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Hi all,

Some news for you DESPERATE Missy Good fans out there - yes Missy's site is down. Seems you people have been accessing it a taaaad TOO MUCH guys - about 55 gigabytes too much ;-) Missy is trying to find a solution as I write this. Meanwhile, MaryD is posting the Merwolf's updates as fast as she can get them. You can find the latest one at:

One important piece of advice my fellow Merwolf addicts - when you notice a new update SAVE a copy of it in your own PC so then when you want to reread it (and I know we all reread those parts over and over again ;-) you wont have to keep downloading it from either Missy's or MaryD's. Same thing for the larger novels. Once those are finished save them on your PC so in the future you wont have to keep accessing them from the Web. This isn't a solution to the problem because the fact of the matter is that Missy just has a huge readership BUT it will help.

While on the subject - a reminder to you also just to make this saving stuff a matter of habit. For one thing it helps the Webmasters managing very popular sites because it cuts down on their traffic helping them avoid potential problems with their hosting services. Second - it insures that if the site hosting a favorite story goes down - or the bard responsible removes that story - you'll have a copy. From personal experience I can tell you that it is heartbreaking to discover a story you really liked gone from the Web so save yourself that pain by SAVING THOSE STORIES!!! Most stories are just text and will not take up that much space on your hard-drives.

Now - as some of you may already know - UNIVERSAL'S XENA NETFORUM is temporarily down and wont be back online until December. Tragically that means we've probably lost any recent stories that had been posted there or that were currently being posted. This is an appeal to those bards who were posting there to please consider sending your stories to a permanent fanfic site on the Web so these can be archived long term. If you've never posted a story outside the NetForum you might want to take a look at a file I keep at my site called POSTING YOUR FAN FICTION STORY ON THE WEB which lists some of the things you might want to consider before making the decision. The file is at

Meanwhile, there's another discussion forum available you can visit now that the NetForum is down. The XENITE FORUM includes among other things fanfic and fanfic discussions and is VERY nice guys :) Seems a lot faster than the NetForum to me! I'm posting the fanfic report on there now. Check out this forum at

Three new ones and an update tonight along with some new art! - All alt.


Thoughtful vignette set after the events in the episode ONE AGAINST AN ARMY which has Gabrielle pondering the contradiction that is the Warrior Princess she loves. - 2 pgs.

WRAPPED by T. Novan
Sweet little story that has the Warrior Princess reflecting on her love for a certain bard...and a very precious gift from the gods. Nicely written. - 2 pgs.

Unusual warlord/slave tale that has Xena and Gabrielle just beginning to explore an exiting new facet to their relationship when an old friend of the warrior's asks for their help in setting up an elaborate ruse to fool a deadly warlord. T. Novan includes an interesting twist in this story with warrior and bard assuming the roles of warlord and slave but...switching those depending on the circumstances. Well-written, passionate story. - 71 pgs.

NANO #3: THE CARNOT CYCLE by Jules Mills
Parts 4-6 are now available. Set a couple of months after NANO #2: EQUILIBRIUM MOMENT OF FORCE, this third story in the NANO SERIES finds a furious doctor Wilson refusing to accept any excuses from her now ex-partner Dana Papadopolis for her recent abandonment. Soon enough, however, her anger gives way to an acute despair when it becomes clear that the ex-con is not well - in fact, Dana is slowly becoming the victim of a killer she knows only too well but before surrendering to that darkness she needs to see the woman who gave her, if only for a little while, a glimpse into a life she's never deserved. These latest parts are riveting as Dana, Grace and a couple of friends race against time to try to stop that killer. This third entry in the series is perhaps the most poignant as we see the extent of Dana's guilt for a past that once consumed a young girl and has never allowed her peace since. The hurt/comfort and futuristic qualities in this third story are particularly pronounced - presenting us with a premise that should make THE NANOVERSE a *very* popular web site in the weeks and months ahead. Another success in the making by one of the most welcomed additions to world of XWP fanfic this year. Jules' third entry in the series also gets my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION!! - 18 pgs.


"Noodles" by Barbara Maclay
The latest in a series of images inspired by Missy Good's TROPICAL STORM.

For those of you reading this post who are not familiar with the term alternative (alt.), it refers to ADULT stories that add a romantic element to the relationship between Xena and Gabrielle, depicting them as more than just friends.

Happy reading!

Lunacy 8-)