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One new XWP fanfic site tonight - Pash O'Connor's FANFIC AND POEMS page at

5 new ones tonight and an update.


Amusing comedy of errors that has Xena and Gabrielle going undercover to try to recover the stolen daughter of a friend - kidnapped by a Suru prince because as a tall woman she would be a status symbol for her husband in the Suru kingdom. The warrior and bard then decide to infiltrate the kingdom by disguising themselves as a Suru with his tall...wife ;-) This one could be an episode from the TV series. Light-hearted, with a nice depiction of the Xena/Gab friendship (Note: story contains some slight subtext) - 7 pgs.

A Xena/Herc crossover set immediately after the events in the episode SACRIFICE II which has the muscled one and Iolus joining our two heroines to try to defeat Hope and her dad. Tovie does a very nice job with the Xena/Gab relationship in this, addressing some important issues from the rift and showing the deep devotion in that friendship. - 28 pgs.


THE AGENT by C Paradee
An impressive debut for a new bard on the scene, this story is poised to contribute to the growing popularity of contemporary uber dramas. Burned out from years of service in dangerous, covert operations and wanting to at last put down roots, Tony Viglioni asks her bosses at the FBI for a transfer to a less stressful job. Days later she is heading for Cleveland where the local law enforcement desperately needs help trying to capture the serial killer responsible for a number of gruesome murders. One of the locals working on the same case, junior coroner Megan Donnovan finds herself increasingly frustrated as politics muddle her efforts to advance the investigation. Amidst the mystery and danger of a city with a killer on the loose, these two women join efforts - forming a working partnership between them only to soon find themselves seeking a partnership of the heart as well. C does a nice job here of developing the relationship between her uber characters slowly, making it into a believable one that draws the reader in. As a mystery the story also works well, keeping you guessing 'til the end. This is a fine first effort that comes HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 89 pgs.

MINISTRATIONS by Candace Chellew
VERY cute little tale that has a certain bard giving her Warrior Princess a...religious lesson ;-) Grab that Amazon Ice and DO NOT MISS this one! - 3 pgs.

Clever little story about two lovers in the night - a heart fulfilled and a soul still yearning. Guaranteed to surprise you or your money back ;-) - 2 pgs.

TROPICAL STORM by Melissa Good
Part two is now being posted. Time for uber-Xena fans to rejoice as the incredibly talented Missy Good extends her gift of storytelling into the contemporary uber realm. Missy's latest is a departure from everything she's done before - a story set in modern-day Miami, centering on the lives of two strangers whose destinies bring them together amidst the turmoil of a hostile corporate takeover. Wealthy, brilliant and deadly, Dar Roberts has cultivated a well-earned reputation as one of the most efficient corporate raiders in the Information Technologies business. To her bosses she is a formidable weapon to be used in the never-ending struggle for power, control and profit. To the people employed by the companies she assimilates - the executive is a predator - cold and merciless. It is a reputation she is living up to as she prepares to decimate the work force of a recent acquisition. In charge of that work force is Kerry Stuart - a smart, young manager whose life had been going well until the recent turn of events. With dogged determination, Kerry has escaped the pressures of family to make her own way in the world - establishing a career and rising quickly within a small company - only to now have to face the prospect of those efforts being for naught as a disconcertingly beautiful blue-eyed shark strolls into her office. In this latest part, Dar stretches her corporate muscles even as she finds herself strangely preoccupied with a certain green-eyed blonde. Missy's many strengths are quickly in evidence throughout the first parts of this story - rich descriptions that engage your every sense - multi-layered characterizations that draw you into the psyche of the characters and a story very much grounded in human emotions, human frailties and strengths along with the raw vulnerabilities that ultimately make us all seek the comfort of another soul. Working in the the Information Technologies industry herself and a fellow Miamian, Missy also imbues the story with a very realistic feel. This one will keep us glued to those monitors in the coming weeks folks. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! - [unfinished] - 6 pgs.

For those of you reading this post who are not familiar with the term alternative (alt.), it refers to ADULT stories that add a romantic element to the relationship between Xena and Gabrielle, depicting them as more than just friends.

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