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K.P. West has just announced that her Web site is going offline for a while. Her uber story ALL I'VE EVER NEEDED is posted there so those of you who want to save it - do it NOW or forever hold your peace ;-) This is a good one folks - well worth reading and saving. K.P.'s site is at:

We have a new XWP fanfic now available featuring one of the stories reviewed below - Susan Smith's NEW LIBRARY OF ALEXANDRIA located at:

Four new ones and an update tonight - all alt.


As this fandom enters its fourth year it is very nice to see the fanfic talent pool continuing to grow and get better and better. Definite proof of this is the SPECTACULAR debut of Susan Smith tonight with her first-ever XWP story - a long, magnificent tale of political intrigue, adventure, prophecy and the undeniable power of the heart. The story begins with Xena getting a summons from the Babylonian City of Har, where the Great King lies near death and chaos is imminent. Upon arriving with Gabrielle, they are informed by the High Priestess that the goddess Har has not yet revealed who will inherit the crown but that she did reveal in a dream that Xena would be the one to keep order until a choice had been made between the dying king's many heirs. Thus warrior and bard are thrown into an explosive situation - trying to keep the peace while at the same time, struggling with the feelings they have for one another - unable to deny these anymore but still too scared to give in to them - tempted at ever turn in a city where love and passion are celebrated. The goddess' choice eventually revealed, the two must then fight to protect the rightful heir - all the while protecting also a love which rivals their own and which at last encourages them to face the truth in their hearts. Susan gives us here a brilliantly written and executed story with fantastic descriptions of exotic locations. The Xena/Gab relationship is explored in detailed going from amusingly strained, to poignantly fearful, hopeful, loving and finally - fiercely passionate. The subplot and supporting characters are terrific, presenting us with a second drama that is just as compelling. An incredibly entertaining and satisfying novel that comes VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! - 75 pgs.

Lucy Lawless on Saturday Night Live! It will be interesting to compare Danae's version of things to what actually happens when the Lawless one invades SNL on 10/17. For my money the SNL writers should just take a week off and buy Danae's skits :) She has all the great ones here - Church Lady, Wayne and Garth a priceless appearance by "Oh Noooo" Mr. Bill and Rigid Xena and Poseable Gabrielle from THE INCREDIBLY TRUE ADVENTURES OF TWO DOLLS IN LOVE. Parodies by this gifted bard might just exercise that funny bone to exhaustion. A MUST READ! VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 9 pgs.

Xena and the Amazons suspect all may not be right when a warlord demands the presence of the true Amazon Queen before he'll sign a peace treaty. Good tie-in with a first season episode. - 15 pgs.

ONLY TODAY REMAINS by Alan Plessinger
A nice little lovefest set after the rift that has Xena and Gabrielle agreeing to try to forget everything that has happened to them for one day and just assume they're meeting for the first time. Xena thinks the suggestion sounds like a childish game but soon it starts to all be worthwhile when she sees her beloved bard smiling again as she once did. Sweet. - 8 pgs.

TROPICAL STORM by Melissa Good
Part three is now being posted. Time for uber-Xena fans to rejoice as the incredibly talented Missy Good extends her gift of storytelling into the contemporary uber realm. Missy's latest is a departure from everything she's done before - a story set in modern-day Miami, centering on the lives of two strangers whose destinies bring them together amidst the turmoil of a hostile corporate takeover. Wealthy, brilliant and deadly, Dar Roberts has cultivated a well-earned reputation as one of the most efficient corporate raiders in the Information Technologies business. To her bosses she is a formidable weapon to be used in the never-ending struggle for power, control and profit. To the people employed by the companies she assimilates - the executive is a predator - cold and merciless. It is a reputation she is living up to as she prepares to decimate the work force of a recent acquisition. In charge of that work force is Kerry Stuart - a smart, young manager whose life had been going well until the recent turn of events. With dogged determination, Kerry has escaped the pressures of family to make her own way in the world - establishing a career and rising quickly within a small company - only to now have to face the prospect of those efforts being for naught as a disconcertingly beautiful blue-eyed shark strolls into her office. This latest part marks the beginning of a beautiful working relationship...maybe ;-) Missy's many strengths are quickly in evidence throughout the first parts of this story - rich descriptions that engage your every sense - multi-layered characterizations that draw you into the psyche of the characters and a story very much grounded in human emotions, human frailties and strengths along with the raw vulnerabilities that ultimately make us all seek the comfort of another soul. Working in the the Information Technologies industry herself and a fellow Miamian, Missy also imbues the story with a very realistic feel. This one will keep us glued to those monitors in the coming weeks folks. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! - [unfinished] - 12 pgs.

For those of you reading this post who are not familiar with the term alternative (alt.), it refers to ADULT stories that add a romantic element to the relationship between Xena and Gabrielle, depicting them as more than just friends.

Happy reading!

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