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A beautiful, melancholic little piece about facing the sometimes harsh realities of life while longing for those simpler times that will never be again. This is a return by LN to that emotionally charged writing that marked much of her early fiction. A thoughtful, bittersweet vignette that effectively reflects the passage of life from the innocence of youth to the awareness of adulthood. A wonderful read. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 2 pgs.

HEAT by Curiositee
Dare I admit that the title says it all here ;-) Curiositee's latest chronicles a little evening interlude for the warrior and a non-too-happy bard who can't quite figure out a way of relieving some of her...stress. Very cute, passionate light piece that will have many of you sympathizing with the bard! DO NOT MISS! - 6 pgs.

WHEW! TZ is back and she's back with a VENGEANCE! This story is just plain exhausting! 8-| The tale has an exceedingly frustrated bard trying to work off some energy by fantasizing...when suddenly one of those fantasies ROARS to life! Offering some hysterical moments along with some gentler exchanges, this ultimately is one seriously SIZZLING offering that should NOT be tackled without plenty - bucketfuls to be precise - of Amazon Ice on hand ;-) DO NOT MISS! - 14 pgs.

Powerful stream of consciousness piece set during the events in ADVENTURES IN THE SIN TRADE which chronicles Xena's tortured thoughts as she searches for a way to reunite with her bard. Emotional tale with an almost poetic quality to it. - 5 pgs.

The fifth letter recounting the events in A FAMILY AFFAIR has now been added to the series. Gabrielle's thoughts during the past three years and into the fourth are expressed in a series of letters to her Amazon regent which also reveal the bard's growing love toward a woman whose destiny seems irrevocably tied with her own. A thoughtful look into the mind of a young woman aware of her responsibilities but unable to deny her heart. Nicely written. - 8 pgs.

AETHEOGAMY by D. Joan Leib
This sequel to THEODICY begins after the events in A FAMILY AFFAIRS with a still shaken Gabrielle trying to recover from her recent ordeal and a worried Xena now having to deal with the presence of a second Poteidaian as the two head into Amazon territory. Joan is setting up an intriguing storyline here as Xena and Gabrielle try to grapple with the changes in their relationship. Solid characterizations in a well-written effort. DO NOT MISS - 11 pgs.

The bard decides to try to improve Xena's mood with a good old- fashioned pillow fight - which of course leads to all sorts of little competitions for these two competitive gals ;-) Sweet. - 3 pgs.

TROPICAL STORM by Melissa Good
Part 12 is now being posted. Time for uber-Xena fans to rejoice as the incredibly talented Missy Good extends her gift of storytelling into the contemporary uber realm. Missy's latest is a departure from everything she's done before - a story set in modern-day Miami, centering on the lives of two strangers whose destinies bring them together amidst the turmoil of a hostile corporate takeover. Wealthy, brilliant and deadly, Dar Roberts has cultivated a well-earned reputation as one of the most efficient corporate raiders in the Information Technologies business. To her bosses she is a formidable weapon to be used in the never-ending struggle for power, control and profit. To the people employed by the companies she assimilates - the executive is a predator - cold and merciless. It is a reputation she is living up to as she prepares to decimate the work force of a recent acquisition. In charge of that work force is Kerry Stuart - a smart, young manager whose life had been going well until the recent turn of events. With dogged determination, Kerry has escaped the pressures of family to make her own way in the world - establishing a career and rising quickly within a small company - only to now have to face the prospect of those efforts being for naught as a disconcertingly beautiful blue-eyed shark strolls into her office. In this latest section, Dar and Kerry find it a challenge to try to keep their relationship discreet. With rich descriptions that engage your every sense - multi-layered characterizations that draw you into the psyche of the characters and a story very much grounded in human emotions, human frailties and strengths along with the raw vulnerabilities that ultimately make us all seek the comfort of another soul, this is a story guaranteed to make you into an uber fan if you aren't yet. Working in the the Information Technologies industry herself and a fellow Miamian, Missy also imbues the story with a very realistic feel. This one will keep you glued to that monitor. It gets my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION! - [unfinished] - 10 pgs.


"TROPICAL STORM postcard" by Barbara Maclay
Inspired by the story TROPICAL STORM by Melissa Good.

"MOMENT OF TRUTH Story Cover" by XenaArtMaker
Inspired by the story MOMENT OF TRUTH by CN Winters.

For those of you reading this post who are not familiar with the term alternative (alt.), it refers to ADULT stories that add a romantic element to the relationship between Xena and Gabrielle, depicting them as more than just friends.

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