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Friday, 2/16/01

Thursday, 1/25/01


I was first attracted to this fandom because of my interest in a couple of fictional characters. However, over time, what has kept me here, has kept me involved to one degree or another, has motivated me to contribute and to interact with others has been the very real, wonderful people I've met through the Xenaverse. Among these, one of the most talented, most special Xenites I ever had the honor of calling a friend was Tonya Muir. I started writing Tonya about her stories back in 1998. With some similar life experiences and a mutual love of animals, we quickly became good online friends. Tonya's talents as an author amazed me so I always urged her to try to publish her works convinced that a storyteller of her caliber should be accessible to as many people as possible. It did my heart good to finally see her novel BREAKING AWAY published, bringing to an audience at large one of the Xenaverse's best and brightest. Unfortunately, it also broke my heart to learn a while back that Tonya was ill with Cancer and to learn today the sad news that this incredible young woman, passed away. I think I speak for many in this fandom when I say that this past year hearing about Tonya's valiant struggle against her illness has been both heart-wrenching and truly inspiring. Her determination to go on - to fight - to stay positive - always keeping her friends in this fandom and her family in mind speaks of a nobility of spirit and a courage that is the stuff true warriors are made of. I will always regret never having met Tonya in person. I was hoping to do so in Pasadena this coming May. However, I count myself extremely fortunate that through the Internet I had the opportunity to interact with such a beautiful, kind, gifted soul. Her fiction has been and will no doubt remain among the finest contributions ever made to this fandom. I suspect we've all been living this past few years through the early beginnings of a new literary genre - online fiction. I'm confident this genre will only grow and become more popular with time. I know that in our hearts and minds Tonya will live on but I think that through her fiction she will not only live on but touch others in the future as well.

I want to thank Tonya for this wonderful legacy she left us, for being a friend, and for setting one of the finest examples of courage in the face of adversity I have ever seen. On behalf of my fellow fanfic readers, I extend our condolences to her husband Clive, her parents and the rest of her family. Their dedication to Tonya, their unyielding support and love and their many sacrifices this past year and a half I'm sure made Tonya's final days easier and that's really the best thing we can do for those we love - to make their time here with us better than they would be otherwise. Tonya had family and friends that adored her. She was very lucky in that respect and we were all very lucky to have shared our time here with her.

Goodbye my friend - you shall always get my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION!

Below I'm including links to all my reviews of Tonya's stories. The stories themselves are available on Tonya's own web site where you can also see pictures of Tonya, Clive and their menagerie of animal friends. The site is at


Wednesday, 1/3/01


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