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Those of you who are planning on writing or have already written stories and are interested in copyrighting these might want to take a look at an excellent new article now available on the Web - "BASIC COPYRIGHT CONCEPT FOR WRITERS" by Claire E. Wh ite. The article addresses some of the issues involved in copyrighting works released over the Net. It can be found at:

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Now for tonight's report - we have some great new stories and an update I know most of you out there have been looking for :)


This is the third entry in Godot's DELIGHTFUL series of adventures teaming Xena and Gabrielle with the zany sorceress Antipany who has a score to settle with the Warrior Princess but a soft spot for a certain bard who keeps preventing her from settling th at score ;-) In this latest tale the three set out to try to stop an evil being Antipany has met before and has no wish to ever meet again. Aiding them is a healer with more than a passing interest in the zany sorceress and an old acquaintance of Xena and Gabrielle who is near and dear to their hearts...and their dinar bag! Antipany is one of my favorite original characters in XWP fan fiction. In addition to this wonderful characterization, Godot's depiction of the Xena/Gab relationship is very tender, loyal to the core with a bit of spice thrown in there ;-) In order to best enjoy this latest offering in the series, readers should take a look at the first two st ories, SING YOU A SONG OF JUSTICE and EMBODIMENT OF EVIL. This is a FUN one folks! VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Note: the story does contain subtext.

This second story by one of the most talented bards to come on the Xenaverse scene in a while, is actually a PRE-quel to Mary's other story AFTER THE VOLCANO. The tale has a furious ly determined Xena traveling to the volcanic island of Santorini to avenge a heinous act from the past. By her side as usual is an equally determined bard who sensing the warrior's distress is more certain than ever of the need for her to be close-by as the coming events unfold. Mary does a wonderful job in fleshing out the characters of Xena and Gabrielle, providing insight into their minds and establishing a relationship between them that is very special. A bit of a hurt/comfort story, this tale will touch you, shock you and ultimately reaffirm the power of love and friendship. This is high-caliber writing! VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

THE DARK OF NOON by Jacqueline Carey
A nicely written, serious story that has Xena going up against a warlord in possession of a deadly weapon given to him by Ares. Motivating her in part is the chance to avenge a hero who's face she saw only in passing years before. Meanwhile Gabrielle tr ies to come to terms with the possibility of loosing the friend she loves, feeling powerless to do anything about it.

A mysterious stranger from Xena's past joins the warrior and bard just as the two come across a couple with a sad story about vitality loss at the hilt of a sword. Xandrina uses a very unusual style here which even has the narrator speaking with the auth or. The story is still not finished.


TARTARUS by M. Parnell
Chapters 12-14 of this story are now available. After the masterpiece that is ORIGINS I didn't think M. Parnell could possibly top that effort anytime soon. Well, with the release of the first eight chapters of TARTARUS, this bard may be well on her way to doing just that. Starting whe re ORIGINS left off, this story has Xena and Gabrielle getting reacquainted with life on the road after the emotionally draining months they've just experienced. Enjoying a new depth to their relationship, they are nevertheless allowed little time to exp lore this before once again they find themselves in the middle of a tragedy - trying to help the survivors of an earthquake - in a village located not far from where Xena once let her army loose. The Warrior Princess helps knowing that she will likely be brought to justice for those crimes, knowing too what the punishment is likely to be, but never suspecting that a gentle heart will be caught in that quest for justice, determined to share her matter what that may be. In these latest chapters Xena and Gabrielle begin to carve out a life for themselves in Tartarus as they meet some more of their neighbors and try to adjust to the permanency of their new life together. As with Parnell's other stories, this is writing at its best and storytelling at its most captivating. Parnell's stories feature one of the most intelligent characterizations of the Warrior Princess in fan fiction. It is fascinating to see how Xena's mind works under the pen of this b ard. ORIGINS took the Xena/Gabrielle relationship to a new level which this story has now begun to examine more fully. It is a subtle exploration which nevertheless depicts great love and great passion. We have a heck of a story to look forward to in t he coming months folks. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

BUT FOR HOPE by de Bonheur
The thirteenth installment in de Bonheur's LONG IS THE WAY series like all the rest of the installments can be read as a story on it's own and it is a hauntingly BEAUTIFUL story - one of the best in the series to date. Shaken by the death of her mentor, a confused and hurt Xena chooses to put some distance between herself and Gabrielle, hoping to make some sense of the raging emotions within her. All the while, the bard waits and hopes for the return of her warrior, seeing the pale blue eyes in the face s of strangers and desperately trying to keep her heart from breaking. Sensual, poignant and deeply romantic, this is NOT TO BE MISSED!

For those of you reading this post who are not familiar with the term alternative (alt.), it refers to ADULT stories that add a romantic element to the relationship between Xena and Gabby, depicting them as more than just friends.

Happy reading!

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