN Winters -- [Alt]
A sequel to MAGIC OF EGYPT , CN's latest continues the tales of BOTH Xena and Gabrielle and Mel and Janice, chronicling remarkably similar times in the lives of both couples despite the millennia separating them. Welcoming a new addition to their family, Xena and Gabrielle remain passionately in love despite the demands of parenting and the insecurities that can come with it. Generations later, Mel and Janice reach a similar point in their lives when the beautiful Southerner confesses her desire to be a mother provoking a lot of soul searching as she and her partner grapple with the implications of that and the challenges of a lesbian couple trying to be parents in the 1950's. CN does a fine job here mirroring the lives of these four characters giving the story a certain sense of timelessness and establishing a poignant connection between the ancient soulmates and their descendants. DO NOT MISS! - 101 pgs., 4/6/99

This veteran bard returns with a splendid new adventure for the warrior and bard as they embark on a long trek to the land of Egypt and a fateful meeting with its legendary ruler - the indomitable queen history would come to know as the pharaoh Hatshepsut. Excited at the prospect of seeing the exotic land, Gabrielle is thrilled when the King of Cyprus entrusts Xena with a diplomatic mission to the court in Thebes but it's a mission that will get infinitely more complicated when the powerful Egyptian ruler decides to include the Warrior Princess in some plans of her own - plans which if successful will solidify Hatshepsut's hold on the throne and possibly decimate age-old misconceptions the pharaoh is determined to do away with. L. Fox does a terrific job here of merging history with fiction taking known facts about Hatshepsut' unprecedented reign, adding one brilliant Warrior Princess, a gutsy little bard, some court intrigue, the splendor of Ancient Egypt and even the surprise appearance of a certain archeologist to create a fabulous read. Particularly appealing is the story's treatment of the Xena/Gab relationship which is reminiscent of the early dynamics between our two heroines showing one very deadly ex-warlord totally smitten with the gentle soul who loves her unconditionally. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! [Note: the historical Hatshepsut was a fascinating figure - there's a TV series called THE GREAT EGYPTIANS, showing on the DISCOVERY CIVILIZATION channel which has an episode dedicated to her. It's called "The Queen Who Would Be King". If the series is shown in your area make sure to catch that episode.] [Note: Story is only SLIGHTLY uber] - 95 pgs., 10/20/99

Set in Turkey in 1940, this is an entertaining Mel/Janice adventure that has the archeologist and her partner searching for the lost treasure of Helen of Troy as they deal with the usual pressure from local authorities and the dangers of a world at war. What they discover proves much more valuable than any treasure as friendship and determination motivate them to challenge the odds and trust in the strength they inspire in one another. Bel-Wah does a good job in the depiction of these characters contrasting Janice's gruff, troubled demeanor with a Melinda possessed of a sensitivity capable of seeing past that rough exterior. A solid read. [Note: some subtext in this.] - 35 pgs., 2/27/00
[Palm Pilot version available at XENA FAN FICTION FOR THE PALM PILOT]

Wonderful new Mel/Janice story that begins with an old woman telling her granddaughter a tale - remembering an old candlestick and the beautiful gift fate gave her one Christmas eve when greed almost robbed her of the greatest of friends. Well-written, solid tale with very appealing characterizations. DO NOT MISS! - 10 pgs., 1/17/99

**NOVEMBER 29, 1942 by CN Winters - [Alt]
A charming, tender interlude that has Janice Covington surprising her partner on her birthday - and then getting a surprise of her own when the evening leads to some unexpected confessions. Romantic and very sweet. DO NOT MISS! -- 5 pgs., 9/14/98
[French version: LE 29 NOVEMBRE 1942 translated by John Doe at]

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