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Hi guys,

Two new ones and five updates tonight :)


THAT WHICH FOLLOWS by Hudson Montgomery
Hudon's first XWP offering is a good character piece set the day after the events in ONE AGAINST AN ARMY which has Xena thinking of how close she just came to losing her best friend and facing an old temptation with renewed strength. Nicely written. - 3 pgs.


WOUNDED by Tonya Muir
A beautiful hurt/comfort story set immediately after the events in the episode ONE AGAINST AN ARMY which finds Xena taking care of her beloved bard and regretting how much their relationship has changed since Britannia. In just her second Xena story, Tonya is already establishing a reputation for quality fiction, firmly rooted in a very loving, satisfying depiction of the Xena/Gab relationship. A wonderful read that comes HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 5 pgs.

Chapter 8 is now available. A sequel to Susan's outstanding THE CHARIOTEER, this story continues where that one left off, following Xena and Gabrielle as they join a caravan on their way out of the Kingdom of Har back toward Greece. The two are reveling in the new freedom of their relationship unaware that fate is about to interfere once again throwing Gabrielle and a young Amazon initiate into the midst of deadly power play and leaving a desperate Xena looking for her soulmate in a land full of strangers all with agendas of their own. In this latest chapter warrior and bard discuss some issues between them. This story already shows terrific potential once again displaying Susan's impressive ability to develop suspenseful, engrossing plots around an equally well-crafted Xena/Gab relationship. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! [unfinished] - 7 pgs.

TROPICAL STORM by Melissa Good
Part five is now being posted. Time for uber-Xena fans to rejoice as the incredibly talented Missy Good extends her gift of storytelling into the contemporary uber realm. Missy's latest is a departure from everything she's done before - a story set in modern-day Miami, centering on the lives of two strangers whose destinies bring them together amidst the turmoil of a hostile corporate takeover. Wealthy, brilliant and deadly, Dar Roberts has cultivated a well-earned reputation as one of the most efficient corporate raiders in the Information Technologies business. To her bosses she is a formidable weapon to be used in the never-ending struggle for power, control and profit. To the people employed by the companies she assimilates - the executive is a predator - cold and merciless. It is a reputation she is living up to as she prepares to decimate the work force of a recent acquisition. In charge of that work force is Kerry Stuart - a smart, young manager whose life had been going well until the recent turn of events. With dogged determination, Kerry has escaped the pressures of family to make her own way in the world - establishing a career and rising quickly within a small company - only to now have to face the prospect of those efforts being for naught as a disconcertingly beautiful blue-eyed shark strolls into her office. In this latest section, nature conspires to bring Dar and Kerry together as they both find themselves fanning the spark of friendship ignited between them. Missy's many strengths are quickly in evidence throughout the first parts of this story - rich descriptions that engage your every sense - multi-layered characterizations that draw you into the psyche of the characters and a story very much grounded in human emotions, human frailties and strengths along with the raw vulnerabilities that ultimately make us all seek the comfort of another soul. Working in the the Information Technologies industry herself and a fellow Miamian, Missy also imbues the story with a very realistic feel. This one will keep us glued to those monitors in the coming weeks folks. It gets my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION! - [unfinished] - 9 pgs.

Part 9 is now available. A delightfully entertaining new offering that finds the Bard of Poteidaia in a difficult predicament after Apollo kidnaps her and she unknowingly eats a little too much ambrosia. The new goddess then embarks on a quest to find someone willing to take her godhood away so she can return to the mortal who owns her heart. Some hysterical moments in this as the bard turned goddess leaves her mark all over Olympus :) In this latest part Gabrielle ties up some loose ends in preparation for one final attempt to regain her humanity. Very well written and very cute! Terrific characterizations. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! [unfinished] - 11 pgs.

TYGER, TYGER by Joseph Connell
Part 3 is now available. Joseph's latest is a prelude to Redhawk's marvelous XWP/HIGHLADER crossover ONLY ONE which was in turn the canon story for the INFINITY SERIES. The story begins in the Amazon jungles of the 1940's where the inhabitants of a small village begin to worry that the medicine woman they've revered for longer than any of them can remember, might possibly be getting ready to leave them. For many of them the dark woman with piercing blue eyes is part god, able to heal from fatal injuries in a matter of moments. She has been, for a long time, the villagers' salvation, helping them to survive and cope in the changing world but indeed her time with them is at an end. The medicine woman knows this when visions come to her of a beloved face never forgotten if somehow made different by the passing of time. Instinctively she knows her time of peace is at an end for the world is crying out for a warrior - and Xena of Amphipolis must answer that call. In this latest part two deadly immortals sense one another's presence as a deadly game begins. Joseph's imbues the beginning of this story with a terrific mystical quality that immediately captures the reader. This should be a riveting one folks. DO NOT MISS! [unfinished] - 3 pgs.

Part 3 is now being posted. This tale begins in the present day and follows the story of three very different women as their lives take on very different directions. At eighteen, Cat Thornwell embarks on a career as a master assassin, deadly and ruthless; at fifteen, Angie Cartwright has to go live with her uncle, a well-meaning but often drunk anthropologist; while at twelve Barbara Ann Evans suffers the loss of her entire family - killed in a senseless drive-by shooting. Nine years later, the lives of all three women will once again change, along with that of everyone on the planet, when the prophecies of old become reality and Armageddon is visited upon the earth. From the ruins that remain a very different world will emerge - a world once again plagued by cruelty and greed - a world where the strong prey on the weak and human beings once again look to the gods for hope and protection. Into this world the Olympians will be reborn and from this world heroes will once again emerge to champion the people and in become legends. In this latest section Cat and Angie talk about the ancient past. Well-written story with a fascinating premise. [unfinished] - 2 pgs.

For those of you reading this post who are not familiar with the term alternative (alt.), it refers to ADULT stories that add a romantic element to the relationship between Xena and Gabrielle, depicting them as more than just friends.

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