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Hi all,

I just added some new volunteers to the BETA READERS DIRECTORY. Bards, if you're looking for someone to give you some helpful feedback on those stories, assist with corrections, etc. make sure to check out the over fifty volunteers very much willing to do so at

This is a VERY good evening for uber fans :)


A long-time favorite of many a fanfic aficionado, this talented bard is certain to make even more fans with her first contemporary uber story - a gem of a tale offering all the elements that readers have come to expect from a B L Miller offering - romance, SIZZLING passion, humor and GREAT angst all wrapped up in an original, well-written story you wont want to put down. The story begins on a cold winter evening in modern day Albany with Rose Grayson on her way home after working her shift as a cashier in a local supermarket. Heading home that evening also, slightly inebriated and in a bad mood after an unpleasant business dinner, is wealthy executive Veronica "Ronnie" Cartwright - her life about to be forever changed when a fleeing figure suddenly darts in front of her Porsche. Horrified by the accident but hoping to avoid the repercussions that would come from acknowledging her involvement, Ronnie rushes the unconscious young woman to the hospital claiming simply to have found her but willing to take responsibility for her care. In the ensuing days as the executive continues to try to help Rose Grayson what she discovers is a poignant picture of a young woman very much alone, living in poverty, and trying to survive in a world that is often brutal to those with the kindest hearts. What begins as a responsibility for the executive soon leads to a very special friendship and then to something wholly unexpected for Ronnie - as she finds herself falling deeply and completely in love with the young woman, trying to deal with old fears from the past and with the knowledge that what happened on a cold Winter evening may very well come back to haunt her someday. B.L. does a FANTASTIC job here of giving her story that contemporary flavor presenting us with characters that seem very real, with modern-day lives and concerns and attitudes - even modern-day preferences in TV programming ;-) Her development of the Rose/Ronnie relationship is incredibly captivating as she takes them gradually through the stages from acquaintances, to friends, to lovers and soulmates. B.L. fleshes out the plot by exploring the family dynamics of both these women including a number of colorful supporting characters in a storyline that is emotional, funny, sexy and TOTALLY riveting. One of this bard's best to date, this one gets my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION!! - 212 pgs.

Jules continues one of the best series EVER in XWP fanfic with the fourth entry in her NANO SERIES. Set a few months after NANO #3: THE CARNOT CYCLE, the story has Grace and Dana taking it easy at the young doctor's beach house while her partner recovers from her recent bout with the beta virus. It's a wonderful time for the two of them as they revel in a new intimacy made possible by Dana's emotional as well as physical healing...but it is also a happiness fated not to last for there are forces at work determined to take it from them - individuals that know just how deadly and valuable Dana Papadopolis is and will never be willing to give her the peace she craves. If you haven't yet discovered this OUTSTANDING series you are doing yourself a CRUEL disservice. Jules has created in Grace and "Doc" two of the most appealing representations of Xena and Gabrielle to date - placing them in an uber scenario that is cleverly constructed and utterly fascinating! Hold on to that ticker too because judging from the first part of NANO #4 this one is going to be a heart-stopper. RUN don't walk to the NANO SERIES and catch up with the rest of us that are gobbling up this series :) NANO #4 gets my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION! [unfinished] - 15 pgs.

For those of you reading this post who are not familiar with the term alternative (alt.), it refers to ADULT stories that add a romantic element to the relationship between Xena and Gabrielle, depicting them as more than just friends.

Happy reading!

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