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I'm including a special STAR TREK VOYAGER section tonight for those of you who're enjoying Voyager alt. fanfic.

There's a new XWP fanfic site now available - Penumbra's ALT FIC page located at VERY - er - interesting design on that fanfic page ;-)

Missy Good has put up a message board at her site so if you want to discuss the stories of this fanfic icon with your fellow Xenites and the Good bard herself you can now do so at: Missy's main Xena fanfic page is at:

Tim Wellman is inviting bards to contribute stories to the GABRIELLE'S SCROLLS series he recently began. These should be small stories written from Gabrielle's perspective and can but don't have to be related to others in the series. For more information and to see the existing tales in the series go to Tim's ALTERNTATIVE FICTION page at:

Four new ones and an updated in an all alt. report.


RUMORS OF LOVE by Ella Quince
A very different type of alt. story from a bard already well- known for her originality. Set in Amazonia, the story has Ephiny trying to help Xena and Gabrielle come to terms with the realities of their relationship as the Warrior Princess reveals a surprising fear and the bard can't bring herself to let go. Ella brings a sophisticated treatment to the Xena/Gab relationship - stripping it of the ideal and immersing it in a reality that adds a very definite emotional impact. A thought-provoking piece for your MUST READ list. DO NOT MISS! - 9 pgs.

A poignant look at the final moments of an extraordinary partnership just before it transcends into eternity. A kleenex alert on one very worthwhile read - DO NOT MISS! - 3 pgs.

LEVIATHAN by Chakram-1
On a journey to visit Gabrielle's cousin, the bard and the Warrior Princess finally find the courage to admit their feelings for one another but have not even gotten the chance to voice these before the ship they're in is attacked. Well-written with some good action this is one to keep an eye on in the weeks ahead. [unfinished] - 6 pgs.

LEND AN EAR by BardWooHoo
A sweet story of discovery set after the events in the episode IN SICKNESS AND IN HEALTH which has Xena and Gabrielle sharing a quiet time and sharing the secrets in their hearts. Nice feel-good tale. DO NOT MISS! - 7 pgs.

The conclusion is now available. One of my favorite writers returns with a follow-up of sorts to her tale MANTIC which explored Gabrielle's powers of prophecy. This new story opens with the bard experiencing another of her debilitating visions - this one warning of danger for the Amazons...and herself. Soon as they're able to, she and Xena head for Amazonia - arriving there to find that fate has already put into play a series of events they cannot ignore...and may not be able to escape from. In these final parts Amazons battle Amazons as a warrior helps to plant the seed of revolution and a bard proves that an honorable heart is sometimes the strongest of all. This is a terrific hurt/comfort piece built around a suspenseful plot with strong supporting characters and a nicely satisfying depiction of the Xena/Gab relationship. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 82 pgs.


"Kerry" by Barbara Maclay
Inspired by the story TROPICAL STORM by Melissa Good.

"TROPICAL STORM Story Cover" by MaryD
Inspired by the story TROPICAL STORM by Melissa Good.


G.L.'s exceptional JUST BETWEEN series continues with the sequel to JUST BETWEEN REALITIES). As the story begins, the crew of Voyager are getting ready to test a new propulsion technology they hope will get them back home much sooner than expected. When Janeway decides to pilot the first modified shuttle, a very determined Borg insists on going along. It's a mission that will last longer than either had anticipated and turn into something much different than what they had planned. This installment in the series offers a "vacation" of sorts from the familiar STAR TREK world, taking Janeway and Seven back to the basics in an adventure which cements the bond between them even further. Another entertaining and thoroughly romantic tour de force from one of the premier bards writing on the Net, G.L.'s latest gets my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION! - 45 pgs.

Reviews of all other entries in G.L.'s JUST BETWEEN series are available on my SPECIAL REPORTS page at:

For those of you reading this post who are not familiar with the term alternative (alt.), it refers to ADULT stories that add a romantic element to the relationship between Xena and Gabrielle, depicting them as more than just friends.

Happy reading!

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