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Monday, 12/11/00

Sunday, 11/26/00


Most of us who have been active in this fandom for any length of time remember moments that were special to us. For me, one stands out from the early days of my participation in the Xenaverse. Back in 1996 I was active on the NetForum where I first got a taste for Xena fanfic. I was mostly reading the stories posted there but I had also started to visit some of the Xena fanfic sites. One evening, while perusing Tom's Xena Page, I came across a story that simply blew me away. I promptly went back to the NetForum where a couple of us started telling fellow fans about the story. It was one of those tales that is simply SO well-written, SO entertaining, SO moving that you just HAVE to tell people about it. It was one of the things that motivated me to start writing my fan fiction reports just so I could make sure that other people got to read fiction THIS extraordinary. The title of that story was ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT and the author was Rebekah. It was with great sorrow, then, that I learned a couple of weeks ago of the passing of this very talented Xenite after a short illness. Rebekah went on after that ground breaking first story to share with us a number of other excellent tales, helping to elevate Xena fanfic to a level above the rest. Many of the major bards in the Xenaverse today have noted the influence she had on their own writing. I had the great pleasure of becoming Rebekah's friend via e-mail and actually meeting her in person at one of the conventions. Her intelligence, wit, generosity of spirit and talent always impressed me. The Xenaverse and I are so much better for having had this lady grace us with her presence.

On behalf of fanfic readers everywhere, I would like to extend our condolences to her friends and family and to assure them that through her stories Rebekah left us a legacy which has earned her the lasting gratitude of thousands of Xenites and which guarantees her place amidst the finest bards this fandom has ever produced.

Go in peace my friend into that next adventure...and thank you.

For those of you who enjoyed Rebekah's stories or haven't had a chance to read them yet, those are available at



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