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Hi guys,

Fellow Xenite Danielle is helping to organize this year's DRAGONCON (July 1-4, 1999 in Atlanta, GA) - a convention dedicated to the sci-fi and fantasy genres which will feature a Hercules/Xena track. In order to plan the fanfic panels for the convention she would like some assistance from us all. If you're planning to attend please e-mail Danielle privately at with answers to the following two questions:

People who answer may be asked other questions about possible panels privately later on. For more information on DRAGONCON you can visit:

Susan Smith's THE NEW LIBRARY OF ALEXANDRIA has changed addresses. The new URL is:

BardWooHoo's BUFFYBOO'S BARDS AND WARRIORS fanfic site has also moved. The new URL for the main site is at:

The fanfic page is at: is

For all those Missy Good fans out there - there's another site now devoted to this gifted bard and to the fanfic AND original fiction worlds she's created. The MERPUP'S DEN includes the latest news on anything Missy-related, list of chat rooms, mailing lists and forums where Merpups meet, words of wisdom from the Alpha female herself (that's Missy for the uninitiated ;-), and lots of other fun stuff. Give the den a sniff at:

The XENA: WARRIOR PALACE over at WHOOSH will be hosting fanfic indexer extraordinaire Shadowfen during its WEBMASTER CHAT this Sunday, January 10, at 10pm Eastern/7pm Pacific time. The PALACE does require special software in order to participate in the chat so do stop by a day or two ahead of time to download the software and become familiar with it. The software and all the information on how to use it is available at:


10 new ones tonight with two updates and lots of new art :)


On a fateful night full of surprises a ruthless blue-eyed pirate discovers a skinny little stowaway on board her ship and to her utmost disbelief, is soon helping the young girl to get back to the family she was accidentally separated from. A delightful, poignant tale about what-could-have-beens. Excellent work. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 9 pgs.

The queen of parodies is back with a takeoff on the film FARGO that is gonna have you feeling unusually relaxed as the warrior and bard protect a village from a warlord named Dave. Trust me - you've never seen Xena quite this layed back before ;-) Very cute. Should particularly appeal to fans of the films. - 8 pgs.


After nearly three years of writing Xena fanfic and influencing many a bard exposed to her fiction through small private mailing lists, Rosemary comes at last to the Web bringing with her some classic Xena yarns, among them this early warlord/slave tale which helped to establish the genre and created a CLEAR need for that Amazon Ice Company so many of us rely on these days >:) Written in the Fall of 1996, this story is set in alternate reality where Xena and Gabrielle meet under very different circumstances. A long-time slave already, the young woman from Poteidaia doesn't expect her life to be any different as she waits to be purchased by the next warlord but different indeed it starts to be as soon as she becomes property of the Destroyer of Nations. Gentle despite her toughness and caring despite her cruelty, the warlord starts to win over the slave, enveloping Gabrielle in a passion so fierce that soon nothing else matters and as one heart surrenders, another is finally conquered. A delivery of PLENTY of Amazon ice is definitely in order before tackling this one folks. A SIMPLE TWIST OF FATE inspired many of the best alt. bards working today providing ALL sorts of interesting motivation ;-) It's a fun read and historically fascinating for anyone interested in the development of Xena fanfic through the years. A MUST READ! VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 20 pgs.

**RAGING HEART by Rosemary
Save some of that Amazon ice ordered during the reading of A SIMPLE TWIST OF FATE to help you better handle this second Rosemary classic - a first-time story written back in the Summer of 1996 which has the warrior and bard surrendering to the feelings between them as they deal with past lovers and determined ruffians. Very romantic, loving treatment of the relationship with strong characterizations of both heroines. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 22 pgs.

AND I WAIT by Rosemary
A sensual, almost poetic vignette chronicling the unbridled desire and adoration between two soulmates. Very nice. - 2 pgs.

Written back in the Summer of 1996, this is a timeless vignette set eight years after the initial meeting between warrior and bard when the ex-warlord decides to celebrate their anniversary with a very special gift for her partner. Full of hope and touchingly heartwarming, this little tale remains a personal favorite. DO NOT MISS! - 2 pgs.

Written in August 1996, this vignette is a sweet first-time tale that has Xena and her bard having an UNUSUALLY nice picnic ;-) - 2 pgs.

THOUGHTS OF A BARD by Becky Lutzke
This veteran talent delivers a hauntingly beautiful little piece here as a bard offers a tribute to the strength of an old friend, sensing in the endurance of its spirit an immortality to mirror the eternal love between two soulmates. Set twenty years after an ex-warlord first met a determined youngster from Poteidaia, this is a peaceful meditation from a happy and grateful heart. Lovely. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 2 pgs.

This eigth installment in the RAISING MELOSA SERIES, maintains the domestic flavor of its predecessors as it chronicles the arrival of yet another addition to Xena and Gabrielle's growing family. Strong characterizations enhance a sweet storyline. DO NOT MISS! - 5 pgs.

Cute story that has a pesky old acquaintance of Xena spreading false tales, angering a very protective bard, and unknowingly bringing his old commander some very welcomed happiness. Nice, feel-good story. - 8 pgs.

Part two is now being posted. Missy gives us all a VERY nice way to end the year and begin a new one with the promise of more TERRIFIC fiction to come as she unveils the sequel to her megahit TROPICAL STORM. Returning to work after the Christmas holiday, Dar and Kerry find themselves back in their usual hectic routines with one slight change - there's a new face on the block - an old one from Dar's past hired specifically to challenge the brilliant executive and with a grudge to settle as even more incentive. This latest part is increasingly HILARIOUS as Dar, Kerry and their co-workers...go to camp ;-) Continuing the characterizations from her first contemporary uber novel, Missy immediately starts to weave here an intriguing plot certain to reveal more about her heroines' past and to test them both emotionally and professionally. Lots of atmosphere, exceptional storytelling, charming humor and a profoundly appealing vision of the love between two soulmates always ensure the quality of a Melissa Good story. Her latest gets my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION! [unfinished] - 23 pgs.

ENTIRE by L.N. James
Chapters 2-3 are now available. LN returns with the much anticipated sequel to her popular uber crime-drama CHICAGO 5AM. Forensic FBI scientist Mariel Potidean has been busy for the past few months - busy with a new job, busy with undercover assignments, busy spending time on anything that will help her forget the tall, beautiful private eye that walked into her life a while back - and then walked out of it just like that - without a word, a message, a letter - nothing. Then on a snowy morning the phone rings and Mariel finds her heart going into over-drive at the sound of a very familiar voice - a voice laced with pain - a voice asking for help... In this latest chapters Mariel cares for her wounded ex-lover while some adversaries stir. LN does a terrific job with the opening part of this story, including a disturbing little scene that helps set the tone of what promises to be another riveting, suspenseful and emotional tale from one of the best in the business. A MUST READ for anyone who likes crime-drama, enjoys uber tales, or just likes quality XWP fanfic - anyone else I didn't cover? - if so YOU go read this series too! ;-) HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 9 pgs.


"THE CHARIOTEER: IN THE CITY OF HAR Fan Fiction Book Cover" by Ciegra
Inspired by the story THE CHARIOTEER: IN THE CITY OF HAR by Susan Smith.

"Lacey" Barbara Maclay
Inspired by the story WITH FALTERING STEPS by Tonya Muir.

"A PRESENT UNDER THE TREE Fan Fiction Book Cover" by MaryD
Inspired by the story A PRESENT UNDER THE TREE by Melissa Good.

"Reil" by Barbara Maclay
Inspired by the story THIS IS WAR by BardWooHoo.

"Taryn" by Barbara Maclay
Inspired by the story OF DRAG KINGS AND A WARRIOR PRINCESS by Susan Smith.

For those of you reading this post who are not familiar with the term alternative (alt.), it refers to ADULT stories that add a romantic element to the relationship between Xena and Gabrielle, depicting them as more than just friends.

Happy reading!

Lunacy 8-)